Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and one of the most engaging and awe-inspiring metropolises in the world. Covering an area of approximately 2,250 square kilometres, the Tokyo Metropolis is a whole world in itself. The city is highly regarded for its safety and high quality of life. It also offers a remarkable blend of old and new – think ancient Shinto shrines not far from magnificent high-rise, neon-lit buildings.

    Tokyo is atmospherically multi-faceted. Explore the ultra-futuristic district of Shinjuku and the fashionable shopping district of Shibuya for the most modern scenes, or find more traditional ambiances in Shitamashi where Old Tokyo vibes live on. Outdoorsy types can enjoy spectacular mountain ranges to the west of Tokyo, or enjoy the spacious green spaces like Yoyogi and Inokashira park. 

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    Tokyo is a place of endless adventure and is deeply fascinating to explore. The size and scale of the city are hard to comprehend before you arrive, but one sweeping look at the subway map shocks most people into reality. Some highlights of Tokyo should be seen by everyone – the temples of Asakusa, the fashion of Harajuku, the views from Tokyo Tower – but there’s a lot to be said for... Read more

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    Tokyo’s nightlife is so varied and engaging, it surely ranks as a first-class party destination. You can head to a swanky rooftop bar and enjoy the endless sea of lights that make up the city, hit the clubs of Shibuya and dance the night away, or check out the friendly dive bars in Shinjuku. Karaoke is an enduringly popular pastime in Tokyo, and other nightlife options include live music... Read more

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    Information about Tokyo will help you to understand Japanese culture, which can be both ultra-Western and completely foreign at the same time, and to maximise the enjoyment of your holiday. Tokyo is a vibrant, modern capital city that still has the sense of thousands of years of history and culture beneath its bustling streets. Etiquette is of utmost importance here. Follow the lead of whoever you are with. If... Read more

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