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A guide to Alberta – stunning mountain ranges, glorious lakes and an infectious personality

Residing in Canada’s west, boarding British Columbia, is beautiful Alberta. Despite being one of only two provinces that are completely land-locked, Alberta is host to some of the most stunning scenery in the country. The perfect mixture of the great outdoors with charming cities and villages, it is the perfect stop for any traveler venturing north of the United States.

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Arts and Culture in Edmonton

An Alberta epicenter of fashion and design festivals, Edmonton is brimming with cultural attractions. The central arts district - located around the serene open space of Churchill Square – is dotted with museums and galleries, while the historic Old Strathcona area south of the river is home to Edmonton’s thriving theater scene.

An Edmonton City Guide – a playground for shoppers, foodies, and culture lovers alike

An endearing mix of bustling downtown modernity, trendy old school neighborhoods, and sprawls of tranquil green space makes Edmonton a thrilling city to visit no matter what your vacationing interests might be. Whether you like to shop ‘til you drop or throw yourself into all things active and energetic, you won’t be hard pressed to fill your time productively. A year-round festival program and a mightily impressive food scene are the icing on the cake.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Edmonton

Edmonton’s evening scene will satisfy anyone looking for a slice of high culture, with its electrifying ballet and stage shows. But if you’re after some simple, laid-back, toe-tapping live music, Edmonton’s buzzing bars have you covered.

Family Friendly Attractions in Edmonton

Edmonton is full of fun and fascinating attractions and sights for the family, whether your kids are intrigued by weird and wonderful museums or want to adventure through lush, wild green space. When the troops get hungry, there are plenty of kid-friendly dining options available.

Where to Stay in Edmonton – a neighborhood guide

Offering outdoor thrills and sleek urban attractions, Edmonton makes for an invigorating break. Whether you’re sampling some gorgeous grub, hitting the lively 4th Street Promenade for a beer and a shopping spree, or polishing your ski skills along North Saskatchewan River Valley, you’ll want to find the right place to kick back and lay your head. Thankfully there are loads of great neighborhoods and hotels to choose from, regardless of your budget and vacationing style.

Edmonton Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

Not only home to one of the world’s most impressive malls, Edmonton has got a vast variety of retail experiences that should satisfy any committed shopaholics visiting the city. Whether you’re chasing a trendy bargain or looking for the plushest high street labels, you’ll be able to shop till you drop all around the city. And with plenty of places to sit down and refuel, you can really give your wallet a work out.

What to See and Do in Edmonton – a guide to notable landmarks and attractions

Edmonton is one of those unlikely cities that blend urban charm with rural splendor. The stunning North Saskatchewan River cuts through the center and the surrounding greenery isn't so much urban parkland as a sumptuous self-contained slice of the countryside. Edmonton is also known for an extravagant festival culture, with celebrations thrown for anything from food and film to folk music and Shakespeare. Little wonder that it's also known as The Festival City.

Where to Eat in Edmonton – a food and dining guide

The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is known for a thriving arts community, trendy shopping destinations, and a catalogue of flamboyant festivals that run throughout the year. Then there's the food scene. Whether you're passionate about dining with a will to try every flavor combination under the sun, or a peckish traveler keen for something cheap and memorable, there's plenty for you to tuck into during your holiday.

Where to stay in Alberta – a neighborhood guide

With so many things to see and places to go in Alberta, travelers are perfectly accommodated for with hundreds of brilliant places to stay. Whether you are looking for idyllic mountain-top retreats and villas, or small off the beaten track boutiques, Alberta has it all. No matter what your budget or taste, there will be something that suits you perfectly.

Alberta shopping guide - where to shop and what to buy

As in many places around the world, retail is one of the most popular forms of therapy in Alberta. From huge commercial malls to small boutique shops and markets, Alberta has it all. Here, you can find anything you are looking for, whether it’s a thoughtful souvenir, or something special for yourself. 

Where to eat in Alberta – a food and dining guide

Visitors to Alberta will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food. The western province provides a setting for some of the finest restaurants in all of Canada. Whether you are looking for affordable places to eat for lunch or something a bit more glamorous, Alberta has something to suite all tastes. From European and ethnic choices to traditional Canadian and North American dishes, dining in Alberta has proven to be one of the most popular ways to eat.

What to see and do in Alberta – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

A stunning natural wilderness with vibrant culture, there is never a shortage of things to see and do in Alberta. Whether you are looking for a city break, camping trip, experiencing life as a cowboy or tearing it up on the slopes of Banff, there is something for everyone, here in Canada’s beautiful West.

Edmonton Travel Tips

Edmonton is the capital of Canada’s Alberta Province, a cool, laid-back city that takes its arts, culture, and live entertainment seriously. The city’s wide range of museums and art galleries make for a great day out, while its buzzing music and theatre venues provide a glitzy nightlife. There’s plenty here for splurging shoppers and for nature-lovers, with a great green ribbon of parkland that stretches through the city.

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