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Trinidad and Tobago spotlight

What to see and do in Trinidad and Tobago – a guide to notable attractions and events

These islands might not be stuffed with record-breaking landmarks, but if you appreciate wildlife and natural beauty, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Tropical birds and exotic reptiles are hidden in the emerald depths of protected rainforest. Coral reefs and azure waters envelop white, palm-fringed shores. Unique wonders such as Trinidad’s Pitch Lake provide a memorable experience, while if you’ve come here to party; the islands’ Carnival is a heady blend of music, dancing and plenty of paint and feathers.

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Where to stay in Trinidad and Tobago – an area guide

Staying on one of the twin-islands gives insight into their unique and incredibly laidback approach to life. Stuffed with protected rainforests, white palmed beaches and the most approachable locals, many find Trinidad and Tobago a break in paradise. Whether you stay at a family-run guesthouse in a tranquil village or a large hotel in bustling Port of Spain, a magical island atmosphere will engulf your holiday.

Trinidad and Tobago shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

You might not come here for shopping alone, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of what’s on offer. Huge air conditioned malls in the towns and cities contrast with the traditional craft markets and roadside stalls that pop up all over the country. Miniature steelpans, local rum and hand crafted leather accessories are all great buys at markets and family-run shops, while high-end fashion and luxury items are the highlight of out-of-town malls.

Where to eat in Trinidad and Tobago – a food and dining guide

You could come here for the food alone – dining in Trinidad and Tobago envelopes all senses, with rich curries, fragrant seafood dishes and spicy bean concoctions. The cuisine pays homage to a blend of influences, including African, East Indian and Latin American cultures, and you’ll often see root vegetables, crab, lobster and coconut milk used. The island population is also a big fan of sweet treats; expect to find stalls selling jaw-breaking bene balls – made from molasses and sesame seeds – and grated coconut sugar cakes.

A Trinidad and Tobago country guide – exotic wildlife, vibrant local music and delicious fusion cuisine

Sweeping palm bays, buzzing nightlife and laidback locals are just a few characteristics of this twin-island republic. Immerse yourself in one of the most unique Caribbean cultures, where steelpan, calypso and the riotous Carnival were born. Perfect for both revitalizing yoga breaks and scuba-diving escapades, Trinidad and Tobago delivers with a heavenly tropical setting; home to exotic wildlife, the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere and the largest pitch lake in the world.

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