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Stay In Sorrento - From Luxury Hotels to Family-Run Guesthouses

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Sorrento's proximity to the Amalfi Coast means it attracts visitors who are eager to sleep in luxury while being soothed with stunning views of the natural landscape. The good news is, this is not exclusive to big-budget travellers. No matter what type of accommodation you go for - bed-and-breakfast, residence, or family resort - you'll be met with the same gorgeous views and friendly service.

City centre


Sorrento's historic city centre is teeming with ancient sites, including remnants of its original defensive walls that were erected during the Greek era in the 4th century BC. You'll also see relics of the Roman walls that were built on top of them, as well as attractions like the Duomo di Sorrento, which features intricately carved doors, the splendid bougainvillea-strewn cloister of San Francesco, and stacks of restaurants, bars, and shops.


You'll find a wide assortment of accommodation in the city centre, ranging from luxury hotels to bed-and-breakfasts and affordable guesthouses with contemporary decor. Bear in mind that in some cases, the buildings are old and don't have elevators. You can also opt for an agriturismo, where you'll stay on a farm and eat food made from produce grown on the estate.


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Via Capo


Located approximately 2 km from city centre, Via Capo - a continuation of Corso Italia - is less congested and offers easy access to nearby beaches like Marina di Puolo; a secluded and sandy spot dotted with fishing boats and authentic eateries. For a truly unique experience, you can walk 11 minutes to Bagni della Regina Giovanna, a small swimming enclave in a cleft of rock that is surrounded by the ruins of an ancient Roman villa.


Separated from the bustle of tourists that you normally encounter in central Sorrento, the upscale hotels and budget accommodation types in Via Capo are serene and convenient, with amenities like free breakfast and WiFi. You'll also find family-friendly resorts with swimming pools, playgrounds, and self-catering options.


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Piano di Sorrento


Approximately 4.5 km from Sorrento's centre, Piano di Sorrento is a lush and rustic area that's known for its stunning panorama of the Gulf of Naples, as well as centuries-old orange and lemon groves. You can explore the vibrant, natural grounds of Villa Fondi park, visit the impressive baroque San Michele Arcangelo Basilica, or walk 20 minutes to Cassano beach.


You'll find cheery and unassuming hotels, guesthouses, and bed-and-breakfasts that take advantage of the verdant surroundings by featuring terraces and outdoor areas with views of the sea and mountains. If you're travelling with kids, there are resorts that offer swimming pools and fun activities.


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Sorrento's postcard appeal is largely due to the fact that it's practically carved into the white limestone cliffs that overlook the sparkling Gulf of Naples. The Cliffside area is notably upscale, and offers some of the best vantage points for taking in natural views. You can walk 12 minutes down to the Marina Grande for some of the town's best restaurants - just be prepared for the steep climb back up.


Sorrento's cliffside hotels err on the side of luxury, offering guests expansive restaurant and lounge terraces that overlook the crystalline waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Mount Vesuvius, and on a clear day, views of the island of Capri. You'll also enjoy upscale amenities like spas and swimming pools. On a less formal scale, you can also opt for stylish, family-run guesthouses.


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