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Family Friendly Attractions in Mumbai

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It doesn’t matter what age you are – you can’t help but feel a sense of childlike wonder as you experience the colourful chaos of the markets and the terrifying thrill of weaving through Mumbai's wild traffic in a rickshaw. So it's no surprise that kids love Mumbai's vibrant energy - and there’s plenty to keep them busy here too.


Amusement parks


Get for a rush as you skim down vertical water slides or swing on head-spinning pendulum rides. Whether you want to get drenched in the water park, or feel the G forces on winding roller coasters, Mumbai’s theme parks will leave the family breathless.




There’s only so much temple touring and museum musing you can do before the kids need a thrill or two. EsselWorld is the country’s biggest amusement park, and there’s something for kids of every age here. Grip on hard to the harness as you’re slowly raised up the Shot-N-Drop vertical pole, before leaving your stomach at the top as you freefall a gut-churning 190 feet. Younger kids will be much better suited to the bite-sized excitement of the caterpillar roller coaster, or the bobbing boat rides.


Gorai, Mumbai. Tel:+91 22 6528 0305


EsselWorld website
Water Kingdom


EsselWorld may be India’s biggest amusement park, but Water Kingdom next door goes one better, and is Asia’s biggest water park. Get drenched as you career down the furious Amazon-themed slide at 40mph, or chill out on the beach as you ride on the crests of towering waves in Wetlantic, an immense and exhilarating pool.


Gorai, Mumbai. Tel:+91 22 6528 0305


Water Kingdom website


Animal attractions


Mumbai Zoo lets you see animals in the city, but for the real experience nothing can beat a trek into Sanjay Gandhi National Park’s 40 square miles of forest, where magnificent creatures live and roam freely.


Sanjay Gandhi National Park


Mumbai’s often described as a concrete jungle, but you can escape to a real jungle in Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Get a good look at the caterpillars, butterflies and snails that are splashed with so much colour they look like surreal artworks, before embarking on a lion safari. See the flame-maned Kings of the Jungle stalking between trees, and look out for beautiful spotted leopards and tigers as they prowl their domains.


Borivali East, Mumbai 400066


Sanjay Gandhi National Park website


Family food


Introduce your children to the fiery flavours of Indian cooking, or fill up on familiar feasts of pizzas and burgers at restaurants across Mumbai. The fussiest palates will be satisfied.




Give your scorched tastebuds a break and enjoy the deliciously familiar treats of cheesy nachos and crispy pizzas at Relish. Serving a huge range of fresh and healthy vegetarian options, it should cater for every member of the family’s particular tastes, and the atmosphere is easy going too.


Prem Court Building, Jamshedji Tata Road, Mumbai 400020. Tel:+91 22 4213 5419


Relish website


Copper Chimney


There’s no smoke without fire, and as you dig into the delicious Northern Indian delicacies at Copper Chimney, you’ll realise why the locals rave about this restaurant so much. Help yourself to as much as you can handle during the lunchtime buffet, during which you can introduce the kids to charcoaled lamb kebabs which burst with juicy flavour. Milder dishes, and some failsafe options like pizzas, guarantee that this restaurant is a hit with kids.


High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Mumbai 400013. Tel:+91 22 2496 3333


Copper Chimney website


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