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What to See and Do in Edmonton – a guide to notable landmarks and attractions

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Edmonton is one of those unlikely cities that blend urban charm with rural splendor. The stunning North Saskatchewan River cuts through the center and the surrounding greenery isn't so much urban parkland as a sumptuous self-contained slice of the countryside. Edmonton is also known for an extravagant festival culture, with celebrations thrown for anything from food and film to folk music and Shakespeare. Little wonder that it's also known as The Festival City.
Royal Alberta Museum



Canada is revealed like never before at Royal Alberta Museum. Chronicling millions of fascinating years of Alberta history, the exhibitions here focus on the human world, prehistoric wildlife, and the geological riches of the region. Dioramas and galleries bring to life everything from monstrous dinosaurs to industrious First Peoples and the most awesome and terrifying examples of modern wildlife. Set just to the west of downtown, the museum has something for all ages and interests and boasts an ever-changing array of exhibits. The Aboriginal Gallery is one to look out for if you fancy a jaunt from the last Ice Age through to now, with a quick break for a bison hunt along the way.


Citadel Theatre



Located in the Downtown Arts District, the Citadel is arguably Edmonton’s top destination for live entertainment. A combination of classical thespians treading the boards, musical talent storming the stage, and outrageous comedians strutting their stuff makes it a busy hub of fun, laughter, and tears. Comprising several individual theaters, the complex hosts a program of everything from the finest Shakespeare productions to the most raucous of Broadway shows, not to mention a catalogue of works by modern artists at the top of their games. So drop by, sit back, and watch the magic unfold.


Edmonton Ski Club



It’s no secret that Canada has got some of the world’s best skiing. However, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t have to make for the countryside if you want to hone your skills. Edmonton Ski Club offers the chance to zip, zoom, rush, and rocket up and down a cracking selection of artificial but finely groomed slopes – urban skiing, if you will. With ample space and extraordinary facilities to be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike, the site has even been used for training Olympic athletes. Adrenaline junkies can hit the jumps and half pipes while anyone wanting to learn a few tricks of the trade can book a group or private session.