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Indianapolis Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

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With its distinct cultural districts and a lively, pedestrian-friendly central area, Indianapolis makes shopping a delightful experience. Spend a morning browsing vintage bazaars in Fountain Square or Broad Ripple Village, then head to one of the city’s malls for an afternoon of serious spending, or at least aspirational window shopping. You certainly won’t go far in Indy without some quirky shop or sleek boutique catching your eye, so you might need an extra suitcase.
Fountain Square



Located just a couple of blocks southeast of the center, the fun and frivolous Fountain Square is the perfect introduction to Indy’s indie vibe. It’s an area undergoing a bohemian revival, with quirky art galleries and upcycling furniture yards popping up in the old stone buildings. The streets pop with graffiti art and entertainers, creating a festival atmosphere. If you’re looking for an original work of art, a rare antique item or a collectors’ edition comic, all at a bargain price, this is the place to come.


Mass Ave



Contained within a golden triangle of theaters and art galleries, Mass Ave is a favorite locals’ spot filled with chic, independent shops. If you’re going to buy shoes anywhere in Indy, buy them at America’s oldest shoe shop, Stout’s Footwear, which has been in business since 1886. People here love their pooches – there’s not only a dog grocery store, but also a dog bakery. Fortunately, there are great gourmet cupcake shops selling pretty awesome treats for human breeds, so you don’t need to get too jealous of your four-legged friend.


Broad Ripple Village



This popular student district 20 minutes north of Downtown feels like a small town in its own right. Between strolling the idyllic Monon Trail in the morning and staying up for the late-night bars and comedy clubs, there’s plenty of time for a spot of shopping, in Broad Ripple’s quirky, inimitable style. Music lovers will be in their element, with the timelessly cool collections and rare finds in the record stores here. For those with magpie-like tendencies towards anything shiny, the vintage markets are treasure troves of trinkets, accessories, and clothes.


Keystone at the Crossing



For a concentrated hit of upmarket retail therapy, visit the shopping district Keystone at the Crossing. Located out on the northern edge of Indianapolis, this is a haven of high-quality retailers, including its great centerpiece, the Fashion Mall. Why not stay late and go to the movies? The Keystone Art Cinema not only has a classy selection of independent and art house films, it also has a full bar, adding a bit of fizz and sparkle.


Shopping tips



You don’t need to drive miles out of town for fantastic shopping – Downtown is full of shops and very pedestrian-friendly, so enjoy wandering the city streets as you buy. You don’t need to plan too much, just see what catches your eye and be sure to check out the bohemian quarters as well as the malls. Combine shopping with café stops and lunch breaks so that you can soak up the full culture of the district you’re in – Indianapolis is diverse and will often take you by surprise.