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San Antonio Shopping Guide - where and what to shop and buy

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San Antonio is a Texan retail mecca, and like everything in Texas, it goes big. The dazzling array of independent boutiques, outlets, malls, markets, and more make it a top shopping city. Whether you're in the market for some classic cowboy clothing – from flamboyant hats to sturdy boots – or just want to root around for exquisite antiques into funky flea markets, the city will keep you busy for days on end.
Alamo Heights



Alamo Heights is an affluent area set a few miles north of Downtown San Antonio, yet it hosts some top attractions, such as the lush, 33 acre Botanical Garden, the McNay Art Museum, and the family-themed San Antonio Zoo. Alamo Heights is also a perfect place for splurging shoppers looking to spend big. Head to Alamo Quarry Market, a ritzy sprawl of stores set within the distinctive, industrial setting of an old factory. You should also venture into the more central areas of Alamo Heights - around Broadway Street - and find high-end boutiques, artisan jewelry stores, and vast sporting stores for lovers of the outdoors.


South San Antonio



It’ll take a 15-minute drive to reach South San Antonio from the city’s central Downtown area. At first glance it may look like not much is happening is this quiet, spacious suburban neighborhood, capped by the green swathes of Pearsall Park. That is, until you discover Traders Village, one of the largest flea markets in Texas. Spread across 100 acres with over 1,000 sellers, you’ll find anything you desire, from handmade cowboy boots and army surplus gear to antique jewelry and even vintage cars. It’s also a great place to take the kids, with plenty of carnival-like rides and amusements.


Brackenridge Park



Brackenridge Park is a vast, eden-like green space washed with tall arching trees, cut through by white-blue streams and the shimmering San Antonio River. The Park constitutes part of Midtown, linking it with Alamo Heights. In this area you’ll find quaint, organic grocery stores and local delicatessens, and a variety of independent mid to upscale restaurants. On Saturdays, visit the Pearl Farmers Market, central San Antonio’s answer to the decadent mayhem of Traders Village. This quiet, community-driven market showcases dozens of stalls selling fresh, seasonal produce.


Northwest Side



The city’s Northwest Side is a diverse mix of neighborhoods, including the more business-driven areas, residential settings, and hip youthful hubs of urban activity. The Northwest Side is also home to the University of Texas at San Antonio, which fosters a cultured, academic atmosphere. After exploring the university grounds and bookstores, head to the nearby Shops At La Cantera, a sleek, modern, and upscale open-air shopping and dining complex. The cool outdoor corridors are lined with palms, creating a tranquil environment as you get your fashion fix or pamper yourself at the cosmetics and beauty outlets.