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Where to Eat in Edmonton – a food and dining guide

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The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is known for a thriving arts community, trendy shopping destinations, and a catalogue of flamboyant festivals that run throughout the year. Then there's the food scene. Whether you're passionate about dining with a will to try every flavor combination under the sun, or a peckish traveler keen for something cheap and memorable, there's plenty for you to tuck into during your holiday.
Typical dishes



Surrounded by countryside that's absolutely perfect for rearing cattle, Edmonton enjoys a formidable reputation for its beef, so juicy burgers and succulent steaks are pretty much obligatory for all non-vegetarians.



A quaint, old fashioned neighborhood, Westmount has a small town vibe but the kind of dining a big city would be proud of. RGE RD is at the top of the Edmonton food chain, serving the freshest "farm-to-fork" dishes you’re ever likely try. All about a community dining experience, the restaurant serves up wood-fired root veg, pig roasts and rich beef. Meanwhile, for some dreamy Valrhona chocolate and beautifully buttery baked treats, Duchess Bake Shop should fit the bill.


• RGE RD, 10643 – 123 Street, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 447 4577

Duchess Bake Shop, 10720 – 124 NW, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 488 4999




Downtown Edmonton is a vibrant, cultural district with an al fresco festival culture and loads of great places to shop. When it comes to food it has a huge choice of options, from spicy international fare to scrumptious cheap eats. The Marc is a swish French restaurant great for lunch or a romantic dinner that will send your senses wild. Tavern 1903 offers a Canadian tapas experience that’s at once rustic and playful – smoked ribs and crispy pork belly in black coffee BBQ sauce are just 2 components of the mouthwatering ‘Pig-Nic’.


• The Marc, 100 Sterling Place, 9940 – 106 Street NW, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 429 2828

Tavern 1903, 9802 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 242 0152




Adjacent to Downtown and overlooking the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Oliver is home to all sorts of tasty nosh, with options available for every kind of budget. For an authentic taste of Asia, a trip to Bistro India should do the trick. This quaint diner delivers succulent meats and lively spices at reasonable prices. For a delicious breakfast, lunch, or brunch, you might pop by Elm Café for an affordable plate of ‘craft sammiches’ and a cup of premium coffee. It'll keep you fuelled for hours.


• Bistro India, 10203 – 116 Street NW, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 482 1700

Elm Café, 10140 – 117 Street NW, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 756 3556


Old Strathcona


Old Strathcona is a trendy hub for shopping, arts, live music, and all things bohemian. Sugarbowl has spent the best part of 70 years mastering its trade, garnering a reputation as a prime spot for breakfast, brunch, and burgers, among other things. Jerk chicken and lamb make for great fillers, while over 160 craft beers are on hand to wash it all down. If you’ve got a bit of a thing for the 1950s, then a retro Cajun-style dinner at DaDeO should sate the appetite. Oysters, gumbos, and all manner of combos fill the menu.


• Sugarbowl Bar & Café, 10922 – 88 Avenue NW, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 433 8369

DaDeO New Orleans Diner and Bar, 10548A – 82 Avenue, Edmonton; Tel: +1 780 433 0930