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Where to eat in Warsaw – a food and dining guide

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Don’t underestimate Warsaw’s culinary scene; nowhere is the city’s sophistication and modernity more apparent than in its restaurants, cafes and eateries. Look for restaurants recommended for their excellent service to ensure your culinary experience is top-notch, and it’s worth splurging for one night and trying a gourmet eatery like Atelier Amaro. For Polish cuisine of a more affordable and traditional vein, wander around the Old Town and find a restaurant there that takes your fancy.

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While in Warsaw, be sure to try the classic Polish dishes ‘zurek’ – a hearty soup often served inside a bread loaf – and ‘pierogi’; ravioli-style pockets of unleavened dough, with either a sweet or savory filling.


City Center


Warsaw’s vibrant culinary scene is most evident in the city center, where traditional Polish restaurants jostle with modern eateries catering to cuisines from around the globe. Often praised as the city’s top restaurant, Butchery & Wine is a popular choice, serving succulent steaks with a fine selection of wine. If you’d like to try authentic Polish dishes, head to Dawne Smaki, a vintage-style restaurant where the old flavors of Poland are brought to life in tasty soups, noodle broths and meat-stuffed dumplings. Café Blikle is another premier Polish restaurant with a more contemporary feel, while if you’re after the exotic, Rain by India Curry should satisfy with the magic combination of superb curries and fruity cocktails.


Butchery & Wine, ul. Zurawia 22. Tel: +48 22 502 31 18• Dawne Smaki, ul. Nowy Swiat 49. Tel: +48 22 465 83 20• Café Blikle, ul. Nowy Swiat 33. Tel: +48 22 826 45 68• Rain by India Curry, ul. Zurawia 22. Tel: +48 501 400 386




To the south of the city center, glorious Lazienki Park is home to some equally spectacular restaurants. Follow up a tranquil walk in the park by dining in one of Warsaw’s top restaurants. For cutting-edge Polish cuisine, try Atelier Amaro, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving a degustation-style menu of small yet delectable dishes. For more of a country house atmosphere, head to Belvedere, an unusually-sited restaurant in the heart of the royal gardens. Enjoy Polish-influenced dishes in the unique setting of an orangery overlooking the lush lawns of Lazienki Park.


Atelier Amaro, ul. Agrykola 1. Tel: +48 22 628 57 47• Belvedere, ul. Agrykola 1. Tel: +48 22 558 67 00


Old Town


Starowka is just the place to dine if you want to soak up the Polish old-world atmosphere and indulge in a spot of people-watching. However, the Old Town is always bustling with tourists, and hungry wanderers are ripe for the picking in the eyes of many over-priced yet average restaurants here. Choose carefully. If you want authentic Polish cuisine, hunt down Polka, a restaurant featuring flamboyant décor and serving local specialities. For a sophisticated dining experience, look no further than French restaurant La Rotisserie, dishing up elegant fusion cuisine inside the boutique Mamaison Hotel Le Regina.


La Rotisserie, ul. Koscielna 12. +48 22 531 60 01• Restauracja Polka, ul. Swietojanska 2. Tel: +48 22 635 35 35


Praga Południe


One of Warsaw’s oldest districts, Praga Południe retains a centuries old character that avoided the WW2 fate of the city center. The diversity of the area can be seen in a blend of historic streets and new residential blocks, and the culinary scene here reflects the setting, with a spread of traditional Polish, Italian and other European cuisines. For authentic Italian dishes, head to family-run trattoria Il Caminetto, where meat is cooked in a traditional wooden oven right in the center of the restaurant. Head a little more off the beaten track, and you’ll find Pikanteria, a popular Polish eatery dishing up tasty grub accompanied by locally brewed beer.


Il Caminetto, ul. Zwyciezcow 46. Tel: +48 22 672 55 96• Pikanteria, ul. Walecznych 68a. Tel: +48 22 616 02 02