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What to see and do in Toronto – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

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Spread across the city, Toronto’s attractions are found on every corner.  No matter what time of year it is, or where in the city you are staying, there is something to please even the pickiest of visitors in this cosmopolitan playground.  From the likes of its world famous buildings to its smaller island-based zoo, its underground entertainment complex or generally vibrant community, a break in Toronto will leave you addicted to the city.

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Toronto (Ontario)

CN Tower


Not only is the CN Tower an architectural masterpiece, but it is also a tourist favorite in Toronto. At 553 meters it is the tallest building in the city and has a panoramic observation tower at its peak that can be enjoyed by all. If you’re brave enough, you can have a go at the adrenaline filled EdgeWalk, where visitors are strapped to the building so that they can walk the perimeters and lean over the edge of the building and look down on the city below. There is also a revolving restaurant for a more special visit.




The PATH is Downtown Toronto’s ultimate underground entertainment complex. It is 27 kilometers in length and boasts shopping, services and entertainment. From shoes to suits, bags to gadgets, the Toronto PATH has a shop that’ll stock it. Keeping your energy up are the many cafés, restaurants and refreshments that line the vicinity. The PATH is a great venue for winter shopping, with hotels connected to it and no traffic to speak of.


Toronto Islands


A collection of small islands, the Toronto Islands are found on the western part of Lake Ontario. In the summer months the islands are a great escape from the sweltering city heat. There is an on-site amusement park as well as a small zoo with an array of exotic animals. Beaches provide a cooling and relaxing area for groups and families while the walking paths and picnic areas allow the more active to explore the islands on foot and enjoy the scenery in a tranquil and beautiful setting.


Canada Wonderland


Canada’s answer to Disneyworld, the Canada Wonderland is a fun and exciting day out full of adrenaline pumping rides and smile inducing activities. The park is 330 acres in size and is Canada’s premier amusement park. The park comes to life through its dinosaur feature and daily live entertainment. There’s a splash waterpark for the warmer months and seasonal celebrations, like Camp Spooky at Halloween, where mazes are erected and filled with ghouls and ghosts, there’s a costume parade and a trick or treat show that graces the Playhouse Theatres stage.


Hockey Hall of Fame


Ice hockey is arguably Canada’s leading sport, and the city of Toronto pays homage to the game at its Hockey Hall of Fame. Within its walls are copious photos of hockey’s greatest players, statistics about the game and scoreboards over the years and detailed profiles of players. Not only is a visit educational and inspirational, but it’s also fun. There are games and trivia there, so you can test your knowledge and skills against one another to discover who the biggest hockey fan amongst you is!


Explore the coffee culture


A big part of Torontonian life is coffee. Lovers of the drink will be pleased to read that the city’s Indie Coffee Culture is ever expanding. Not only does the city hold the obvious chain choices that so many love, like Starbucks and Tim Horton’s, but also smaller independent coffee houses that serve delicious coffee from all four corners of the globe. Enjoy your deep, dark and pungent espresso with a sweet or savoury bagel, Panini or muffin.


Dine with celebrity chefs


Eating out in Toronto is always a treat, but why not take things a little further and treat yourself to a dinner or lunch at one of the many restaurants owned by celebrity chefs? International chef Susur Lee is a big name in the city, as are Mark McEwan, David Rocco, and Jamie Kennedy. Dine on delectable dishes that reek of creativity: the food is prepared with such skill and expertize that they come out looking like flamboyant pieces of art.