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A Rotorua shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

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Whether you shop in Rotorua or search for souvenirs in Taupo or Mount Maunganui, there are plenty of local products to delight visitors. Rotorua’s markets are a must-visit, especially the popular Saturday Flea Market, with tasty artisan offerings, and Hot Lakes Craft Market – brimming with local artwork and handcrafted jewelry. Venture outside the city, and Taupo boasts art galleries and local garments aplenty, while Mount Maunganui is your boutique shopping destination.

Mike Watt

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Rotorua (NZ)

Rotorua Night Market


Don’t miss Rotorua Night Market, a vibrant weekly food event which takes over Tutanekai Street every Thursday evening. This canopied market brings together artists, chefs and local producers; sample a selection of authentic artisan offerings, including handcrafted cheese, local wine, and a variety of chutneys, jams and preserves. The market also showcases artwork, weavings and glassware by local residents, giving you the chance to meet and chat with the artists and designers.


Saturday Flea Market


A popular Rotorua market that began over 25 years ago, the Saturday Flea Market sets up every Saturday morning in Kuirau Park, specialising in food stalls and fresh produce. Expect to find a variety of foods from Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands, as well as hot food stalls offering tasty snacks like French crepes, whitebait fritters and Chinese dumplings. Other market stalls display Maori crafts, handmade soaps or knitwear, while a highlight of the flea market is the geothermal heat under the footpaths.


Souvenir shopping in Rotorua


Souvenir shopping often results in dubious finds that probably never make it out of your suitcase. However, Rotorua boasts some truly charming souvenir shops, so don’t forget to have a browse – some may be tongue-in-cheek, but they won’t be tacky. Souvenir shops are concentrated in the city center, well within walking distance of each other; check out Fenton, Hinemoa and Tutanekai streets. Look for quality jade jewelry, wood carvings and quirky artworks, plus don’t miss the Hot Lakes Craft Market, selling unique handmade items at The Arts Village.


Mount Maunganui Mainstreet


With most shops open seven days, Mount Maunganui’s downtown is a shopping heaven; perfect for any shopping experience, whether it’s a chilled browse in-between coffees or a whole day splurge. This lively tree-lined strip is home to boutique stores, gift and souvenir shops, fashion outlets and quirky cafes and bars. Look out for high quality merino wool, elegant artworks and local handmade products, plus a range of beauty salons for a post-shop pamper. If it’s a Sunday, head to Mount Mainstreet Farmers’ Market in the morning, where you’ll find local produce such as fresh bread, cheese and smoked fish.




Heading to nearby Taupo for a skydive, rafting experience or lakeside walk? Don’t forego Taupo itself, as the town is stuffed with shopping gems – no malls here, but a spread of high fashion outlets, outdoor-adventure shops and speciality food stores. Heu Heu Street is a good place to start if you’re after clothes; look out for popular surf wear brands, Maori-inspired sportswear and Kiwi-made lamb leather, possum and alpaca items. Souvenir shoppers can browse the variety of art galleries or head to the glass blowing studio, where glass artists create dreamy sculptures, glassware and jewelry.