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Where to stay in Prague – an assortment of places for sweet dreams

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Prague is separated into ten numbered districts, with the oldest and original ‘Town of Prague’ being at number one. The practice is a little crude, but it is helpful when choosing where to stay and in what part of the city; whether you’re on the lookout for something vibe-y and busy for you and your friends, or something a little more laid back for you and your partner. Peak season generally runs from April to October and prices can fluctuate drastically, but if booked early, this city can be enjoyed for a snippet.

Ales Mach

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Old Town


One of the historical districts, Old Town is close to the very center of the city for shopping and sightseeing. Public transport buses are not allowed to enter any of the historical districts (to prevent air and noise pollution), so you won’t be bothered by noisy, smoky buses clattering up and down outside your window either. A very walkable city, you can safely and easily take a wander from this area into the city center and of course to the sights and museums.


Hotels in Old Town


The vast majority of hotels in this area are situated in beautifully restored buildings with a very relaxed atmosphere. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, get a ‘botel’ (a boat hotel) which are well-placed with gorgeous views.




Slightly further out is Zizkov in Praha 3, and because the city has such an impressive public transport system – with boat, tram, metro, bus, shuttle and taxi available to you – it’s still very easy to get around from. The area has benefitted hugely from regeneration projects and quirky cafes and local design studios have popped up as a result. Also, it has the most pubs (300) per capita of any city in Europe. So it’s certainly one for the lads.


Hotels in Ziskov


Definitely more rowdy with colorful nightlife from the infamous bars, the places to stay are a reflection of this. A bit rough and ready, they are nonetheless excellent value and ideal for the traveler on a budget (and an adventure) as there are plenty of three star hotels and hostels with incredibly low prices and breakfast as standard.


Praha 2


Based in the south and south west of central Prague (extending about 1km further than the Praha 1 boundary) this is the smallest district in the city and well within the metro area, therefore easy to travel about. A residential area with impeccably clean streets, this place will appeal to families who are looking for quieter evenings and a more civilized experience of the city.


Hotels in Praha 2


Slightly fancier as a higher residential area, you’ll find the luxury four star Hotel Union here, as well as the popular Fox apartments. This is perfect for families as it doesn’t tend to get noisy after dark, is excellently positioned in terms of public transport and close to the On Palac Flora Shopping Center where you can stock up on your essentials and keep the kiddies distracted.