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Where to stay in Berlin – a neighborhood guide

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Depending on the type of holiday you are in Berlin for, whether cultural or partying, hotels in this city have everything to enhance your stay. For purely sightseeing, it is recommended that you stay in the central and slightly eastern areas of Berlin. For extreme partying, Berlin is known for its hipster beatnik vibes or heavy electronic moods, Kreuzburg or Friedrichstain are the places to be. Berlin is known as one of the top gay destinations in Europe and many gay friendly hotels can be found around Schoneberg.

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Sightseeing in MitteMitte is the touristy Berlin and generally described as the ‘Berlin of a million postcards’. Wander in amazement through the sounds of horses clip-clopping and buskers serenading whilst watching the crowds snap pictures of themselves in front of the iconic Brandenburg Tor. Mitte is the perfect place to discover small theatres and époque Berlin Hotels. Culture seekers do not have to wander far to the treasure trove of Museum Island in the middle of the dazzling River Spree. In the east lies quirky communist era, Alexanderplatz Square and the beautifully restored Nikolaiviertel, the medieval core of Berlin.


Hotels in Mitte


It is not surprising to see Mitte has the luxurious hotels possible being a truly central location in the heart of Berlin. You get high quality customer service, extravagant standard rooms and easy walking access to sightseeing opportunities.


Partying in Kreuzburg


Young and fashionable Kreuzburg is certainly the place to be for partying to grab those liberal vibes and dance the night away. Electric bars, buzzing nightclubs and chilled out cafes line the streets here during the night. But if you are looking for something to do in the daytime, Kreuzburg in Berlin is home to Turkish markets filled to the brim with exotic wares and quirky cuisine. To the south of the district is the East Side Gallery, a popular muralled strip of the Berlin Wall. Also nearby are Checkpoint Charlie and the Jewish Museum.


Hotels in Kreuzburg


Both Kreuzburg and Friedrichshain are scattered with budget hotels that are affordable for the youth traveler looking for a party atmosphere in Berlin. All budget type hotels can be found within walking distance from the subway and u-bahn stations. Also, most budget hotels are amid the lively clubs and bars so there is no problem finding your hotel after a night out.


Gay scene in Berlin


The Winterfeldtplatz in Schoneberg is truly the gay quarter of Berlin and they are proud of it. Rainbow flags flap against balconies, stick on the windows of travel agencies or boardhouses, or make their presence known in cafes that all signal – gay people are welcome to Berlin. The wide pavements are filled with buskers, deckchairs and a delightful exuberance for the lust of life. The numerous cafes around are truly an open invitation for everyone to enjoy mixing with the locals and visitors alike.


Hotels in Schöneberg


The hotels in the gay quarter in Schonneburg are available for all budget types looking to experience the gay scene in Berlin. From high-end boutique hotels to low budget hotels sharing facilities, everyone will ultimately find accommodation suited to their needs.