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Where to shop in Berlin – a guide to where to go and what to buy

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Berlin is a paradise for shoppers of every budget. Traditional and new department stores scatter the central and suburban districts along with resplendent luxury designer shops, shopping malls, handicrafts, flea and antique markets and many bargain stores. What a shopper may be looking for, will definitely find their wares in the capital of Germany. There’s not a better sight than a vintage store selling DDR products next to an expensive boutique.

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KaDeWeLying in the heart of Berlin, this luxury department store has an array of exciting brands that are exclusively available. Beauty and fragrance are a big hit along with high quality men’s and women’s fashion. Gourmet food can be found on the sixth and seventh floors in the form of exotic bars, hipster cafes and luxurious champagne bars. All your glitzy shopping needs are rolled into one in this exclusive department store resulting in the ultimate German shopping experience to remember.




This very broad, long boulevard, considered the Champs-Elysees of Berlin, is one of the most famous avenues in the capital. Many eclectic fashion designers have their popular shops based here ready for visitors to browse. Many well-known exclusive brands are found on this bohemian street filled with professional artists who also have their quirky galleries here as well.  Enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and browse through their unique range of shops that has something for every budget.




This king of flea markets makes its mark at Mauerpark that sells everything you could possibly wish for. Bargain hunters may delight in finding a huge range of classic objects ranging from second hand bicycles to bespoke accessories, cardboard box surprises to vintage clothing stalls and household furniture to artistic designs. On Sunday afternoons, there is a weekly public karaoke session in the park’s amphitheatre that entertains the bargain hunters. Food and drinks in the food court include steaming sauerkraut and delicious currywurst that will refill the hungry stomachs after a long morning of hunting.


Mitte and Friedrichshain


Trendy and ‘up and coming’ districts have sprung across Berlin, namely Mitte and Friedrichshain that follow along the course of the River Spree. Friedrichshain  is one of the last districts to e gentrified however, there is distinctive architecture and unique sightseeing points to enhance your shopping experience. Also, enticing shop fronts in these districts lure shoppers through their elegant courtyards to find hidden treasures within. Inside, many shops have quirky and strange looking designs to complement their wares to fit in with a vivid theme. All shops in the trendy, hipster areas cater to all budget types whether their products are gleaning, glittering or glossy.


Shopping tips


Many of these shopping destinations sprawl across several avenues and floors so it is advised to wear comfortable shoes. If you are buying large items, remember to buy them last on the way back to your accommodation to avoid carrying them for a long time. Finally, remember to ask for service if you require any.