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Hangzhou Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

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Hangzhou is the capital of its province, and as such it's one of the most important regional shopping centers. Tourists will find a mix of modern shops and traditional markets with just enough atmosphere to keep everything interesting.

This is a prominent wholesale shopping district for the province. Merchants buy bulk quantities of silk and Longjing tea, both of which are made in the area. Much of what's purchased is shipped to stores across China or even exported internationally. Wholesale markets are less atmospheric, but they can offer excellent bargains.

The Hangzhou night market is the best starting place for tourists, with its Mao memorabilia and souvenirs. If the novelty of this touristy market wears off, there are countless other shops and a few department stores in the city.

Downtown/Yan'an Road/Night Market

This is a typical Chinese night market with souvenirs, handicrafts, jewelry and knockoff brands. It's a fun place to stroll at night whether or not you plan to purchase anything. A visit to the night market requires plenty of bargaining, so it pays to look around to get a sense of what things cost.

Downtown/Xinhua Road/Silk City

This collection of 600 merchants is the best place to shop for silk textiles in Hangzhou. Whether buying yards of silk or delicate garments, this is the place for it. This is also a popular wholesale market for exporters.

Downtown/Wulin Square/Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center

The collection of boutiques and department stores of Hangzhou Tower is the modern counterpart to the faux brands of the night markets and wholesale district. The emphasis in this shopping complex is high fashion and international brands. 

Downtown/Wushan Square/Bird and flower market

There are many marketplaces like this in Hangzhou, but this one is the best. It is a multi-story facility with row after row of shops selling fresh-cut flowers and a menagerie of pets and small farm animals. Portions of this market specialize in medicinal herbs. 

Downtown/Hanghai Road/Sijiqing clothing market

This is an important meeting place for clothing exporters, and it's well known across the country. Items sold here literally wind up in shops all over the world. While most of the commerce is at wholesale levels, there are a few retail outlets suitable for visitors. 

Hangzhou shopping tips

Be advised that ‘antique' items are likely to be fakes, no matter how convincing they look. True antiques must meet certain requirements to be exported, and any authentic antique dealer will have the proper paperwork in order. Fake pearls are equally common. Either of these is best treated cautiously, purchased strictly for its appearance rather than any assumed value. 

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