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Udaipur Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

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Udaipur is one of the more relaxed and safer cities in northern India, with little violent crime and hassle for foreigners. Pickpockets and scammers are apparent, however, while being aware of certain vaccinations before traveling to India is advised. Udaipur is best visited in the winter when it is dry and cool.

Customs and etiquette

As with anywhere in Asia, dressing conservatively and keeping one's cool is recommended while holidaying in Udaipur. The traditional Indian greeting is a slight bow with palms cupped prayer-like while uttering the gesture, Namaste. Avoid public displays of affection and always remove shoes on entering temples and shrines.

Eating out is generally communal, with the dishes in the center of the table and each diner having a plate of rice to spoon items onto. You only need to tip in top-end restaurants although taxi drivers will hassle you for a tip, where rounding up is acceptable.


The Indian rupee (Rs) is split into 100 paise and has notes from Rs5 to Rs1,000 and coins from 25 paise up to Rs5. Cash is best exchanged at banks as opposed to on the black market. Travelers checks can be exchanged at banks, hotels and large shops, while ATMs, although thin on the ground, generally accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards and Cirrus debit cards.

There is a useful ATM near the Jagdish Temple on City Palace Road. Prices are relatively cheap in Udaipur but you will need to haggle in the markets to get a good deal. Be sure to not accept torn or scruffy banknotes.


Udaipur is tropical and gets extremely hot and humid in the summer (July through September), although it is fairly unpleasant from March onwards. The best time to come is sometime between September and March, which is the coolest, driest time. It is pleasant during the day at this time of year, although packing appropriately for chilly nights is advised. 


As with any bustling Indian center, Udaipur presents the traveler with an array of public transport options. It will depend on your level of adventurism as to how you get about, with options from trains and packed public buses to dodgy rickshaws and motorcycle hire. Negotiating rickshaw fares is a must while air-conditioned taxis provide the most comfort. You can also rely on foot power in the old town. 

Taxi is the best option for getting from Maharana Pratap Singh Airport (UDR) to downtown Udaipur (approximately 19 kms). It receives fights from Delhi and Mumbai and taxis are on hand throughout the day. 

Fast facts

Population: 400,000
Elevation: 1,960 feet above sea level
Spoken languages: Mewari (Hindi); English spoken in tourist areas
Electrical: 220 Volts, 50 Hertz
Phone/calling code: +91 294

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