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Boracay Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

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Boracay's sights are few in number but this doesn't seem to bother the people who love it here, as they tend to travel here for the sun and the sand. The dramatic landscapes of other parts of the Philippine archipelago are not particularly common here though the beaches are routinely rated among the very best in the world.

Willy's Rock is a small promontory off White Beach that is dramatically silhouetted during sunset. Another point of reference is the Cagban jetty that welcomes and farewells almost all visitors to Boracay. In inclement weather, remote Tambisaan Beach becomes a fall-back travel point.

The snorkeling and diving opportunities off Boracay are really world class. There are a number of super dive tour groups here and plenty of training courses are available for beginners. Shallow waters off the beaches make snorkeling an easy option for anyone and everyone. Hikes or cycling journeys into the center parts of the island provide superior hill views of the surrounding waters.

White Beach

Gorgeous White Beach faces the west, so sunset time here is particularly magical. All the bars, bungalows, surfing pubs and internet cafés are secluded behind the palm trees that lean over the white sand expanse that stretches along four kilometers.

Bulabog Beach

Nowhere near as famous as its western rival, Bulabog Beach nevertheless offers equally crisp sand and water and the unique appeal of a striking red dawn each day. There are not the crowds of tourists here, with most people back over at White Beach. This means less to do, but this is some people's idea of utter bliss. 

Boracay Main Road

There's not much to buy in Boracay but the many bamboo-thatched stores along the Boracay Main Road will happily sell jewelry and sarongs to all comers. There are dusty convenience stores and some adequate places to eat or grab a beer for anyone who wants a slight gear shift from lazy days on the beach. 

Boracay Horse Riding Stables

Guided horse rides into the island's interior are a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. One hour rides start at very affordable prices. More advanced riders can take horses for longer periods. 

Offshore diving

Whale sharks and giant rays can be seen on diving trips that take divers to spots just off the Boracay coast. Most trips can be booked right at the beach, or alternatively at any of the hotels or backpacker bungalows which often double as dive tour operators.