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Boracay Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Naturally, fresh seafood is the specialty of this tropical island that was a fishing village in a previous life time. There are some very upscale places to eat in the five- star resorts of Boracay but in general, food is a pretty casual affair with snacks like coconuts on the beach or plates of fried rice and tomato sauce served over the counter at beer bars.

Lots of small meals like this tend to be the in-house Boracay eating style. Breakfast is usually the biggest meal of the day with all the accommodation outfits serving up a mix of tropical fruits, eggs and toast. There are amazing buffets on offer at the five-star resorts.

The diversity of tourists here means that there are restaurants to suit all tastes. Woodfire pizza places and Chinese restaurants are part and parcel of a dining scene that is casual but top quality.

White Beach - Station 3

There are hundreds of dining options along White Beach and many visitors enjoy a meal at one of them after enjoying sunset drinks right at the beach. The section around boat station 3 is the part of White Beach where most of the lowest priced accommodations are found and budget dining options serving basic dishes and things like pizza and pasta are located here.

White Beach - Station 1

Some of the upscale resorts like the White Beach Terraces have excellent a la carte fine dining and at times, reservations may be required at these places. The more expensive hotels and restaurants are all located around boat station 1 so visitors looking for a more sophisticated, and pricier, dining experience will want to head to this part of White Beach.

Boracay Main Road

It takes less than 15 minutes to walk across the entire island of Boracay but anyone struck with hunger along the journey can stop at any of the hawker stalls or small diners that line either side of the Boracay Main Road. Occasional convenience stores sell pre-packaged snacks. 

Boracay restaurants

Nigi Nigi Noo Bar & Restaurant
White Beach Path, Bulabog
Phone: +63 36 288 3101
The fun starts here with an all you can eat egg breakfast and of an evening, dinner service is announced when the wooden boat full of fresh seafood on ice is placed out the front. Most regulars love Nigi Nigi Noo for its laidback Polynesian feel and superb shrimps and seafood curries. 

Steakhouse Boracay
White Beach Path, Bulabog
Phone: +63 36 288 3545
The hordes of tourists to Boracay from northern Europe are well catered to by the Steakhouse Boracay, which serves everything from Austrian schnitzel and Hungarian goulash to freshly brewed cappuccino and espresso. The Steakhouse is one of the few air conditioned restaurants on open-air loving White Beach. 

Friday's Resort, White Beach
Phone: +63 36 288 6200
Legendary steaks and a fine wine list are part of the fine dining experience at Friday's which also presents superb nasi goreng(fried rice) and lapu-lapu (fish). Special theme nights include Korean, Italian and Japanese flavors. 

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