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Xi'an Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Xi'an, China

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Dating back 6,000 years, Xi'an is the capital city of Shaanxi Province in China. Originally named Chang'an, this thriving city is an interesting place for tourists to visit as it features a large number of interesting attractions.

Xi'an is divided into eight different urban districts, each offering a unique atmosphere as well as attractions, services and facilities. A city wall surrounds the main part of the city, with the Bell Tower in the center. There are four streets branching off this central point, making this a good focal point for first-time visitors to the city.

Xi'an is a good place for visitors to explore as alongside the historical and cultural attractions are a good range of modern amenities, and visitors who are searching for a taste of home will find Western restaurants, luxurious hotels and plenty of other familiar touches.

Weiyang district

This is mainly a business district featuring a large number of prominent companies such as Guodu Education and science and technology industries. Visitors will also find an excellent range of hotels here.

Yanta district

Located in the south of Xi'an, Yanta district is famous for its historical and cultural heritage. This district is popular with tourists as some prominent attractions such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda can be found here, as well as plenty of hotels.

Baqiao district

Located in the eastern part of central Xi'an, this district is home to the Science and Technology Industrial Park. There are also plenty of good hotels to be found here.


Xincheng district

Xincheng district is a great area for tourists to explore as a large number of important landmarks can be found here such as the majestic Clock and Drum Towers. In addition to offering excellent top-end hotels, the area allows shoppers to pick up bargains at Xincheng Plaza.

Lianhu district

This district is an excellent place to use as a base as hotels to suit every budget can be found here. The picturesque East Lake and the Water Amusement Park can also be found in this part of the city and a good number of interesting attractions are just a short walk away.

Chang'an district

This is the city's oldest district and features a large number of ancient temples and monuments. The old meets the new here as modern hotels, shops and restaurants jostle for space amongst slightly crumbling attractions.

Muslim quarter

This is perhaps the most vibrant district in Xi'an as it features colorful street markets, restaurants and temples. The Muslim quarter is both home to the Great Mosque and a thriving community of Muslim people.

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