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Guam Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Guam

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Situated between the Philippines and Hawaii in the western South Pacific Ocean, Guam is the largest of the Mariana Islands archipelago. Officially part of the US, it is an ideal destination for visitors who want to spend time on a tropic island destination while being surrounded by familiar touches.

Guam's main center is the former Spanish settlement of Hagatña. Featuring historic attractions such as the remains of the Casa Gobierno and the Governor's Palace, this is an interesting place to explore.

Many visitors head to Guam to soak up the sun on the beach and this picturesque island is blessed with plenty of pristine stretches of sand as well as tiny nearby islands to explore. Guam is also a haven for those who love to shop, party and dine on gourmet seafood dishes. Blending the exotic and the familiar, Guam is the ideal vacation spot.

Northern region

This region is lightly populated and mostly owned by the military. Visitors who take the time to explore this region will discover stunning deserted beaches and the cities of Dededo and Yigo.


Central/metropolitan region

Most people live in this region and this is the most visited part of Guam as it features the largest cities, the international airport and the main attractions. The capital city of Hagatña is located here, which is an excellent place for shopping and dining.

Southern region

This picturesque region is mainly agricultural and a good place to discover Guam's unique Chamorro culture. Visitors will find a number of pristine beaches here, while the enchanting Cocos Island is just a short boat trip away.