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Cebu Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

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The modern city of Cebu has a wide range of exciting attractions and activities to offer tourists. Perhaps the main attractions in the area are the picturesque beaches, which are excellent places to soak up the sun and practice a number of different water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Visitors with a strong sense of adventure will want to take part in activities such as caving and jungle trekking, while others may be content with shopping and playing golf.

Cebu is known for its vibrant nightlife and the city boasts a wide range of bars, from vibrant places to dance to more low-key watering holes. A number of colorful festivals are held here throughout the year, and many visitors try to time their trip to coincide with festivals such as Sinulog and the Chinese Moon Festival.

Scuba diving

Cebu is famed around the world as an excellent destination for scuba diving as the waters here are clear and teeming with marine life. The waters around Mactan Island are particularly good for scuba diving and there are networks of underground caves to explore here.


Held on the third Sunday of January, Sinulog is a very vibrant festival in which the holy image of Sto Nino de Cebu is worshipped. The people of Cebu wear colorful costumes and this celebration features plenty of drinking, dancing and music. 

Guadalupe Cave

This is one of Cebu's main attractions and a spot of intense natural beauty. While this is an excellent place to visit simply for the scenery, those with a strong sense of adventure can also go caving here. 

Jungle trekking

Take an exciting trek through the jungle to visit the stunning Kawasan Waterfalls. Trekkers can follow the course of the Matutinao River to reach the falls and see a diverse range of flora and fauna en route. 

Olango Wildlife Sanctuary

Visitors can take a short boat ride to reach the stunning Olango Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located on Olango Island. The mudflats here are a great place to spot birds such as cranes in their natural environment. 


Those who feel the need for speed can get their motor running by following trails and mountain roads around the island of Cebu. This is an excellent way to see the countryside and group motorcross tours are available. 


Canyoning is a relatively new sport in Cebu and allows people to walk, jump, swim, and rappel across canyons. One of the highlights here is rappelling down a 30-meter waterfall and visitors should take part in this activity under the supervision of a professional adventure group. 


Cebu's nightlife caters for every taste and those who like live music will find a number of bars and pubs where local bands play covers of popular rock songs. There are also plenty of karaoke bars and clubs to sing and dance the night away.