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Chiang Mai Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

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Chiang Mai offers some of the widest variety and the cheapest options for dining in Thailand. There are restaurants of all kinds here, from traditional Thai cuisine, to Burmese, Mexican, steakhouses and British pub food.

There are also a number of dishes that are Chiang Mai specialties such as khao soi, which is a delicious meal served with soft and crispy noodles in a coconut and curry sauce. It is traditionally made with chicken leg, but beef, pork and even vegetarian varieties can be found. Many people say this dish is what they miss most about Chiang Mai when they leave.

There are also some excellent sandwich and salad bars here, which are something of a rarity elsewhere in the country. Vegetarians will find themselves catered for by a smattering of whole-food and vegan eateries.

Nimmanhemin Road

This road and the soi (lanes) that run off it probably provide the most variety when it comes to dining in the city. There are some great local restaurants serving amazingly crispy pork and roasted duck, as well as pizzerias, smoothie and salad bars, and Mexican takeaways. There is also a late-night burger joint and a variety of lively bars that serve up good food throughout the evening.

Chang Phuak Market

This is a great place for street food with many hawker stands both here and around the northern Chang Phuak Gate. The local dishes of khao soi and pad thai are best experienced on the street and many carts have accompanying tables and stools for you to perch on while you enjoy your food.

Mae Ping River

Along the banks of the Mae Ping River is the best place to head if you looking for somewhere with a bit of atmosphere, as while the food in Chiang Mai is second to none, often the restaurants lose out a bit when it comes to ambiance. There are some nice places here serving both Thai and Western cuisine and most have good music and views of the river.

Night Bazaar

You will be able to find the best seafood joints in town here, with everything from oysters to lobsters served fresh from the tank at Anusarn Market. Prices are hiked-up due to the touristy nature of the area but it is well worth the extra cost for a treat.

Chiang Mai restaurants

The Riverside
9-11 Charoenrat Road
Phone: +66 53 243 239
The Riverside has one of the nicest restaurant settings in the city, alongside the Mae Ping River. There is a good, mixed menu here with toned-down local dishes suitable for delicate Western palates as well as international favorites. Couples are well catered for and can eat by candlelight indoors or next to the river. Live bands also play here most nights of the week.

Palaad Tawanron
100 Huay Kaew Road
Phone: +66 53 216039
This popular restaurant can be found just above Chiang Mai Zoo, toward the foot of Doi Suthep mountain. The food is good here, but, due to their popularity, there is often a long wait and the kitchen has occasionally been known to run out of even the most basic ingredients during a particularly unrelenting rush.

Farang Ses - Dhara Dhevi 
Dhara Dhevi Hotel, San Khampeng 
Phone: +66 53 888 888
This is one of the best options in town if you are looking for first-class international dining. The building is in the style of a Lanna temple and the menu is just as exquisite as the décor. Waiters practice silver service here so prepare to be treated like royalty. 

The Duke's 
Night Barzaar Branch, Chiang Mai Pavilion, Changklan Road 
Phone: +66 53 818 603 

This is the better of two branches in town. It specializes in American-style ribs, steaks and grills and lives up to its fabulous reputation. Food here is a little expensive but it is your best bet if you are after a really juicy steak. 

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