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Goa Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

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Visitors who enjoy bargain hunting will be in shopping paradise in Goa with its extensive array of markets offering a wide selection of goods for sale. There are food stalls with dried fruits, nuts and local delicacies as well as handmade items, jewelry, clothing and home wares on offer.

The main markets are located in Mapusa, which is approximately six miles from the capital city. Mapusa is not only great for shopping, but is also a cultural experience, with large crowds of locals bringing the bazaar alive with excitement and color.

Goa has numerous beach markets available which provide a scenic backdrop for shopping. Baga Beach Market and Anujuna Market are particularly beautiful and popular, attracting tourists and locals alike. The markets in Goa offer some fantastic bargains on many items that are unavailable elsewhere in the world.

Anujuna Market

Located along the spectacular and picturesque Anujuna Beach, Anujuna Market is a popular shopping spot for both locals and tourists alike. There are countless stalls and beachside vendors selling everything from clothing and jewelry to handicrafts and home wares. On Wednesday there is a special flea market held right on the sandy beachfront with a host of services also available including tattooing, hair cutting and body piecing.

Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market in the town of Mapusa, located approximately 10 minutes' drive from the capital of Panaji, is a lively market that sells everything from local produce to clothing and home wares. The Friday market bazaar runs from 08:00 to dusk and is worth checking out for the vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Mapusa Market is the most authentic Indian marketplace in all of Goa and also offers some of the best bargains.

Baga Beach Market

The large flea market held each Saturday evening on Baga Beach is a great place to pick up some bargains. The market has something for everyone, with fresh produce, clothing, electronics, textiles and jewelry for sale. There are also tattoo artists, body piercers and hairdressers.

Calangute Market Square

Calangute Market Square is a popular shopping spot that has a large selection of stalls selling books, jewelry, clothing, local handmade items and fresh produce. There are also fortunetellers and astrologists who will happily predict your future. Saturday sees a sprawling bazaar held on Calangute Beach and there are a host of food stalls that prepare inexpensive local cuisine. 

Goa shopping tips

Goa offers shoppers a wide and extensive selection of consumer goods at inexpensive prices year round. Bartering is commonplace and you can expect to get at least a 10 percent discount when purchasing from market stalls. If you want the best price, be sure to check around all the markets as some vendors offer cheaper prices than others. 

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