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Where to stay in Valencia – a travel guide to Valencia’s neighbourhoods

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Whether you want a luxurious Mediterranean beach hotel in Valencia or a centuries-old inn in the historic centre, this guide will help you decide where to stay in Valencia.

Historic centre

Encircled by the Jardin del Turia to the north and by the ring roads of Guillem de Castro, Carrer Xativa and Carrer Colon, Valencia’s Historic centre is famous for narrow, cobbled streets, medieval stone houses and the Valencia Cathedral. This is where to stay in Valencia if you want to walk to the city’s historic sites during the day and through medieval moonlit neighbourhoods at night. West of the historic centre is Barrio del Carmen, whose historic buildings house tapas bars and nightclubs, while the City of Arts and Sciences lies south-east. There are no metro stops directly beneath the historic centre, but several stations are within easy walking distance in all directions.

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The sparkling blue Mediterranean borders Valencia to the east, forming the white sand beaches of Malvarrosa. The palm-lined Paseo Maritimo is a popular place to enjoy Malvarrosa Beach when you aren’t swimming. Spend time people-watching or sip a refreshing glass of Spanish wine overlooking the water. The broad boulevard Calle de Pavia runs parallel to the Mediterranean and is the location for many Valencia hotels. South of Malvarrosa Beach, Las Arenas Beach is another hot spot for sunbathing, patio restaurants, and walking the Paseo Neptuno. Several metro stops are located in Malvarrosa.

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City of Arts and Sciences

Santiago Calatrava’s striking white City of Arts and Sciences sits south-east of the historic centre at the end of the green swath of Valencia’s Jardin del Turia. Mirrored in water pools and surrounded by the colourful flowers and palms of the Jardin del Turia garden and the Umbracle promenade, the futuristic buildings house a science museum, L’Hemisferic planetarium, L’Oceanografic aquarium and the Palace of the Arts Reina Sofia, a theatre and opera house. City buses run along Autopista del Saler, linking the City of Arts & Sciences with the rest of Valencia’s transit system.

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Barrio del Carmen

The Barrio del Carmen resembles its neighbour to the east, the historic centre, with labyrinthine, cobbled streets and medieval architecture. Carmen’s most popular tourist attractions include the Gothic Quart Towers and the Plaza Redonda, or Round Square, where vendors sell hand-embroidered shawls and table linens. After dark, Carmen’s centuries-old stone façades reveal more contemporary pleasures: busy tapas bars, late-night restaurants and buzzing nightclubs. Several bus routes serve Barrio del Carmen, and the metro stop is north near the Jardin del Turia. 

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Palacio de Congresos

North-west of the historic centre and north of the Barrio del Carmen, the Palacio de Congresos marks Valencia’s business centre. The Palacio, a world-class conference hall, draws business travellers to international meetings and trade shows. Business hotels are along the Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas. During breaks, visitors head to the Parque de Benicalap or Jardin del Turia for a stroll through the park’s shady trees and flowerbeds. Several metro stops are in Palacio de Congresos. 

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