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Where to Stay in Sedona - Luxury Hotels to Creekside Cabins

Sedona is a Southwestern painting come to life, a land of red rocks cliffs, bright blue skies, and billowing clouds. Where to stay depends on what activities you want to pursue and, of course, your budget. The great news is, no matter what location you choose, almost every window will reward you with views of Sedona's impossibly colourful landscape.

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Where to Shop in Sedona - Boutiques, Art Galleries, and New Age Gift Shops

When you visit a place as magical as Sedona, it can be hard to leave. But bringing home a little piece of it can make the parting sweeter. With its vibrant art community and a strong Native American presence, Sedona has countless distinctive treasures to be found in its wide array of southwestern boutiques and galleries.

What to See and Do in Sedona - From Hot Air Balloon Rides to The Grand Canyon

Upon arriving in Sedona, you simply can’t deny the striking natural beauty that unfolds in every direction. But don’t overlook the city right in front of you. Sedona is an active, vibrant place with plenty of things for travellers to do and see - from adventurous tours to spiritual pursuits, and tranquil golf courses to buzzing casinos.

A Guide to Sedona - Home of Natural Beauty and Luxury Spas

Located 29 miles south of Flagstaff in the high desert of Arizona, Sedona is set amidst majestic red rock mountains under expansive blue skies. Known as a spiritual centre and energetic vortex, it is also a place for adventurous pursuits like hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, as well as self-indulgent escapes at world-class spas, golf courses, and fine restaurants.

Arts and Culture in Sedona - Galleries, Festivals, and Ancient Ruins

Sedona's natural beauty has attracted and inspired artists of all kinds throughout history. From ancient cave painters to modern-day painters, sculptors, and writers. You can find Sedona reflected back through the eyes of countless creatives - in its galleries, native ruins, and yearly festivals celebrating art, music, and film.

Where to Eat in Sedona - From Fine French to Farm to Table

Despite its rugged exterior, Sedona has a distinctive luxury side - from high-end hotels and spas to world-class fine dining. Due to the city's location, you might expect Southwestern and Mexican fare would dominate the menus. Instead, they exist side-by-side with a wide variety of international flavors and complete dining experiences. Best of all, most Sedona restaurants of note are right in town.

Travel Tips to Streamline Your Sedona Vacation

Surrounded by the stunning red rock formations of the Coconino National Forest and famed for its vibrant energy, Sedona has a long history as a gathering place for travellers and artists. While many visit to immerse themselves in nature, the city's luxury side is equally appealing. Best of all, Sedona's high desert location means warm weather year-round.

A Grand Canyon City Guide – a true wonder of the natural world carved by the mighty Colorado River

A trip to the Grand Canyon is one of those once-in-a-lifetime vacations that you’re guaranteed never to forget. As well serving up some of Mother Nature’s most spectacular sights, it boasts an endless array of incredible hiking routes. For a truly awe-inspiring experience, you could always rush down the Colorado River on a raft, or perhaps take in the magic of a 2 billion year old landmark from a helicopter high above.

A Phoenix travel guide – dramatic desert landscapes and cowboy culture

Dusty trails flanked by towering cacti, stylish cafés overlooking canals and vibrant red sunsets – unique encounters unfold on a Phoenix vacation. Book a Phoenix hotel and experience unforgettable moments in the Valley of the Sun.

A United States of America travel guide – awe-inspiring national parks, action-packed cities, and lip-smacking local dishes

Vacations in the USA mean everything from skiing down rugged mountains to sunbathing on world-famous beaches. Book a United States hotel to discover a country with a city to suit every personality and mile after mile of beautiful wilderness.

Where to stay in Phoenix – a travel guide to Phoenix’s neighborhoods

Choose the right Phoenix hotel, whether downtown near the historic center or in cosmopolitan Scottsdale, and get to know the city with this guide on where to stay in Phoenix.

An Arizona travel guide – dramatic rocky landscapes, cities alive with culture and world-class spas

Arizona vacations take in more than sweeping mountain vistas, ancient Native American dwellings and cowboy culture. Book a hotel in Arizona to discover otherworldly landscapes, spirit-enriching spas and cities that pulse non-stop.

Nightlife & Entertainment in the Grand Canyon

The main hub of activity in the Grand Canyon area is the South Rim, where Grand Canyon Village resides. While you won’t find an abundance of nightclubs or thumping bars, there’s still a quaint, easy-going nightlife to immerse yourself in.

Family Friendly Attractions in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a perfect family holiday destination. Whether you want to introduce very young kids to this eons-old natural wonder, or are traveling with older kids who love hiking and camping, the Grand Canyon region - particularly the South Rim – provides an other-worldly escape from the usual.

Arts and Culture in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, with its steep red and copper-colored rocky walls and ages-old canyon floor, provides endless amounts of beauty, adventure, and exploration. But when you want to discover the area’s rich cultural heritage, you won’t be let down by the Grand Canyon region’s museums, galleries, and landmarks.

Where to Stay in the Grand Canyon – a neighborhood guide

We're talking about an attraction more than 2 billion years old: a chasm in the Earth that reveals a prehistoric world within itself. So pretty much wherever you stay near the Grand Canyon, you're guaranteed to have an unforgettable holiday. That said, it's worth weighing up the various options to find the spot that best suits you, whether you want to be in the nearby village or in a quieter area farther afield.

Grand Canyon Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

In addition to its status as one of the most majestic natural sights anywhere in the world, the ancient Grand Canyon and its almost alien-like surrounding areas aren’t half bad for a quick vacation splurge. Once you’ve had your fill of the sublime scenery – if that’s at all possible – and want to pick up a special keepsake, there’ll be much to choose from.

What to See and Do in the Grand Canyon – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s favorite natural wonders. A dramatic landscape unparalleled in scope and grandeur, its carved, craggy immensity lets us look into parts of the planet stretching back 2 billion years. A trip to this sublime environment can be filled with activity or relaxation. Whatever you do when you visit, whether you explore on foot, by car, on water, or even up in the clouds, you’re in for a treat.

Phoenix Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

It may be surrounded by parched and alien-like desert, but Phoenix is a buzzing urban center boasting some fine shopping hotspots. Locals take their malls very seriously, and you’ll find endless variations on the concept here, from luxury designer fashion complexes to bargain-packed outlet malls. Scratch beneath the city’s surface and you’ll also find an ever-growing selection of independent shops, flea markets, and quirky fashion boutiques showcasing the work of local designers.

What to See and Do in Phoenix – a guide to notable landmarks and attractions

A sprawling metropolis in the heart of the desert, the capital of Arizona is said to be the hottest city in the United States - literally. Set against a backdrop of parched and rugged mountains, this vibrant, modern destination is awash with glitzy shopping malls, world-class golf courses, and a thriving dining scene. Top-flight museums and no shortage of drinking and live music venues round things off nicely.

Where to Eat in the Grand Canyon – a food and dining guide

During your stay at the Grand Canyon, you’re likely to exert yourself somewhat – what with all those mesmerizing walks and climbs up to the best vantage points. What more excuse do you need to feast on local food? The national park and surrounding areas are well stocked with an eclectic range of replenishing destinations where you can chill out and stuff your face, and perhaps take in a view at the same time.

Where to Eat in Phoenix – a food and dining guide

Phoenix’s multicultural history is evident in the city’s increasingly exciting and varied dining scene. All-American staples dominate the landscape, with more steakhouses and diners than you could ever hope to sample, but you’ll find Hispanic and Native American-inspired dishes in many of these establishments. These are complemented by an appealing selection of gourmet Asian restaurants, authentic Italian pizzerias, and first-rate Mexican joints.

Top 10 cultural things to do in Phoenix

Old stagecoaches, American Indian petroglyphs, desert concerts under the sunset – Phoenix is filled with cultural experiences new, old and ancient. Book a Phoenix hotel and unearth its riches with this guide to the top 10 cultural things to do in Phoenix.

Spring vacations in Phoenix

Spring vacations in Phoenix come alive with sunny-day shopping, mountain hikes and dinners under the setting sun. Book a spring hotel in Phoenix and indulge in its seasonal pleasures.

Short getaways in Phoenix – Indian art, luxury spas, Wild West night life

A Phoenix short getaway is an excellent opportunity to discover this exciting city. Book a Phoenix hotel and experience the best with this two-day itinerary.

Top 10 natural wonders in the world

Over millennia, raw elemental forces have shaped the top 10 natural wonders of the world. Whether you fancy walking on glaciers, diving the world’s largest coral reef, or exploring volcanos and waterfalls, this guide will help you choose the right hotel.

Phoenix Travel Tips

Set in the desert, and surrounded by other-worldly, sun-scorched mountain landscapes, the city of Phoenix enjoys an appealingly far-flung location, yet has the attractions you'd expect from a major city. From impressive museums and culture, to parks with palm trees and exotic flowers, Phoenix has plenty for visitors to do and see.

Grand Canyon Travel Tips

The Grand Canyon meanders and stretches over 200 miles from end to end - a seemingly limitless expanse of wild and rocky natural beauty that makes for the perfect escape from hectic city life. The area is steeped in a strong Native American heritage, which can still be experienced today. For lovers of the outdoors, there’s no shortage of hiking trails, camping spots, nature walks, and white-water rafting.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Phoenix

Once the sun sets over the desert, the city of Phoenix really comes to life, with nightlife ranging from busy clubs to sophisticated bars. Downtown is a particularly popular spot in the evening, hosting many of the city's favorite restaurants and drinking spots, and you'll often find events from independent film screenings to street parties taking place.

Family Friendly Attractions in Phoenix

Phoenix is a popular destination for families, with a wide choice of attractions geared towards younger visitors, including a museum specifically tailored to younger minds. Best of all, the city has some epic outdoor spaces, so whether you go on gentle mountain walks or explore sunny desert parks, your family will certainly expel some serious energy.

Arts and Culture in Phoenix

Phoenix has invested heavily in the arts, from restoring the city's oldest venues to building modern cultural centers and facilities. Downtown Phoenix in particular is a hotspot for emerging artists, independent theater, and small galleries. With its own opera, ballet, and symphony orchestra, Phoenix has firmly planted its flag on the American artistic map.

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