For things to do after dinner in Turks and Caicos, you can choose from a growing selection of fun-fuelled tropical hot spots across the archipelago. Though the nightlife on the islands may not be as established as that of some of its larger Caribbean cousins, they offer enough nocturnal escapades to help see out the day in style.

    From indulgent pub crawls to dreamy sunset cruises, the islands' idyllic setting helps ensure there's no need to hit the sack too early. Here are our top picks of where to go in this stunning destination after sunset.


    The Cove Beach Bar

    A secluded getaway where you can unwind in style

    The Cove Beach Bar is famed for its expertly blended cocktails, unique ambience, and gorgeous oceanside setting. This chic little venue is perched on the edge of the beach at the luxurious Sailrock Resort – the first high-end resort built on South Caicos.

    A popular post-sailing spot, the secluded bar offers unrestricted sunset views, with the atmosphere elegantly shifting as day turns into night. The friendly staff happily advise on drink selections, with rum-based cocktails among the bar’s undisputed favourites.

    Location: Front St, Cockburn TKCA 1ZZ, South Caicos, Turks and Caicos, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 7.30 pm

    Phone: +1 800-929-7197


    Caicos Dream Tours sunset cruise

    Sail off into the glorious sunset

    Hop aboard Caicos Dream Tours’ sunset cruise to welcome in the moonlit hours in a highly enjoyable way. The double-deck boats steadily cruise around the scenic islands, traversing the famously beautiful Grace Bay Beach. All this while uplifting island music provides a lively soundtrack for those wishing to shake their tail feathers.

    Anyone too inhibited to dance might find the wide selection of onboard beverages helpful when it comes to loosening up, with ice-cold beers, wines and world-renowned rums available alongside fruit and cheese platters. Taking in jaw-dropping panoramas as you glide across the waters, the trip is equally suitable for families, groups, and romance-seeking couples.

    Location: 1 Princess Dr, The Bight Settlement TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Phone: +1 649-231-7274


    Casablanca Casino

    A date with lady luck in Grace Bay

    Casablanca Casino is a relative newcomer to the Providenciales scene and a popular choice with locals and visitors. The ambience is elegant but casual, and refreshing cocktails, wines, beers and soft drinks are served to keep your thirst quenched while you play. Try your luck at the blackjack, roulette, and poker tables, or take a chance with the numerous slot machines.

    Don't worry if you don't know your craps from your Texas hold'em – the friendly staff are available to teach game rules to newcomers and the stakes start low, so you won't need to break the bank to join the excitement. Located next to Grace Bay, the casino arranges transport to and from the main resorts.

    Location: 226 Grace Bay Rd, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Open: Daily from 3 pm to 11 pm

    Phone: +1 649-941-3737


    Da Conch Shack

    A flamboyant beachside hot spot where you can let loose

    Da Conch Shack is one of Turks and Caicos’ most popular chillout venues, and for very good reason. This fun, lively and colourful bar has long drawn crowds thanks to its friendly atmosphere, picturesque location, and a mouthwatering selection of food and beverages.

    Loved by locals for its seafood offerings, Da Conch Shack is also a great place to sip on drinks late into the night as the moving island music plays. Located at Blue Hills Beach on the northwestern side of Providenciales, the relaxed venue is a great spot if you’re looking to add a splash of tropically themed fun to your itinerary.

    Location: Blue Hills Rd, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Open: Daily 11 am to 10 pm

    Phone: +1 649-946-8877


    photo by kenji ross (CC BY 2.0) modified


    Full moon glow worm tours

    Behold a dazzling underwater light show

    Full moon glow worm tours in Turks and Caicos offer you the chance to witness a luminous and uniquely Caribbean natural phenomenon. Every month, following the full moon, millions of glow worms congregate beneath the waves, collectively exhibiting otherworldly flashes of green, visible at the water’s surface. The worms in question are the Bermuda Fireworm, and the mind-boggling spectacle is all part of the little critters' monthly mating ritual.

    The 3-hour catamaran tours are a magical way to spend an evening, with rum punch, local beers, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and appetisers served as the expert crew sail you through the unforgettable light show.

    Location: Leeward Settlement TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Phone: +1 649-231-0624


    Magnolia Restaurant and Wine Bar

    Panoramic views as you sip on your favourite tipple

    Magnolia Restaurant and Wine Bar is a chic nightspot offering incredible views of the north shore near Turtle Cove. Operating as a dinner-only restaurant serving European cuisine, this elegant venue is also home to a wonderful outdoor patio bar where you can enjoy appetisers while you relax over a drink.

    Perched high above the island, the lofty setting grants unparalleled views of Turtle Cove Marina down below, and its breathtaking panorama is undoubtedly one of its key selling points. Great for groups, families and couples, the sunset views are well worth arriving early for.

    Location: 76 Sunburst Road, TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Open: Tuesday–Sunday 5 pm to 10 pm (closed on Mondays)

    Phone: +1 649-941-5108


    Danny Buoy's Irish Pub

    A friendly sports bar where you can let your hair down

    Danny Buoy's Irish Pub is a mainstay of Turks and Caicos' nightlife scene. A welcoming, unfussy sports bar, the Grace Bay hot spot offers food, drinks, live music and the warmest of atmospheres to its many regulars as well as first-time visitors.

    Famous for its regular karaoke nights, anyone brave enough is welcome to sing their heart out to the (forgiving) crowd. Within walking distance of Grace Bay Beach, the bar features indoor and outdoor seating, big screen TVs with surround sound, and friendly staff. The pub also stays open relatively late, making it a popular choice for night owls.

    Location: Grace Bay Rd, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Open: Daily from 11 am to 2 am

    Phone: +1 649-946-5921


    Grace Bay Pub Crawl

    A boozy take on a spin class

    Grace Bay Pub Crawl is a wildly popular way to spend an evening in Turks and Caicos for those who like it lively. Part booze-up, part exercise class (well, almost), drink to your heart's content as you and your companions pedal around Providenciales on the 15-person bicycle/bar. Good for groups or anyone looking to make new friends, the driver acts as a guide while steering revellers along the fun-filled route.

    The tour lasts for 1 hour and includes a free-flow rum punch to help lift spirits. Bright lights, good times, and funky sounds are on the schedule, but you can even ask to plug in your phone to ensure the soundtrack floats your collective boats while you ride.

    Phone: +1 649-442-0820


    Beach Bonfire at Seven Stars Resort

    Island-style entertainment under starlight

    The Beach Bonfire at Seven Stars Resort is a great place for visitors to mingle with locals in a laidback atmosphere. A luxury resort in the centre of Grace Bay Beach, Seven Stars has been hosting its fireside extravaganzas for several years, and the event's relaxed ambience make them an equally popular choice for both resident islanders and holidaymakers.

    Live music, open-air drinking, and the alluring glow of the fire are the main attractions. As is the Turks and Caicos tradition, rum-based cocktails dominate the blended drinks menu. Barbecues are also available for anyone still hungry after dinner, and if you arrive early enough, the sunset provides an immaculate backdrop.

    Location: Grace Bay Rd, Grace Bay TKCA 1ZZ, Turks & Caicos Islands

    Phone: +1 866-570-7777


    Maskanoo Street Festival

    Vibrant annual street celebrations

    Maskanoo Street Festival is a brilliantly vivid event held on Boxing Day each year in Turks and Caicos. Fusing elements of traditional Bahamian 'Junkanoo' with the classic European masquerade, the joyful street party takes place in the evening around the popular Grace Bay Road shopping district in Providenciales.

    A procession of brightly clad dancers and entertainers fill the area as party-themed music and unique Caribbean energy permeate the night air. Craft vendors, food, and drink stalls are set up to accommodate the mass of visitors, with the celebrations extending late into the evening. This is a marvellous way to celebrate the festive season if you’re spending your Christmas holiday in Turks and Caicos.

    Patrizio Cavaliere | Contributing Writer

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