The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis in Latin, are a beautiful light phenomenon that occur when particles from the sun collide with gas in the atmosphere. In days before the science behind the Northern Lights was explained, many people saw the mysterious colours of the sky as a bad omen or warning of danger.

    To see the northern lights, it is best to travel north, and in Trondheim there are several places where the conditions are just right. Of course there's never any guarantee, so you may want to follow the KP index - the higher the number, the higher the chance of the Northern Lights appearing. The best time of year is from September to March, and you'll need the weather Gods on your side too.



    A Magical Evening in Nature

    If it's the northern lights you're after, Gråkallen is one of the places you should consider camping in. The 552-metre-high peak is located in Bymarka and offers some incredible panoramic views.

    Because the mountain is about 8 kilometres from the centre, you can get some distance between you and the city lights, which makes the conditions even better. When darkness falls, just sit back and wait for a red, green or blue light to appear in the sky in various formations.

    Location: Trondheim, Norway



    Rural Spot Under a Lit-up Sky

    With a rural location outside Trondheim, Klæbu is one of the places where you might be lucky enough to see the northern lights. Today, Klæbu is part of Trondheim and is half an hour's drive southeast of the city centre, but it used to be a separate municipality.

    If you find yourself in a slightly remote place with little light around, you'll have more chance of seeing this almost magical phenomenon, which continues to enchant people from all over the world. And hopefully it will be your turn to be enchanted!

    Location: Klæbu, Norway



    Northern Lights Reflected in the Water

    If you head out to Væresholmen on an evening when the conditions are right for the northern lights, you can look forward to a colourful sky in beautiful surroundings. This popular islet and bathing area is located on Ranheim, along Ladestien, and you can get there on foot, by bike, by car and by public transport.

    Everyone is welcome here and it is wheelchair accessible. After an invigorating dip in the cold salt water, put on some warm clothes, pour yourself a hot drink and lie down on the grass to wait for the light show to begin in the sky.

    Location: 7054 Ranheim, Norway



    Great Views and Northern Lights in One

    Ten minutes by car from the centre is the village of Trolla, which with its beautiful views of the fjord is a great place to see the northern lights from. It is worth going higher up to get a better view.

    The St. Olavsspranget view point on top of the 200-metre steep cliff is a real gem and from here you can look out over the sea as far as the eye can see. Hopefully the northern lights will perform for you, so you get some great pictures - and memories - to take back home.

    Location: 7018 Trondheim, Norway


    photo by Sergey Ashmarin (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified


    The Fortress

    Northern Lights in the City Sky

    If the conditions are right for the northern lights in Trondheim, then Kristiansten Fortress is the place to go. Surrounded by history and solid walls, sit back and enjoy the amazing light display on the dark and star-filled sky.

    Getting to the fortress is easy, and there is plenty of space in the large green area if you are a group or you have a comfy chair with you. Perhaps King Christian, who initiated the construction of the old structure, admired the northern lights from here himself.

    Location: 7014 Trondheim, Norway


    Trip to Jonsvatnet

    Try Your Luck at Fishing under the Northern Lights

    For anyone taking the trip out of the city to look at the northern lights while also doing a spot of fishing at the same time, Jonsvatnet east of Trondheim is a good option. Although the lake is a source of drinking water, fishing is also permitted here.

    However, bathing or barbecuing is strictly forbidden. It's a wonderful feeling being out in nature when the beautiful natural phenomenon spreads like a colorful blanket across the dark sky. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air, find your spot by the water and get your fishing rod ready while you look up and wait.

    Location: Trondheim, Norway



    Sea Air and Northern Lights Make a Wonderful Combination

    The Northern Lights are not something you are ever guaranteed to see, but if you go to Ringvebukta, you do at least get a pleasant trip out of it. The bay is located along Ladestien, and if you don't want to get your feet wet, it is easy to park nearby.

    You can enjoy a dip in the pleasant swimming area, relax on the large grass area or explore the exciting boulders. This is a family-friendly place with toilet facilities and benches and a wonderful view of the sea. And if you're lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, you'll have an experience you'll never forget.

    Location: Fagerheim allé 101, 7040 Trondheim, Norway



    See the Northern Lights in Stunning Surroundings

    Djupvika is another treasure along Ladestien and Strindfjorden in Trondheim that offers green areas, a beach, refreshing salt water, seaweed and kelp. This is a great place to sit and wait for the northern lights, which many dream of seeing during their lifetime.

    You can walk, cycle or drive here, and if you bring a blanket, you can lie down on the grass and look at the evening sky, which will hopefully change colour eventually.

    Location: 7040 Trondheim, Norway


    photo by Simo Räsänen (CC BY-SA 3.0) modified



    Northern Light Memories from the Fields

    Malvik is a municipality located approximately 20 minutes by car from Trondheim city centre, and as the name suggests, this is where you need to go if you want to expxlore Malvikmarka.

    If you're looking for the northern lights, there's nothing quite like getting out into the countryside away from the city lights and the city's hustle and bustle. Malvikmarka has a lot to offer, so you're bound to find a good spot from where to watch the Northern Lights.

    Location: Malvik, Norway



    Northern Lights and Salt Water – What More Could You Wish For?

    At Ranheim, a district east of Trondheim, you'll find the lovely beach of Hansbakkfjæra. It is a 15-minute drive from the centre with parking close by.

    Swimming is perhaps not the activity you most feel like doing in the northern lights season from September to March, but the facilities are in place should you want a dip. The reason that this is on the list of Northern Lights sites, is that it's an idyllic coastal spot to admire the lights from.

    Location: 7054 Ranheim, Norway


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