When searching for the best restaurants in Trancoso, you’ll find a slew of cool spots serving a wide range of cuisines. The once sleepy fishing village and hippy hangout has become a bonafide Bahian holiday hot spot. As a result, numerous upscale tourist-friendly restaurants have popped up to meet demand.

    We’re covering a few of the finest restaurants in the village in this list below. Read on and choose where to eat in Trancoso and what to try, as well as what kind of feature or view you’re looking for on your next culinary tour of Trancoso.


    Pousada e Restaurante El Gordo

    A sophisticated seafood spot with a sweeping view

    • Food
    • Couples
    • Luxury

    Pousada e Restaurante El Gordo does decent Italian and seafood dishes in Trancoso with a spellbinding sea view. The classy pousada (guesthouse) has an elegant poolside restaurant on a patio overlooking the Bahian jungle and the endless Atlantic Ocean. It’s an elegant spot to dine, so dress up to fit in.

    Seafood lovers should order the shrimp and octopus dishes, which come fresh from local fishermen each morning. If you’d rather stick with pasta, there’s a solid selection on offer – the risotto is good, too. But a word of warning: it’s a fair bit pricier than other options in town due to the view.

    Location: Praça São João Quadrado, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil

    Open: Daily from 1 pm to 11 pm

    Phone: +55 73 3668-2041


    Restaurante e Pizzaria Maritaca

    A classy pizzeria in Trancoso

    • Food
    • Luxury

    Restaurante e Pizzaria Maritaca is a classy spot to quaff down delicious thin-crust pizzas. Crispy and cooked to perfection, these authentic Italian-style pies are the best in town. Expect to pay a premium, however. Like most restaurants near the Trancoso Cuadrado (plaza), the prices here are sky-high. It helps that most diners find the pizzas large enough to share.

    The charming venue boasts colourful traditional décor, elegant tall arched ceilings, and a leafy garden for alfresco feasting. Sit back and watch the chefs knead each pizza before popping them into a blazing hot wood-fired oven. It’s a pleasant dining experience, both for the ambience and cuisine.

    Location: R. do Telégrafo, 388 - Trancoso, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazil

    Open: Daily from 6 pm to midnight

    Phone: +55 73 3668-1702


    Cabana Da Lucia Do Espelho

    A scenic beach club-style venue doing seafood and snacks

    • Food
    • Families
    • Group

    Cabana Da Lucia Do Espelho is your go-to place to laze the day away on the beach in Trancoso while nibbling tasty snacks and seafood. Located on Praia dos Coqueiros, this glamorous beach club-style venue offers extended use of its umbrella-shaded tables. Punters who consume the modest minimum spend are free to pass an entire afternoon on the beach.

    Order the moment you arrive because service is far from quick. While staff acquire your lunch from local fishermen, you’re free to frolic in the sea or sip an ice-cold beer as you admire the view. All its seafood dishes come with rice and salad on the side. Nonetheless, the venue is more about the beachfront experience than the quality of the cuisine.

    Location: Tv. Praia dos Nativos - Trancoso, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazil

    Open: Sunday–Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 am to 5 pm, Thursday and Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm


    Tao Chá

    Among the best vegetarian and vegan-friendly options in the region

    • Food
    • Budget

    Blissed-out Tao Chá is a Trancoso mecca for hungry vegetarians. The tranquil meat-free restaurant offers a broad range of wholesome, nutritious dishes, most of which can be adapted for vegans. Raw, plant-based, and gluten-free options also adorn the menu. The tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant does a roaring trade with alternative travel types.

    Rock up outside peak hours or make a reservation to secure a seat. Can’t decide what to eat? The hummus with grilled onions and fried chick beans will hit the spot – wash it down with a herbal tea. When you get the chance, come Sunday to savour their legendary brunch.

    Location: R. Jovelino R. Vieira, 59 - Centro, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazil

    Open: Thursday–Monday from 1 pm to 9 pm (closed Tuesday–Wednesday)


    Acarajé da Chica

    An unpretentious local eatery with reasonable prices

    • Food
    • Families
    • Budget
    • Group

    Acarajé da Chica is your 1-stop shop in Trancoso for affordable yet delicious local snacks and hearty Brazilian comfort food. In an upmarket resort town like Trancoso, cheap and cheerful cuisine is hard to come by. While this venue resides outside the centre, it’s a worthy journey for budget-orientated travellers.

    The authentic, no-frills restaurant does delectable shrimp stews, steamy soups, and irresistible desserts. The signature dish, of course, is acarajé, an Afro-Caribbean-style deep-fried fritter stuffed with shrimp, salads, and pepper. If you’re watching your waistline, order abará instead. This Bahian street food is essentially identical except steamed in a banana leaf instead of deep-fried.

    Location: R. Alfa, 1593 - Trancoso, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazil

    Open: Sunday–Friday from 5 pm to 11.30 pm, Saturday from 6 pm to 11.30 pm

    Phone: +55 73 9981-73236

    Harry Stewart | Contributing Writer

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