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Where to Stay in Lonavala - From Peaceful Resorts to Friendly Hotels

Lonavala is a prized getaway destination for residents of nearby Mumbai and Pune, who mingle there with visitors from around the world. The town caters to travellers in search of something special, which is why so many of its holiday villas and resort hotels offer stunning views combined with excellent services. The Indian saying "Guest is God" illustrates the importance locals place on warmth and hospitality.

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Where to Shop in Lonavala - Market Stalls and Traditional Candy Shops

Lonavala is a picturesque town known for its cool climate, rushing waterfalls, and rolling hills. Along with impressive natural attractions, you'll also come across an abundance of traditional candy shops, where you can sample chikkis (candies similar to nut brittle) and fudge. Lonavala Bazaar is an outdoor market with small shops selling everything from souvenirs, to clothes, and food.

What to See and Do in Lonavala - Rock-Cut Caves, Thrilling Treks, and Rejuvenating Retreats

Lovers of natural beauty and trekking in scenic surroundings will enjoy visiting Lonavala. Exploring the area on foot gives you the opportunity to experience its lush green valleys, rolling hills, and crisp air, at a leisurely pace. You can finish your trek by visiting an ancient Buddhist cave, or by taking time to reflect at a world-class yoga institute and Ayurvedic healing centre.

A Guide to Lonavala - Yoga Retreats, Waterfalls, and Ancient Caves

Lonavala is a peaceful hill station over 600 meters above sea level and 96 km from bustling Mumbai. It's well-known for its chikki (traditional Indian candies) and its lush scenery during monsoon season, when tourism peaks. Surrounded by hills, lakes, waterfalls, and quaint villas, it makes an ideal weekend getaway for nearby city dwellers.

Where to Eat - Delectable Marathi Dishes in Lonavala

The Marathi cuisine you'll be able to enjoy in Lonavala is flavorful, with vegetarian dishes featuring prominently. Ingredients such as potatoes, eggplants, onions, coconut, lentils, chickpeas, and dried fruits are staples in a Marathi diet, paired with delicious spices and different types of bread. South Indian favorites like idlis and dosas, plus Chinese dishes, are also popular here.

Travel Tips - Making the Most of Your Time in Lush Lonavala

Around 65 km from Pune, Lonavala is a peaceful and unspoiled hill station. Staying in 1 of the upscale villas or resorts dotted around the town and surrounding area makes for a truly memorable vacation experience. Misty waterfalls, cliff-top views, and picturesque hiking trails attract outdoor enthusiasts. Rock-cut Buddhist caves filled with ancient artifacts are fascinating to see up close.

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