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Where to Stay in Alibaug - From Beach Resorts to Budget Hotels

Sun, sand, and beaches are Alibaug's hallmarks. Visitors also come to marvel at the 17th-century forts and the colonial ruins in the seaside town and its surrounding areas. While planning your stay here, you can choose between high-end hotels and budget accommodation. You can also opt for tranquil beach resorts or farmhouses out in the countryside.

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What do See and Do in Alibaug - From Modern Beach Life to Jewish Heritage

A bustling seaside getaway, Alibaug fills up with city dwellers who come here for a rejuvenating break. While pottering around the beaches is the favorite pastime for visitors, there’s a whole lot more to do in and around the town. You can catch glimpses of Alibaug's naval base origins in its forts, and retrace the history of Judaism in India at Jewish settlements.

A Guide to Alibaug - Beaches, Forts, and Water Sports

In its 17th-century heyday, Alibaug served as a naval base for the Maratha Empire. Located 100 km south of Mumbai, today's Alibaug is a weekend getaway, where you can relax on the beach, explore several historic forts, and indulge in thrilling water sports.

Where to Eat In and Around Alibaug - Seafood, Buffets, and Bakeries

Alibaug faces the Arabian Sea, so you won't be surprised at the predominance of fish on local restaurant menus. The region's 2 most common cuisines are Malvani, the diet of the Konkan people of Maharashtra, and Gomantak, which is closely related to Goan cuisine. Both are renowned for dishes rich in coconut and spices.

Travel Tips for Getting the Best out of Alibaug

Alibaug’s vast beaches carpeted in soft sands make for a relaxing holiday. While here, you can also explore Alibaug’s ruined 17th-century forts, and experience the fading culture of the Bene Israel people, who settled in India centuries ago. Towns close by are worth visiting for their colonial ruins and serene seashores.

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