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A Paris travel guide – iconic monuments, grand works of art and the home of café culture

Let a Paris city break whisk you away on a journey into a wealth of history, haute cuisine, and fine arts. Stroll back to your Paris hotel hand-in-hand across the River Seine at twilight and discover your very own City of Light.

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What to Do in Paris - culture, architecture, monuments, museums, shops, music and much more.

Paris, known as 'The City of Light', is like a Pandora's Box full of exciting culture, architecture, monuments, museums, shops, music and much more. Above all, Paris is known as the city of love and magic.

Where to stay in Paris – a travel guide to Paris’ neighbourhoods

Whether you're looking for a Paris hotel near the Eiffel Tower or up in romantic Montmartre, this guide will help you make sense of the city and choose where to stay in Paris.

Top 10 romantic things to do in Paris

It might be the dreamy architecture, the intimate bistros or secluded gardens - whatever the reason, Paris sets hearts aflutter like nowhere else. Book a hotel in romantic Paris to see why it's called the City of Love.

Everything You Need to Know to Experience Paris Like a Pro

Instantly recognizable landmarks, world-famous museums, romantic cafés, and the fine art of joie de vivre all contribute to Paris's unique charm. From haute couture to haute cuisine, the French capital has long been the seat of creative European innovation, and continues that tradition today in all facets of culture and art.

Paris Nightlife - Champagne, Clubs, and "Le Crazy"

Not surprisingly, The City of Light comes to life at night. Cocktail bars, nightclubs, live music venues, and cabarets offer a plethora of after-dark activities at a variety of prices. You'll want to stay up until dawn just so you don't miss out on anything this city has to offer.

48 hours in Paris - have a whirlwind romance with the city of light

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, and its location at the heart of Europe and fantastic transport links make it the perfect place for a short break. Here’s an itinerary which breaks down the best way to see the main sights, along with some hidden gems, in just 48 hours.

Paris – an insider’s city guide to a fabled city of romance, beauty, art, architecture, culture and pleasure

Stroll down the Seine, step through picturesque gardens, suss out secret nooks or shops for haute couture on the Champs Elysees.  Admire the grandeur of the Pantheon, industrial charm of the Eiffel Tower, spiritual ambience of the Notre Dame or the inspiring pyramid of the Louvre. From bourgeoisie extravagance to bohemian charm, Paris’ majestic beauty continues to inspire all.

A France travel guide – elegant palaces, vineyard-striped valleys and world-famous cuisine

With 26 regions to explore, holidays in France can focus on the Mediterranean south, the Atlantic coast or mountainous heartland. Book a French hotel in the cities and dine on haute cuisine, or savour the serenity of the lavender-swathed countryside.

Where to stay in Paris - a neighborhood guide

Paris’ accommodation is as varied as Paris itself. Hosting an eclectic assortment of magnificent and luxurious hotels, chic independent boutiques, humble family owned guesthouses and a variety of mid-range hostels, apartments and international lodging chains.  With a variety of gems to be found on the charming Parisian streets, you’ll be sure to discover the perfect accommodation

Where to shop in Paris from haute couture to bargain bins

Paris’ reputation for being fashion capital of the world is no urban myth. Boasting a variety of quaint boutiques, expansive shopping malls and a plethora of markets, retail therapy is never far from reach. From designer emporiums on the exclusive Champs Elysées to the timeless trinkets of Les Bouquinistes, it’s no surprise that Paris still remains all things couture. Designer brands, incomparable customer service, and must-have merchandise make Parisian streets infamous stomping grounds for worldwide fashionistas.

A guide to the flavors of Paris – where to eat in the city of romance

‘Lunch kills half of Paris, supper the other half’ (Charles de Montesquieu). Paris is a paradise for food lovers where eating is by no means a necessity but a way of life. The French national passion for creating exceptional cuisine is evidenced by large congregations sampling delectable delights in the copious clusters of bistros, brassieres, cafes and restaurant that line every cobbled street. 

What to do and see in Paris - a guide to the city’s must see unique treasures

Paris is renowned, perhaps more so than any other city, for its iconic monuments, museums, landmarks and architecture. Paris was, and remains a focal point for political and historical events that have shaped its captivating culture and alluring ambience. 

Toy Story Playland at Disneyland Paris

The magical new outdoor area transports guests to the world of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Slinky Dog, the Green Army Men, RC Racer and the rest of the characters from the Disney Pixar Toy Story films

Top 10 food and drink things to do in Paris

Choosing where to eat in a city that’s celebrated for dining can be difficult. Book a Paris hotel and make your selection easy with these top 10 food and drink things to do in Paris.

Winter holidays in Paris

Go for walks through sculpture gardens and tree-lined avenues on winter holidays in Paris, and enjoy the warmth of cafés and shops dressed up for the festive season. Book a winter hotel in Paris in the holiday season and see the city of light glow with Christmas illuminations.

Top 10 historic building destinations in the world

Classical pediments, Byzantine domes and Gothic spires – book a hotel beside an architectural gem with this guide to the top 10 historic building destinations in the world.

How to go green on holiday

Whether you want to save energy at your hotel or book an environmentally friendly tour, our travel tips on how to go green on holiday will help you tread lightly and reduce your carbon footprint.

The top 10 hotels in Paris

From boutique hotels to business hotels, family-friendly hotels and hotels full of charm, you are sure to find one to suit your taste in our Paris selection.

Spring holidays in Paris

A spring break in Paris means leisurely strolls along the River Seine, bulbs coming into flower in the Luxembourg Gardens, and watching the world go by from outside bustling cafés. Book a Paris hotel in spring and see the city come to life after winter.

Short breaks in Paris – two days and nights of museums, galleries, boutiques and dining

There's so much to see on a short break in Paris. After waking up in your Paris hotel, follow this itinerary and squeeze the most out of two days in Paris.

Paris Travel Tips

Chic, historic, and sophisticated – as far as legions of people around the world are concerned, Paris exemplifies continental culture at its most elegant. And while it’s true the city brims with fine art, intricate architecture and pristine green spaces, it’s more than just a static museum of itself. This is a place that’s busy and alive with cool eating spots and hip bars and clubs, a place that everyone of every age can call their own.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Paris

It’s no accident Paris has a reputation for romance – it really is breathtaking at night, with the Eiffel Tower lit up, and the locals socialising in lively bars or lingering over relaxing dinners. Many landmarks are open late for Parisian night owls, and there's always plenty of shows and movie screenings allowing you to enjoy culture into the small hours.

Family Friendly Attractions in Paris

Paris may have long been associated with romance and misty-eyed couples, but it's also a great destination for families, with many child-friendly restaurants and attractions. Kids will love spotting the iconic landmarks familiar from films and books, and many museums have exhibits catering to the youngest visitors.

Arts and Culture in Paris

For centuries, Paris has been a source of inspiration for writers, artists, and performers, and even today it’s synonymous with high culture. From its iconic museums to its live performance venues, the city will enchant visitors today just as it did the creative greats from generations ago.

Family Holidays in Paris

Your family trip would not be complete, however, without a visit to Disneyland! Most of the main attractions in Paris cater for children by including workshops, tours and general fun things to keep them entertained.

A Louvre travel guide – the Mona Lisa and much more

A Louvre holiday is not a shuffle through a stuffy art gallery. The museum displays over 35,000 eclectic works of art, all housed in a sumptuous former palace of the French monarchy, near plenty of top Paris hotels.

A Bastille Day in Paris travel guide – military pomp, popping fireworks and dancing firemen

Clink champagne glasses on a Bastille Day holiday as fireworks erupt over Paris’ Eiffel Tower. A military parade and flypast signal the start of the celebrations. Throughout the capital, fire stations are thrown open for partygoers to dance till they drop. Bastille Day hotels get snapped up quickly so book early to celebrate Paris’ finest hour.

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