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City Adventures, Island Escapes, and Fun in the Jungle - Family-Friendly Singapore

Singapore's safe streets, compact centre, and multicultural atmosphere make it an ideal family-friendly destination. All the city's main attractions are within easy reach, from the lively neighbourhoods of Little India and Chinatown to the ultra-modern entertainments along the waterfront. When you've had enough urban adventure you can easily retreat to the beaches and jungles of Sentosa Island, and visit major theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore.

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From Hindu Temples to Modern Asian Art - Singapore's Arts and Culture Scene

The Singapore scene is a rich, spicy stew of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, and British influences, all feeding into local arts and culture. Lively street festivals and neighbourhoods like Little India, Arab Street, and Chinatown give you all the colour and flavor of a former colony and vital trading post turned modern, cosmopolitan metropolis.

A Singapore city guide – hi-tech skyscrapers, hidden history and world renowned food

From a small fishing village to the business hub of South-east Asia, Singapore’s multi-layered history is still visible today. British colonial rule in the 19th century and its status as a free port, meant cultures from all over Asia settled here. Come here to experience Asia concentrated – the country contains various colorful enclaves, with Little India, Chinatown and Kampong Glam making it feel like you’re walking between countries as you venture around the island. 

Singapore Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Singapore

The vibrant and bustling city-state of Singapore is the business hub of Southeast Asia and provides a fantastic tourist destination with an abundance of cultural and entertaining activities to enjoy. The city is a modern mecca of skyscrapers, shopping centers and entertainment venues.

A Singapore travel guide – a fusion of Asian culture and exotic cuisine with a colonial twist

Enliven the senses on a Singapore city break. Book a Singapore hotel to discover a melting pot of mouth-watering Southeast Asian flavours where, world-class shopping tropical parks teeming with equatorial wildlife.

Where to stay in Singapore – a neighborhood guide

Singapore has evolved from a chaotic but charming trading port into a hi-tech city-state. A hub of different cultures, each have settled in different districts of this Asian microcosm. Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam all have distinct flavors, while the areas around the Singapore River have their own unique feel, with space-age architecture. Nearby Pleasure Island Sentosa has beach resorts when you need a break from city life.

Singapore shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Once a trading center, always a trading center. Singapore’s tea, silk and tin trading was long ago replaced with state of the art electronics and designer fashion. In this cosmopolitan city state, the shopping mall rules. Certain malls specialize in specific items, and many of them center along Orchard Road, the commercial heart of Singapore. That’s not all though - Singapore’s cultural diversity translates into shopping diversity. Jumbled markets and hip boutiques provide a refreshing alternative for the mall-adverse.

Where to eat in Singapore – a food and dining guide

Singapore is the ultimate destination for foodies. From street-side hawker centers to fine dining establishments manned by celebrity chefs, food is cherished in this city. Whether you choose to feast on a budget bowl of noodles at a hawker center in Chinatown, replace your china with a banana leaf in Little India or try one of Singapore’s most celebrated chefs at architectural wonder site Marina Bay, Singapore’s initially mildly efficient impression is most easily dispelled by its food.

What to see and do in Singapore – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

A cosmopolitan South-east Asian city, innovation and tradition meet in Singapore. Wander past the skyscrapers and through its squeaky clean streets and you’ll soon find yourself at a quaint Malay shophouse, with the smell of sambal fanning from its rafters, a scarlet Chinese temple thick with incense, or a pale colonial relic evoking a bygone era. The past is preserved in a number of well-presented museums, while the embrace of the modern has created attractions like the Singapore Botanic Gardens where manmade architecture melds with the wonders of the natural world. It’s this play between contrasts that keeps Singapore exciting – it’s been a constantly changing city for all of its history, and this spirit is something that is sure to endure. 

Singapore Shopping Guide - Where to Shop and what to buy in Singapore

Shopping in Singapore is a great experience with an abundance of boutique shops, sprawling malls and street markets selling an array of consumer goods and merchandise.

Singapore Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Singapore is one of the most travel-friendly countries in Asia and provides a diverse cultural mixture of entertainment, cuisine and shopping. The weather is warm year-round, offering good conditions for outdoor activities. Getting around the island is easy, with an extensive public transport system that is easy to use.

Where to eat in Singapore. Food, Restaurants and Dining Guide for Singapore

The vast cultural mixture in Singapore provides a fantastic selection of foods, restaurants, café s and eateries serving flavors and cuisines from around the world. The Singapore cuisine is fantastic and there are countless options along the street as well as food halls in shopping centers.

Singapore Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

The exciting island state of Singapore packs a big punch for such a small place, with an abundance of fun activities and entertainment venues to visit. There is something for the whole family, with sporting activities, exciting events, amusement parks and a great nightlife scene.

Things to do in Singapore - Sightseeing guide to notable attractions and landmarks

The mixture of old heritage and modern architecture attractions in Singapore has created an interesting unique environment and atmosphere to the locals and tourists. The small island state is covered with interesting sites, fascinating attractions and impressive landmarks.

Where to stay in Singapore - a travel guide to Singapore's neighbourhoods

Choosing the right neighbourhood to book your Singapore hotel will make exploring the island a cool and comfortable experience. This guide will help you choose where to stay in Singapore.

Short breaks in Singapore – 48 hours of shopping, museums and Asian cuisine

It is the second smallest Asian country so you can cover a lot of ground in a short break in Singapore and retreat to your Singapore hotel to recharge.

Top 10 hotels in Singapore

Singapore is the vibrant and bustling business hub of Southeast Asia. One of the top and most travelled tourist destinations in the region; it has an abundance of multi-cultural and entertaining activities to enjoy.The city has undergone a lot of changes in the past few years adding more impressive structures, activities and tourist attractions for visitors to see and enjoy. With so many sights to see, museums to visit and Singapore districts to tour, choosing the best hotel is a must to get the most of your holiday in Singapore.We have listed the top 10 hotels in Singapore below. Find the hotel most suited for your vacation, be it for pleasure like a spa holiday or honeymoon or for a business trip short or long-term.

Top 10 shopping experiences in Singapore

Indulge in the ultimate spending spree in Singapore shopping malls that line every inch of Orchard shopping district. Take dazzling fabrics from Arab Street and spices from Little India back to your Singapore hotel.

Top 10 festivals in Singapore

Book a hotel in Singapore to coincide with one of the city's lively celebrations. Experience dragon boat racing, immaculate military displays and bazaars that thrill the senses at one of these top 10 Singapore festivals.

Singapore Travel Tips

It’s long been a place of transit for far-flung travellers, but Singapore is a mind-blowing destination in its own right. Being a melting pot of cultures and ideas has given it a liberal, alternative outlook, and the city is also a treat just to look at. Historical treasures and spiritual landmarks share street-space with the sky-piercing, steely architecture of a city throwing itself into the future.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Singapore

Chic, sultry, and exotic, Singapore’s nightlife allows you to segue effortlessly from day to night with a sundowner at a rooftop bar, before dancing to a DJ set. Just be sure to pace yourself, because nights here are long.

Family Friendly Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is bursting with family fun, from theme parks to interactive museums. It also boasts some wild and wonderful animal attractions, where children can meet rare creatures in their natural habitats. The only tough decision will be choosing where to start.

Arts and Culture in Singapore

A shining, futurtistic sprawl, Singapore has the kind of thriving cultural scene you'd expect from such a major metropolis. When you visit Singapore, forget what you know about museums, theatres and gardens, because here you'll be surprised and beguiled by unique attractions unlike anything else in the world.

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