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Where to Stay in Mysore - From Budget-friendly Backpackers to Palace-hotels

Mysore has hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, ranging from opulent heritage hotels to friendly little guesthouses. Many visitors are attracted by converted palaces once used by the royal family, which offer a romantic escape alongside history and style. Meanwhile, long-stay yoga students have their pick of budget hotels and lodges to choose from, which are often family-run.

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Where to Stay in Agra - Elegant Resorts near the Taj Mahal to City Center Hotels

Agra takes pride in its fascinating history and its association with the iconic Taj Mahal. The city's accommodation options include world-class resort hotels offering lavish spa treatments, but there's something for every budget. If you're looking for all the comforts of home without a high price tag, you'll find that in Agra, too.

Where to Stay in Nainital - Lake Views For All Budgets

Nainital's emerald lake, surrounded by a lush, pine-forested valley, has long attracted tourists to the town. The cluster of hotels running along the lake's promenade on Mall Road, ranging from budget to luxury, all offer lake views. Even hotels tucked in quiet alleyways usually offer an inspiring outlook of Himalayan peaks or Naini Lake.

Where to Stay in Srinagar - Houseboats, Hotels, and Ski Resorts

In Srinagar and the surrounding hills you can find a high-end hotel for a romantic escape or settle back at a colonial-style retreat. Many travellers make the trip to Kashmir to experience the serenity of staying on a houseboat on Dal or Nagin Lake. In wintertime, the nearby ski resort of Gulmarg is popular with visitors.

Tips on Where to Stay In and Around Munnar

Munnar's lush surrounds and colonial history make it an interesting place to stay. It was a popular retreat for the British during the colonial era and continues to attract Indian and international tourists today. Accommodation ranges from budget hotels in the main town to plush resorts in the hills. Homestays are another alternative which offer an insight into Munnar's culture.

Sprawling Resorts and Cozy Guest Houses - Where to Stay in Kodaikanal

As a popular tourist hub, Kodaikanal offers an abundance and a variety of accommodation. For honeymooners, staying by the lake adds that extra touch of romance to your trip. Families like to camp in the north at large resorts packed with facilities for kids. If you're solo or travelling with a group of friends you can find a budget-friendly cottage to rent in neighbouring Vattakanal.

Where to Stay In and Around Matheran - From Luxury Resorts to Heritage Hotels

Located 800 meters above sea level in Mumbai's Raigad district, tranquil Matheran offers a range of accommodation options to suit your style and budget. You can base yourself in the town itself or in the nearby cities of Panvel and Navi Mumbai, and choose between lavish 5-star hotels, traditional resorts, and simple motels.

Where to Shop in Agra - Bustling Bazaars, Handicraft Stores, and Carpet Emporiums

Agra is an exciting shopping destination where you'll find distinctive handicrafts, locally made jewelry, and memorable souvenirs inlaid with marble. Embroidery and handwoven carpets created using traditional techniques make colourful gifts to take home. From lively bazaars serving tasty street food to welcoming, family-owned stores, the city offers an inspiring variety of retail experiences.

What to See and Do in Agra - Cycling Tours, Taj Mahal Views, and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Agra's beautifully preserved buildings and centuries-old markets almost make it possible to imagine life when it was the capital of the Mughal Empire. Exploring the city on foot or by bike is a fascinating way to see some of its less-visited sights, while visitors can enjoy close encounters with elephants and bears at 2 world-class animal sanctuaries.

A City Guide to Agra - Taj Mahal, Ancient Forts, and Mughal Gardens

Agra is where you'll find one of the most romantic wonders the world, the Taj Mahal. It's also a destination with spiritual mythology dating back to the ancient "Mahabharata." With elegant gardens from the Mughal era, peaceful wildlife sanctuaries, and 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the city offers a wealth of exciting choices for visitors.

Where to Shop in Nainital - From Fashion Boutiques to Organic Fruit Stalls

Nainital has plenty of clothes shops for visitors to browse in, especially along Mall Road which specializes in street fashion. For bazaar bargains on woolen products like shawls, sweaters, socks, and gloves, head to the Tibetan Market. You'll find quirky wooden souvenirs, hill produce, organic fruit preserves, and handicrafts in the alleyways that radiate away from Mall Road, such as Bara Bazar.

What to See and Do in Nainital - Boating, Hiking, and Admiring Colonial Architecture

Peaceful Nainital has something for everyone. Take your pick from a leisurely boat ride on Naini Lake for laid-back travellers, hiking trails to nearby peaks for nature lovers, or a tour of 19th-century heritage buildings for history enthusiasts. You can also visit the bustling bazaars which surround the lake to sample delicious Indian street food specialties.

A Guide to Nainital - Scenic Lakes, Heritage Buildings, and Mountain Views

Spread around a freshwater lake, Nainital is a tranquil hill station in the state of Uttarakhand. Just an hour’s drive from the scorching Gangetic plains, the town has a temperate climate. Naini Lake is the main attraction for many visitors, but Nainital also offers views of the high Himalayas, heritage buildings dating back to the mid-19th century, and hiking trails.

Buying Handicrafts, Fabrics, and Chocolates From the Artisans of Kodaikanal

Shopping in Kodaikanal is a great way to engage with local culture, as vendors trade in handicrafts from around India and fresh produce from the nearby hills. Happy travellers return from expeditions to the bazaar area around Kodaikanal Lake with armfuls of colourful hand-woven fabrics, bags of souvenirs, and boxes of aromatics and chocolates.

The Natural Attractions of Kodaikanal - Hills, Lakes, and Forests

The name Kodaikanal means "gift of the forest" in the native Tamil language. The surrounding Palani Hills and Shola Forests open out into deep valleys, inlaid with waterfalls and shrouded by swirls of mist. Visitors can make the most of this mysterious landscape by rowing across blue lakes, climbing green hills, and standing still to listen to birds, breezes, and rushing waters.

A Guide to Kodaikanal - Lakes, Valleys, and Pine Plantations

A favorite with honeymooners and nature-lovers, Kodaikanal has been called the "Princess of Hill Stations." The lush green Palani Range stands shrouded in mist above Kodaikanal’s blue lakes. As you retreat into its serene hills, on winding roads bordered by tall trees, you can take a refreshing breather from the noise and stress of city life.

Shopping in Matheran - Leather Goods, Traditional Chikki, and Handicrafts

The small hill station of Matheran offers a range of shops and market stalls selling handmade goods at reasonable prices. Sweet chikki (traditional candy similar to nut brittle) renowned among locals, is sold in a variety of flavors. For a more cosmopolitan shopping experience, you can take a day trip to Panvel or Navi Mumbai.

What to See and Do in Matheran - From Ayurvedic Spas to Paragliding and Rock Climbing

The hill station of Matheran (which means “forest on top”) offers Ayurvedic spas where you can enjoy natural healing and adventure sports which will get your adrenaline pumping. You can choose between relaxation and thrill-seeking or, in the yogic sensibility of balance, try a little of both. Either way, the town's car and bicycle-free streets make it a peaceful place to stay.

A Guide to Matheran - Markets, Waterfalls, and Mountain Views

If you’re looking for a break from the noise and the bustle of city life, then a trip to the peaceful hill station of Matheran might be exactly what you need. Just 83 km from Mumbai, high in the Western Ghats mountain range in Maharashtra, Matheran is one of the smallest and most popular hill stations in India.

Where to Shop for Silk, Handicrafts, and Sandalwood in Mysore

Mysore is a great place to shop for unusual and high-quality souvenirs. The city is famous the world over for its exquisite silks, which have been woven here for centuries. Also made locally are rosewood and sandalwood carvings, ranging from figures of the gods to pieces of inlaid furniture. Incense sticks, or agarbathies, are exported worldwide. Sandalwood and jasmine are the most popular scents.

Discovering Royal Mysore - History, Culture, and Temples to Explore

Mysore has museums, heritage architecture, and historic sites in abundance, but also offers sparkling lakes, spacious gardens, and several nature parks. The zoo is home to 100s of native animals, while bird-spotting at Karanji Lake is a relaxing experience. A worthwhile excursion is to Sri Chamundeshwari Temple, perched on Chamundi Hill, from where you can take in a view of all Mysore.

Mysore - South India's City of Palaces and Home of Ashtanga Yoga

The City of Palaces, the Ivory City, and - officially - Mysuru; Karnataka's second city has many names. Glorious royal mansions and impressive monuments lie on tree-lined boulevards, while the old town's rambling alleys and local markets make an intriguing contrast. It’s one of India's most popular destinations for students of Ashtanga yoga and Ayurveda, as well as being a shopping hub for silk and sandalwood.

Where to Shop in Srinagar - From Handicrafts to Emporiums

Shopping in Srinagar is an adventure. You can expect to be jostled in traditional markets and to poke through stores that haven’t changed much since the time of the British Raj. Kashmiri handicrafts are famed worldwide for their distinctive designs and the skill of their craftsmen. Head to Srinagar for the source of fine pashmina shawls and richly lacquered papier-mâché work.

Srinagar's Top Attractions for Fun and Relaxation

Tranquil lakes framed by mountain peaks, ancient temples, and elaborate Mughal gardens are among Srinagar's top sights. The city and its surrounds offer exciting adventures and fantastic photo opportunities, so take your time to explore. Trekking in the Himalayas, staying on a houseboat, and haggling at markets selling Kashmiri handicrafts are just a few of its attractions.

A Guide to Srinagar - Lakes and Gardens in the Valley of Kashmir

Known as the “Venice of the East,” Srinagar is the summer capital of the valley of Kashmir. A water lover’s paradise famous for its natural beauty, the city attracts visitors with its tranquil lakes, cozy houseboats and picturesque gardens originally created by Mughal emperors. Holy Hindu temples and distinctive wooden mosques are dotted around the city, too.

Where to Shop in Munnar - Tea, Spices, and Handicrafts

Shopping in Munnar is a feast for the senses. You can stock up for a picnic at market stalls piled high with bananas and mangoes, sift through vibrant fabrics at a community project, and buy tea from its source in the plantations. Fragrant spices are grown in the surrounding hills and supplies of cardamom, pepper, and cinnamon make delicious souvenirs to cook with back home.

What to See and Do in Munnar - From Tea Tours to Dance Performances

Munnar's famous tea gardens are the main attraction for most travellers who wind their way up to this hill station amid the Western Ghats. But while the sculpted tea bushes covering the hillsides are a memorable sight, gazing at plantations isn't the only option here. You can spot leopards and go trekking in national parks, or take a Keralan cookery class in town.

A Guide to Munnar - Tea Plantations, Wildlife, and Mountain Views

Perched 1,600 meters above sea level, tranquil Munnar has been attracting visitors since the colonial era. The long-departed British Government retreated to this hill station every summer for their fix of mountain air, and it remains a popular Keralan destination today. It's a lush sight: tea plantations cover hills framed by the Western Ghats. Head out of town for impressive views, wildlife sanctuaries, and trekking.

Nightlife in Hyderabad - Pubs, Dancing, and Live Bands

As night falls on Hyderabad the Charminar, the city's beloved monument, glows with golden lights. Bazaars buzz with energy and chatter, while street vendors call out to you to buy their wares. Elsewhere in the city, you can join a hip crowd for a night of cocktails, dancing, and music. If you like things more low-key, drop by a cinema to catch the latest blockbuster.

Fun Family Activities at Hyderabad’s Zoos, Museums, and Parks

Hyderabad offers a wealth of experiences for families. Outings to nearby national parks and museums are engaging and educational for kids. A short drive from this ancient city, you can also soak up the culture of indigenous tribes and discover rural handicrafts. To make the most of your time, plan an action-packed itinerary of wildlife-spotting, stargazing, and visiting amusement parks.

Arts and Culture in Hyderabad - Forts, Palaces, and Museums

Under the Qutb Shahi and Asaf Jahi (also known as the "Nizams") dynasties, Hyderabad claimed cultural supremacy in the region. From the 16th century onwards, the city welcomed artists, who built architectural landmarks and specialized in exquisite handicrafts. Many of these still exist and, although Hyderabad has since evolved into a technology hub, you’ll find that its artistic heritage remains the star attraction.

Kodaikanal By Night - Sunsets, Campfires, and BBQ Under The Stars

In keeping with its origins as a hill station retreat, Kodaikanal is more a place for rest and relaxation than all-night revelry. Things do slow down after dark up here, but that doesn't mean you have to put yourself straight to bed. In town or out in the forest, you can discover a different side of Kodaikanal when the sun goes down.

Arts and Culture in Kolkata - Vibrant Festivals, Heritage Buildings, and Contemporary Galleries

With a rich Bengali tradition embracing poetry, music, theatre, film, and art, Kolkata is known as the cultural and intellectual capital of India. You can visit galleries, explore heritage buildings, and enjoy films or musical performances. Consider timing a visit to coincide with Durga Puja, West Bengal's biggest religious celebration, or the annual international film festival held in November.

A Guide to Eating in Agra - North Indian Dishes, Mughlai Cuisine, and Continental Favorites

Agra is a great place to sample traditional Mughlai cuisine, which combines Persian influences, such as nuts and dried fruits, with aromatic North Indian spices. Richly spiced, creamy curries feature on many restaurant menus and dishes are often shared. The region's fascinating history is reflected in the variety of ingredients and flavors on offer.

Eating Out In Nainital - From Street Food to Multicuisine Restaurants

From spicy, aromatic street eats to a smorgasbord of Indian, Continental, and Chinese dishes (known as "multicuisine"), Nainital offers many options to tempt your taste buds. Attuned to the palates of tourists, the restaurants along Nainital’s Mall Road serve everything from North Indian delicacies like aloo parathas (flatbread stuffed with spiced potato) to international grub like pepper steaks and pizzas.

Eating Out In Kodaikanal - South Indian Sauces and International Cuisine

Kodaikanal draws tourists from around the world, and the local restaurant scene caters to a global range of tastes. You can embark on your own culinary adventure here, sampling all the spices, sauces, and fresh vegetables of home-cooked South Indian food. But any traveller who's hungry for a taste of home will also be able to find something comforting and familiar to eat.

Where to Eat In Matheran - Spicy Seafood, Rich Curries, and Vegetarian Food

There's an impressive variety of places to eat in Matheran given its small size, with Maharashtrian cuisine the most readily available. But you'll also be able to enjoy Chinese, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Mughlai dishes, each with their own flavorful twist. Vegetarian food features prominently, but meat dishes are offered at some restaurants, too.

Eating Out in Mysore - Where to Get a Delicious All-day South Indian Breakfast

Mysore is an ideal place for getting to grips with the fragrant flavors that characterize Kannada cooking. Classic South Indian breakfasts include idli (round, spongy, rice-and-lentil cakes) and vada (fried-gram doughnuts), which come accompanied by coconut and green-chilli chutneys. It’s easy to find western or regional Indian food as well, with popular items like pasta or rogan josh on many menus.

Eating Out in Srinagar - From Kashmiri Delights to Continental Dishes

Known for its extravagant use of spices, Kashmiri cooking is considered an art form. Slow-cooked meat dishes are complemented by exotic pulao rice, sweetened by dried fruit and nuts. Other regional Indian cuisines are widely available, including favorites such as chicken tikka masala. And an important ingredient of any Kashmiri meal is green tea, known as kahwa, boiled with saffron, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Eating In and Around Munnar - From Dosas to

The aromatic South Indian cuisine you can sample in Munnar and its surrounds uses generous amounts of coconut in most dishes. Seafood also features on many menus and the region's ubiquitous fish curry can be tasted at many local restaurants. Other popular ingredients include lentils, dried chilies, tamarind, and ginger.

Insider Travel Tips for the Vibrant City of Agra

The fascinating city of Agra is easily accessible from Delhi and Mumbai by air or train. With 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Taj Mahal, as well as Mughal-era gardens and tombs, it's a destination that deserves a few days of your time. Persian ingredients blend with North Indian cooking traditions in the flavorful local cuisine.

Travel Tips for an Enjoyable Vacation in Nainital

The mild hill climate of Nainital and the shimmering, green waters of Naini Lake attract tourists throughout the year. The town's proximity to Delhi, the Indian capital, makes it a popular weekend destination for city dwellers. You'll be able to gaze at many inspiring views throughout your stay - from pine and deodar forests to snow-capped mountains, and the lake itself.

Travel Tips for Kodaikanal - Making The Most of Your Hill Station Holiday

With its towering green hills, misty forests, and shimmering star-shaped lake, Kodaikanal was established in the 19th century as a summer retreat from the heat of Tamil Nadu. After more than a century of visitors, this "Princess of Hill Stations" is still in tune with its surrounding natural beauty, but also with the needs of tourists who fill the local restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Good to Know - Travel Tips for a Tranquil Vacation in Matheran

The quaint hill station of Matheran is cooler and less humid than nearby Mumbai or Pune. The area's steep mountains mean there are many viewpoints with stunning views of cliffs and waterfalls, as well as dramatic vertical drops to the valley below. Many visitors are drawn to Matheran for its tranquillity and natural beauty.

Tips for Making the Most of a Vacation in Mysore

Mysore is known as a tolerant and safe city, and has excellent transport connections to other Indian cities by plane or train. Most citizens are Hindu, but there are sizeable Muslim and Jain communities too, giving an interesting religious mix. Mysore has embraced its heritage, and this regal history is felt through its architecture and centuries-old traditions that are still celebrated and preserved.

Travel Tips for a Smooth Vacation in Srinagar

Srinagar is significantly cooler than the rest of India and the best time to visit is between March and October. Over 95 percent of the population is Muslim, which has influenced cuisine, architecture, and the arts. For many years there have been security concerns about Kashmir, although no tourists have been targeted since the 1990s. However, you'll see a strong military presence in town.

Good to Know - Travel Tips for a Vacation in Munnar, Kerala

A peaceful hill station, set among tea plantations in the Kannan Devan Hills, Munnar makes a good base for exploring the Western Ghats. The area is renowned for its mild climate and warm hospitality. Munnar has long been a popular honeymoon destination and is gradually drawing more international visitors. You can see bungalows and churches constructed by British settlers, and go walking in the hills.

A Pune City Guide - mystical temples, spicy cuisine and buzzing festivals in bustling metropolis

Pune is a dazzling city set on the banks of the mighty Mutha River, in India’s western green-washed state of Maharashtra. The city dates back over 2,000 years, and its infinitely intriguing heritage can be explored in the palaces and ornate temples, which house flower-covered golden shrines and stone monuments. Food-lovers will rejoice at the mix of spicy street food and laid back restaurants, and you'll get swept away by Pune’s spellbinding dance and music festivals.

A Puri City Guide – temples, festivals, and sandy shores on India’s eastern coast

At first glance, Puri’s buzzing cacophony of traffic and people might be overwhelming, but this colourful, chaotic, coastal city has an eclectic charm, thanks to its oddball mix of a modern beach resort caught up with a buzzing Hindu pilgrimage centre, and backpacker hangout. As one of Orissa’s three golden temple cities, Puri draws in thousands of Hindu devotees each year, all looking to worship Lord Jagannath – the Lord of the Universe – at his temple.

A Shimla City Guide – outdoor adventure at a hill station hideaway high up in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla will have you out of breath in no time, whether you’re briskly exploring the long, winding lanes of the town centre, taking in Colonial architecture and bustling bazaars, or hiking into pine forests to explore temples and glimpse distant snow-capped mountains. Once the British summertime capital, Shimla’s still a popular mountain retreat from the scorching summer heat of the plains.

A New Delhi City Guide – compellingly chaotic swirl of Indian culture, both new and old

New Delhi is a city bursting culture, colour, clutter, and chaos. Whether you’re backpacking or planning a luxury city break, there’s a huge amount to immerse yourself in. Taking in the mightily impressive array of historic sights and attractions perched all over the city, as well as the bustling marketplaces drenched in the tastes and smells of India, you’ll relish being an urban explorer in this colourful capital.

A Bengaluru City Guide – a commercial hub with a cultural kick

A leading light in India’s technology trade, Bengaluru – or Bangalore as it’s more commonly known – is a modern, cosmopolitan, vibrant city that will intrigue anyone interested in today's India. Nicknamed “the Garden City of India”, it’s a landscape peppered with pockets of serene green, while its central shopping area is as thriving and electric as any. For an invigorating dose of culture, you’ll find plenty of top attractions to explore.

Mumbai – a guide to the areas of India’s biggest city

As the fourth most populous city in the world, Mumbai is hectic, bustling and diverse. Situated in the state of Maharashtra on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent, Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India. Known as Bombay until 1995, the city was renamed but both names are still used. Look out for the famous bumble-bee ambassador cabs in the capital that is a tale of two stories, the very rich and the very poor. 

Hyderabad Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Hyderabad, India

On entering Hyderabad, visitors are immediately blinded by an urban maze of gleaming malls and glass-fronted office blocks. However, once they discover the charming Old City, they realize there is substance behind the shiny surface.

Jaipur Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Jaipur, India

The capital of Rajasthan State, Jaipur offers its visitors more than just a wealth of interesting history, with lively markets, authentic restaurants and a multitude of ancient palaces to also occupy its guests - all set in the heart of a desert. Often referred to as the ‘Paris of India', Jaipur is home to more than two million residents.

Mumbai Tourism Guide - Shopping and things to do in Mumbai, India

Gritty and glamorous, Mumbai personifies today's India. A megalopolis of 14 million people, Mumbai is India's commercial and business hub. Contributing to Mumbai’s tourism industry is the city being host to the world's largest film industry (Bollywood, of course). Mumbai is also home to the region of Dharavi, one of the world's largest and most idiosyncratic slums.

Kolkata Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Kolkata, India

The intractable poverty of Kolkata—which reverted to the Bengali spelling of its name in 2001—may be the stuff of legend but the former Indian capital's heritage as a center of arts and literature is under-reported.

Chennai Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Chennai, India

The Indian city of Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is a major industrial center and the capital of Tamil Nadu. The city was established by the British in the 17th century and functioned as a large urban center and naval base. By the 20th century, Chennai gained more significance and has become India's fifth largest city.

Delhi Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Delhi, India

Thought to be more than 5,000 years old, India's capital is one of the world's oldest existing cities. Having been destroyed and rebuilt 11 times, Delhi has a colorful history which is represented by a collection of ancient monuments and buildings, including three UNESCO World Heritage sites.

An India travel guide – temple sculptures, leafy backwaters and colonial grandeur

Embrace teeming, Technicolour variety on a holiday in India. From remote deserts to temple festivals, buzzing street markets to soaring mountains, all stirred up with sizzling cuisine, book a hotel in India to find your own personal nirvana.

A Mumbai travel guide – cricket-filled parks, noble Victoriana and market mayhem

Dive into the heart of India’s commercial and entertainment worlds on a Mumbai city break. Cocktail bars, a whirl of markets and Bollywood soundtracks bring this spicy city to life. Book a Mumbai hotel to get into its rhythm.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Jaipur

Once the sun sets on this pink city, other colours begin to shine, glow a multitude of hues in the balmy night air. From traditional performance art shows, such as puppetry and theatre, to posh cocktails at opulent, Colonial-style bars, Jaipur nightlife is exotic and beguiling.

Family Friendly Attractions in Jaipur

With its combination of high-art treasures and desolate desert forts, Jaipur may not seem like a top family destination, but with a bit of creativity and a gutsy sense of adventure, you’ll do more than simply keep the kids entertained – you’ll give them the trip of a lifetime.

Arts and Culture in Jaipur

Suffused in a pink glow, the many palaces and temples of Jaipur give this city an air of majesty. Dating back to 1727, Jaipur wears its centuries of history with an assured grace. In the midst of the very Indian noise and chaos, regal gardens and hidden forts create pockets of stillness and calm.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Chennai

A traditionally conservative city, Chennai has blossomed in the last decade into a burgeoning cosmopolitan metropolis, brimming with gleaming malls, chic restaurants, and buzzing bars and clubs. If you’re looking for a lively place to hang out on a rainy day, Chennai’s also scattered with cinemas.

Family Friendly Attractions in Chennai

Look between Chennai’s bustling metropolitan streets and you’ll discover golden beaches perfect for building sandcastles, a selection of wildlife-filled nature reserves and parks, and some fun kid-friendly entertainment spots. Plus when you’re feeling peckish, you can hunt out some tempting child-friendly eateries, too.

Arts and Culture in Chennai

From ancient temples to colonial relics, Chennai’s brimming with architectural gems. Alongside the traditional Tamil style – think colourful Carnatic dance and music recitals – there’s a growing cosmopolitan breeze drifting over this beachside city, with swanky boutiques and glitzy restaurants popping up amid the religious sites, cultural institutes, and historic architecture.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Bengaluru

While there’s more than enough to keep you busy in Bengaluru during the day, you’ll want to save some energy for the city’s buzzing nightlife. Bengaluru boasts a thriving theatre tradition and a strong live music scene. But if you simply want to unwind with a quiet drink, this modern metropolis also has plenty of elegant bars.

Family Friendly Attractions in Bengaluru

Although Bengaluru’s vast, sprawling size and imposing skyline of glitzy high-rises may make it seem like an intimidating city to explore with the kids, there’s actually plenty of entertaining family-themed attractions situated both centrally and further afield, ranging from lush gardens to dazzling fun-centres.

Arts and Culture in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is known as India's Silicon Valley, but it's also the arts and culture capital of the Karnataka state. As well as being drenched in lush greenery, the city overflows with historical sights including grand palaces to centuries-old forts. Then there are the museums and galleries which showcase everything from ancient archaeological finds to captivating contemporary artwork.

Where to Stay in Pune - a neighbourhood guide

As such a large city, Pune compromises many different neighbourhoods and districts, each with their own distinct atmosphere. The city’s universities and colleges give certain areas a chilled-out, academic vibe, infused with a youthful nightlife, while more touristy parts offer fine hotels with immediate access to Pune’s unforgettable palaces and temples. Whether you’re looking to relax in heavenly 5-star luxury, or are an urban adventurer travelling on a budget, Pune has a neighbourhood for you.

Pune Shopping Guide - where and what to shop and buy

Pune’s flourishing shopping scene is a huge part of the city’s culture. Luxury shopping malls - speckled with tall fountains and flowery courtyards - make for a relaxed and indulgent day out, while the many market stalls provide an unforgettably buzzing setting for bargain hunters on the prowl. Whether you’re in the market for fine designer clothes, soft silky fabrics, curious trinkets or delectable foods, Pune offers it all.

What to See and Do in Pune - a guide to notable sights and attractions

Many of Pune’s most marvellous attractions are found in the centre. Discover grand old-world palaces and inspirational museums that tell of Pune’s riveting royal and military history. The city is home to several stately colleges, where the lush grounds and Oxford-inspired architecture make for pleasant strolls. Pune’s religious heritage provides dozens of magical temples. Dotted throughout the city, these golden temples will immerse you in Pune’s colourful culture, past and present.

Where to Stay in Puri – a neighbourhood guide

As one of Orissa’s 3 golden temple cities, Puri’s alive with religious exuberance. Hindu pilgrims head here year-round, but especially during Ratha Yatra, the dazzling chariot festival, making it a busy, colourful place to stay. Puri's shoreline also pulls in tourists – both Indian and foreign – meaning there’s a lot of hotels, both on and off the beach, from coastal resorts with pools and terraces, to hotels catering for those with tighter budgets.

Puri Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

As one of the holiest of Indian cities – home to Hinduism’s iconic Jagannath Temple – Puri’s brimming with shops and stalls selling colourful religious trinkets and knick-knacks popular with pilgrims and tourists. Orissa’s known for its vibrant handicrafts, and Puri has plenty of these to offer, from seashell-laden lampshades in bright colours to pattachitra – pictures painted on cloth and palm leaf.

What to See and Do in Puri – a guide to notable landmarks and attractions

A city of colourful temples, which come to life in full religious fervour during Ratha Yatra – the famous chariot festival – Puri is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. Non-devout Indians head here too, but they come for the city’s swathe of golden sand and plush resort hotels. Not to be missed out, foreign visitors and backpackers have been hitting the beach since the 60s. Whichever group you fit into, Puri’s attractions are bound to intrigue.

Where to stay in Shimla – a neighbourhood guide

Honeymooning newlyweds, Indian families retreating from the overbearing summertime heat of the cities, and plucky backbackers enjoying Shimla’s colonial hill station vibe are all won over by this appealing mountain town. Whether you’re looking for a cheap bed while backpacking through northern India, or seeking some luxury surrounded by opulent Colonial style, Shimla has an array of hotels and accommodation options.

Shimla Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

Shimla’s markets and shops overflow with traditional Kangra silk scarves and Kinnauri shawls, hand woven in the characteristic geometric patterns of the local area. You’ll also find heaps of cold weather garments, including leather gloves, knitted jumpers and thick fabrics to warm you up on chilly mountain nights. Thanks to the surrounding mountain pine forests, Shimla’s well known for its wooden handicrafts, which make perfect gifts and souvenirs.

What to See and Do in Shimla – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

High above sea level in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges, pine tree-crammed forests, and fruit-filled orchards, this bustling hill station has been a summertime retreat from the sweltering northern Indian lowlands since Colonial days. It’s still as popular as ever, with plenty of Indian newlyweds, citied-out families and foreign visitors, who enjoy the novel mix of Colonial-era buildings, a refreshing mountain breeze, and a bustling Indian town.

Where to Stay in New Delhi – a neighbourhood guide

A diverse and multicultural centre, New Delhi is bursting with life. Whether you’re a keen tourist looking to burrow into the city’s buzzing bazaars and authentic markets, or a passionate foodie in search of the most inspiring recipes, you’ll want the right place to bed down. You might require something quiet and plush, surrounded by history, or perhaps you don’t care so long as it’s clean and cheap. Rest assured New Delhi’s got you covered.

New Delhi Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

An essential Indian trading centre since medieval times, New Delhi has very much continued in that vein, with shopping at the top of many a traveller’s agenda when visiting the city. Whether you’re diving head first into the hustle and haggle of the bargain-laden markets – weaving through the crowds and basking in the pungent chaos – or browsing higher-end boutiques before a classy meal, you’re guaranteed a memorable time.

What to See and Do in New Delhi – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

A swirling blend of proud Indian heritage and the fast evolving modern world, New Delhi is a magnetic and intriguing city. Dotted with historic ruins and evocative traces of the Mughal era scattered among the most imposing of modern buildings, India’s capital has something for all tourists. Whether you want to brave the intoxicating markets of the old town or browse an impressive collection of contemporary art, there’s much to choose from.

Where to Stay in Bengaluru – a neighbourhood guide

Bengaluru – or Bangalore as most know it – is as popular with tourists as it is with the businessmen and women who flood its commercial districts all year round. Just like its tasty cuisine, the city is bursting with colour and spice. Whether you’re diving into the traditional markets on a budget or looking to splash out at some of southern India’s best high street shops, when it comes to accommodation you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Bengaluru Shopping Guide – where and what to shop and buy

Whether you want to fill up a few bags with the latest in designer apparel or check out a traditional local market complete with India’s trademark hectic and fragrant atmosphere, Bengaluru – or Bangalore as most know it – is just the ticket. From epic malls to rough and ready boutiques, shopping in this sprawling south Indian metropolis is as diverse as it is indulgent. It’s a treat not to be missed.

What to See and Do in Bengaluru – a guide to the city’s attractions

Officially named Bengaluru but known the world over as Bangalore, this huge southern Indian city is bursting with a wealth of contemporary cultural hotspots and historical highlights just waiting to be discovered. The capital of the state of Karnataka, it’s often referred to as the “Garden City of India”, and with it’s many parks and green spaces offering delightful breaks from the vibrant hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl, it’s easy to see why.

Where to Eat in Pune – a food and dining guide

Pune’s endless sprawling streets hide a huge variety of restaurants, from tiny family-run curry houses, where the secret spicy recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, to sleek and trendy establishments. But Pune also offers a strong street food culture, with hundreds of vendors cooking up a smorgasbord of delectable delights, ideal for a tastebud tingling late-night snack after bouncing between Pune’s bohemian bars.

Where to Eat in Puri – a food and dining guide

You’ll find a good selection of eateries in Puri, from fast food chains to hotel restaurants offering international menus, not to mention local eateries serving up traditional dishes. As with all Indian towns, good value eats can be had from street stalls and on the roadside, where you can try moreish chuda ghasa – a blend of rice, brown sugar, pepper, coconut, cardamom, and golden clarified butter, served with fruit and nuts.

Where to Eat in Shimla – a food and dining guide

The vast array of cuisine on offer in Shimla means that no matter what your taste, you’re bound to find something to make your mouth water. Due to its popularity with Indian and global visitors, this mountain town’s brimming with places to eat and, as per usual in India, the best deals can often be found in the markets. If your tummy’s not quite used to this, there’s plenty of squeaky clean restaurants too.

Where to Eat in New Delhi – a food and dining guide

An exuberantly cosmopolitan society, New Delhi presents visitors with a giant menu of culinary excellence. With sweet and spicy morsels served up amid the winding alleyways and a vast array of restaurants made famous by bold and inventive combinations, there’s something to try at just about every turn. A selection of decades-old establishments dripping with the flavours of authentic northern Indian culture might just prove the highlight of your trip.

Where to Eat in Bengaluru – a food and dining guide

A thriving commercial centre with excellent shopping and famous gardens throughout, Bengaluru – otherwise known as Bangalore – is at the heart of southern Indian culture. As such, it’s brimming with the most heartwarming of places to dine. A famously cosmopolitan metropolis, the city’s cuisine certainly represents its diverse spirit, offering anything from traditional bites served by street vendors to swish Western and Oriental buffets.

Where to sleep in Rajasthan – the cities of Rajasthan and where to stay

As Rajasthan is one of the most popular states in India for tourists, you will surely find the perfect accommodation to suit you. The large desert offers a range of accommodation from to high end hotels to attractive themed mid-range hotels as well as in-budget guesthouses. Tourists flock to all of the cities and with tourists come a wide range of accommodation options to choose from. 

Where to shop in Rajasthan – a guide to bazaars, bartering and areas

Rajasthan is known for its bazaars which provide an authentic Indian shopping experience. Locals and tourists alike shop in the street bazaars for everything from daily essentials to souvenirs. Look out for blue pottery, camel leather goods, spices, traditional sarees and brass curry serving dishes. Don’t forget to partake in the bartering game and haggle over prices. When you’ve had enough of bazaars, there are western malls to shop in too. 

Where to eat in Rajasthan – local delicacies and regional dishes

Rajasthan is such a huge and diverse state, so claiming one national dish is rather hard. However, Rajasthan is a mainly vegetarian state and food is cooked in ghee (rich butter). Daal Baati (lentil curry dumplings) is a popular dish and desserts are eaten before the main meal. Due to the desert region, water and green vegetables are sometimes scarce which impacts cooking styles, instead, milk and butter milk area used. 

Rajasthan – What to see and do in the desert state

The largest state in India is home to the pink city of Jaipur, famous for its well organised bazars; lose yourself inside the walls and barter to your heart’s content. Each city has ancient well preserved forts and holy temples to venture to which are full of history and culture. Rajasthan has two national parks where you can see the wild tiger, plus there is a huge desert to explore. 

Rajasthan – a guide to which areas to visit in the desert state of India

As the largest state in the whole of India, which originally comprised of 22 areas that have now been brought together to form the one state, Rajasthan can seem overwhelming to begin with. Fear not; this guide lays out the most prominent cities and towns to visit in this desert state and what they are known for. 

Mumbai – a guide of where to sleep in the city

As the largest city in India, accommodation in Mumbai mostly consists of hotels and only a few hostels. The bustling cosmopolitan city does offer cheap hotels from the reasonable and comfortable 2-3 star properties to luxurious and glamorous 5 star hotels. Stay on Marine Drive to be among the action in up-market hotels, or head to the suburbs in west Mumbai for a quieter and cheaper stay. 

Mumbai – a guide of where to shop in the city

As one of India’s biggest cities with a fast growing economy, Mumbai has many attractive western shopping malls. There are also plenty of markets and stalls to grab a real Indian bargain too such as the famous Colaba Causeway in South Mumbai. Mumbai has everything from designer labels and local fashion outlets to markets selling locally made jewelry and bright colorful textiles that India is renowned for worldwide.

Mumbai – a guide of where to eat in the city

Whilst in Mumbai, every visitor has to try traditional Marathi food which can be very mild, or very spicy. The main ingredients are rice, millet vegetables, lentils, fruit and special grasses called sorghum. Popular dishes are puranpoli (sweet flatbread), modak (sweet dumpling) and a deep fried potato snack known as bonda. Mumbai also serves vegetarian, continental, Chinese and Middle Eastern food.

What to see and do in Mumbai – a guide of monuments, caves, parks and beaches

Amidst the daily chaos of this city that’s striving towards modernity and power, there is still culture, history, architecture and temples. The British Raj certainly left their mark on this city. But it is still a city of two halves, next to shiny metal shopping malls are slum dwellers living in poverty. Explore the city and uncover a city buzzing with life and enjoy all it has to offer from colonial architecture to 1st century AD temples. 

Hyderabad Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Hyderabad is well known for its delectable cuisine. Dishes have a strong Mughal flavor, and locals have a great passion for food, similar to the Mughals. Meat dishes are prominent, and the pounded meat dish of haleem is the most popular dish in the area.

Hyderabad Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Hyderabad has been at the heart of India's commercial industry for centuries. Shopping in Hyderabad's various bazaars and outlets allows visitors valuable insight into the local culture, as well as the opportunity to hunt for unique gifts and beautiful souvenirs.

Hyderabad Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Hyderabad is one of India's safest large cities; however, a number of terrorist bombings shook the city's confidence in 2007. The attacks targeted major tourist attractions including Mecca Masjid, Kothi and Lumbini Park.

Hyderabad Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Most of the city's attractions are tucked away in its old quarters. Although the multitude of glass-fronted modern buildings reflects attention away from the historic Old Town, they do nothing to taint the city's undeniable charm.

Hyderabad Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

There is no shortage of entertainment in Hyderabad as the city offers visitors a host of exciting activities during the day and after dark. Amusement parks are the main source of entertainment in this area of India. An endless selection of rides provides much adrenalin-fuelled excitement for all the family.

Jaipur Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

The local arts and crafts culture in Jaipur is as fascinating as its religious monuments and palaces. Shopping varies from traditional market places brimming with bargains to more refined options that offer gems and jewelry.

Jaipur Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Jaipur's shopping and historical draws are supported by the city's wealth of tasty cuisines that are on offer for as little or as much as you wish to spend. The markets are home to an abundance of food stalls selling everything from breads and rice through to coconut curries and barbecued meats.

Jaipur Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

The surprisingly modern city of Jaipur successfully mixes and blends an interesting history with captivating architecture in the form of palaces, temples and lively commercial centers that house numerous businesses and companies.

Jaipur Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Jaipur is home to a surprising amount of attractions and a wealth of activities that rival that of any major city. Visitors to Jaipur can choose between an authentic visit full of local markets and temple hopping and a luxurious break in a five-star hotel complete with spa treatments. These options blend together to make this diverse city a great choice for people searching for all types of holidays.

Jaipur Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Shopping is one of Jaipur's primary draws and the city's multitude of impressive palaces and temples are another prime reason for many to visit. Restaurants usually close at 23:00 and the nightlife in Jaipur is relatively calm in comparison to that of other cities. Theaters often host puppet shows that are colorful and fun for all the family.

Kolkata Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Kolkata's restaurant scene would be the envy of most world cities and is certainly the dining out capital of India. Kolkata's restaurants are famously diverse and though some of them are 200 years old they tend toward décor that is simple, 1930s Art Deco rather than ornately moldy.

Places to visit in Mumbai - Sightseeing guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Mumbai is the curate's egg of Indian sightseeing. Some critics deplore the city's monolithic architecture while others delight in Mumbai's eccentric gigantism that climaxes with impossibly excessive Gothic spreads such as Victoria Terminus.

Mumbai Food – Guide to the Best Restaurants in Mumbai

A international city with a classically Asian street-food core and incessant buzz, restaurants in Mumbai offer cuisines from all over the world, but visitors would be missing out if they didn't have at least several Indian meals prepared in the various styles of different regions of the country.

Kolkata Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

No city in India can compete with the Southeast Asian cities of Bangkok and Singapore when it comes to shopping, but Kolkata more than holds its own as a place to spend money. There are a growing number of shopping malls and department stores, particularly in South Kolkata and the plethora of souvenirs left over by the Raj keep outdoor markets very well stocked.

Mumbai Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Though Mumbai thrives during the daytime, evenings take a much more sedate turn and the most popular evening activity in Mumbai— by far —is strolling on the beachfront promenades and taking in the markets and outdoor activities there. Families enjoy an occasional night at a local restaurant or an evening cricket match.

Mumbai Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Mumbai is a progressive and modern city that isn't easily offended. Draconian laws related to dress, alcohol, and homosexuality that apply to other Asian cities are far more lax in here. On the other hand, there's no pumping club scene and raucous night-owl behavior will only really interest the local police.

Mumbai Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Mumbai isn't a shopping paradise along the lines of Singapore or Bangkok. Even though this is a great city of commerce. Mass retail has yet to really catch on and department stores or shopping malls are very thin on the ground. Instead, visitors should aim for eclectic market purchases or excellent second-hand buys.

Kolkata Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Kolkata may boast a dozen major universities but anyone expecting a swinging student bar scene here will be disappointed. Students here take their studies seriously and time away from the books is invariably spent earning some much needed part time cash, and budget beer busts are not the norm.

Kolkata Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Kolkata is a cosmopolitan city and its sheer size may intimidate the first time visitor. It is a very safe city though with the only recurring crime-related problem are the drug dealers of Sudder Street, who tend to keep to themselves anyway. Public transportation around the city is excellent but visitors on a tight schedule may want to narrow their Kolkata trip down to just one or two key districts.

Kolkata Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

There are hundreds of grand buildings built by the British Raj in Kolkata. Since it was the capital of India during the British years and everything from a semi-replica of St Paul's Cathedral was built here to celebrate and emulate the style and power of London. The so-called ‘City of Joy' is a bounty of grand colonial architecture and the Ministry of Tourism provides a comprehensive Kolkata guide.

Chennai Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Despite being one of India's largest cities, Chennai enjoys a slower pace of life compared to others. However, there are plenty of entertainment outlets for both locals and visitors alike.

Delhi Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Visitors to Delhi should be aware that many scam artists and pickpockets are in operation. People offering advice, especially taxi drivers are often unreliable and first time visitors should avoid admitting their lack of experience in India as they are likely to be targeted by scam artists.

Delhi Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

If you aren't afraid to elbow your way through crowded bazaars and haggle with vendors, Delhi is a fantastic shopping arena. Large Western-style shopping malls cloud the horizon; however, the city's shopping turf is still largely confined to the rudimentary marketplace.

Chennai Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Chennai is Tamil Nadu's dining capital. The city has an excellent selection of both Indian and international restaurants. The restaurants along the waterfront have unrivalled ambience, are the best maintained and serve the most authentic cuisine.

Delhi Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Delhi is widely known as a dining destination; aside from the delicious Indian cuisine, a number of excellent international restaurants serve up dishes from around the globe.

Chennai Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Due to the vast array of different cultures residing in the city, Chennai is a cosmopolitan city. It is also one of India's safest cities in terms of crime but like all big cities it has its fair share of pickpockets.

Delhi Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Delhi is a thriving city, with endless opportunities for fun and enjoyment. Aside from shopping, visitors can enjoy a host of activities such as rock climbing, horseback riding, ballooning and boating. A number of expansive lakes are in close proximity to Delhi, and provide the opportunity for visitors to escape the chaos of the city and lap up the surrounding scenery and wildlife.

Chennai Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Chennai is gradually emerging as one of India's top shopping destinations. The city offers immense variety, ranging from glitzy malls to busy bazaars.

Delhi Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

The majority of Delhi's notable sights are located within the Old Delhi quarters; however, New Delhi also has an abundance of prominent structures which attract hordes of visitors each year.

Chennai Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Aside from an exhaustive list of religious sites, Chennai's tourist appeal is rather limited. Most of the city's colonial buildings have been converted into offices, and the traditional Tamil territories of Triplicane and Mylapore are overpopulated and somewhat intimidating for visitors.

Top 10 street food destinations in the world

From Mumbai’s crunchy bhelpuri to a simple fish sandwich in Istanbul, street food adds flavour to your trip. Follow this guide to the top 10 street food destinations in the world to help you choose where to book your hotel.

Mumbai Travel Tips

Mumbai is an exhilarating, intoxicating mass of humanity. It’s at times thrilling, and at times bewildering, so it’s always worth planning your visit in advance and making a shortlist of places you want to visit, whether it’s the religious temples or happening nightlife hotspots. One minute you’ll be frolicking with monkeys, the next clinking cocktail glasses in a high rise drinking den, in this kaleidoscope of a city.

Pune Travel Tips

Pune is a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary energy, with sleek modern buildings alongside towering temples. However, it also boasts plenty of natural beauty, being set within voluptuous hillsides and hiking trails where you can enjoy spectacular views. The city also has a thriving culture and arts scene for visitors to delve into.

Jaipur Travel Tips

The cultured capital of Rajasthan state, Jaipur's impressive architecture is carved out of rosy sandstone, giving it the nickname Pink City. It’s a city where mystical adventure is never far away, whether you discover it in a majestic desert fort or at an elephant sanctuary. It may be modernizing fast, but the ghosts of history are ever-present, with strong traditions present in everything from the cuisine to the theatre scene.

Chennai Travel Tips

As India’s 4th largest metropolis, Chennai’s an undeniably bustling city of tooting, honking, and chattering, but amid the urban chaos there’s a hint of cosmopolitan glam thanks to glitzy bars, luxury hotels, and swanky malls. In Chennai you can enjoy gloriously golden sandy beaches, a cooling sea breeze, and a delectable dining scene.

Bengaluru Travel Tips

The capital of India’s southwestern Karnataka state, Bengaluru is an immense and sprawling city. Its centre is a thrilling mishmash of restaurants, markets, theatres, and temples, and it seems that around every corner you’ll run into an ornate religious building or historic landmark. If all this urban energy gets too much, you’ll never be far from one of Bengaluru’s Eden-like green-spaces, which offer tranquil areas to unwind.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Mumbai

Mumbai’s magical madness continues once the sun’s faded into the Arabian Sea, the city lights up with music, food and fun, and the night owls come out to play. Rub shoulders with Bollywood royalty in its bars and clubs, or bounce to the live music that echoes around the city’s intimate venues.

Family Friendly Attractions in Mumbai

It doesn’t matter what age you are – you can’t help but feel a sense of childlike wonder as you experience the colourful chaos of the markets and the terrifying thrill of weaving through Mumbai's wild traffic in a rickshaw. So it's no surprise that kids love Mumbai's vibrant energy - and there’s plenty to keep them busy here too.

Arts and Culture in Mumbai

Mumbai is a massive melting pot of different cultures, which explains why it’s overflowing with cultural highlights and creative outlets. From the temples that throb with colour and chaos, to the Bollywood film screenings that draw huge, dancing crowds, Mumbai has a vibrancy and authenticity to it that few places in the world can match.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Pune

Beneath its historical veneer, Pune boasts a lively nightlife scene with locals and backpackers enjoying the modern bars and clubs that are popping up. There’s everything from glamorous nightclubs filled with the young and well-heeled, to laid back European-style pubs and brewhouses where you can enjoy a quiet ale with friends.

Family Friendly Attractions in Pune

Taking children to a busy city such as Pune might feel like a challenge, but as long as you’ve got a good game plan there's no reason why younger travellers won’t enjoy this thrillingly historic city. There's plenty for kids to do in Pune, and they'll no doubt love the vast outdoor hiking trails, the colourful landmarks, and the attractions specifically aimed at young and questing minds.

Arts and Culture in Pune

With a rich history that can be traced back over 2,000 years, Pune is a colourful world of ornate palaces, religious temples, and treasure-filled museums. From medieval dynasties to the British Raj, its tangled history can be seen in the artefacts and architecture remaining from long-gone epochs, making simply walking around a distraction in itself.

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