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A Florence travel guide – centuries of art, Renaissance architecture and walks through romantic piazzas

A Florence city break will open your eyes to some of the world’s artistic wonders. Book a Florence hotel to come face-to-face with Michelangelo’s statue of David, or wander the Uffizi Gallery and its priceless trove of paintings.

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Top 10 Romantic things to do in Florence

A glass of chianti in a piazza, sunset over the River Arno and passionate paintings and frescoes – Florence wears its heart on its sleeve. See the city of romance in soft focus.

A Tuscany travel guide – Renaissance cities, cypress-clad hills and world-renowned wines

Holidays in Tuscany take you to walled medieval towns and Renaissance cities brimming with art. Book a Tuscany hotel to catch a local festival or follow tranquil back roads past vineyards and olive groves.

Where to stay in Florence – a travel guide to Florence’s neighbourhoods

Whether you are looking for a Florence hotel near the Duomo cathedral or the Uffizi Gallery, this guide will help you choose where to stay in Florence.

Florence - Peasant Delicacies and Upscale Vintages

Florentine cuisine derives from peasant dishes relying on homegrown ingredients and imagination. These dishes are prepared in traditional and innovative manners, and are on offer in the city's wealth of restaurants, trattorias, and enotecas (wine bars). Thanks to Tuscany's rich terrain and plentiful vineyards, Florence is home to some of Italy's most renowned wines.

Discover Florence Through Centuries of Art

From its museums, stately monuments, and parks to its riverside sights and vibrant nightlife, London is a city that caters to all visitors. Beyond the historic hub of central London, the city sprawls for miles on both sides of the Thames and encompasses many residential boroughs that form distinct villages in the metropolitan whole.

Shopping in Florence - Fashion For You and Your Home

Home to luxury international fashion labels, Florence is regarded as Italy's original fashion hub. This is the birthplace of handcrafted leather goods, and remains the go-to destination for exceptional shoes and handbags. But if you want to skip the designer boutiques, you can hit up the markets and outlet malls.

Intoxicating Nightlife - Wine and Music in Florence

Discovering and tasting the region's many fine wines at Florence's numerous bars is a popular pastime. Listening to live music - be it in a thumping nightclub, a groovy jazz bar, or a classic opera house - is one of the best ways to mix with locals.

Florence for Kids - Art, Science, and Food

Florence is the kind of city that takes the guesswork out of kid-friendly entertainment. From intellectual and sensorial experiences like museum tours and cooking classes, to the fun outdoor options offered by lush and sprawling public parks, your kids won't know what they'll want to do first.

Top 10 art gallery destinations in the world

From old masters and Impressionists to contemporary installations, book a hotel in an art-lover’s city with this guide to the top 10 art gallery destinations in the world.

Spring holidays in Florence

A spring holiday in Florence means rejuvenating, mild days ambling through Renaissance gardens, fresh produce at farmers’ markets and high-octane Easter festivities. Book a spring hotel in Florence and see the city at its freshest.

Short breaks in Florence – 48 hours of Renaissance masterpieces, Tuscan cooking and Chianti

It’s impossible to see every monument or painting on a short break in Florence. Get the best impression with a few nights in a Florence hotel by following this inspirational itinerary.

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