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A Saudi Arabia guide – rolling sand dunes, colorful souks and striking archaeological sites

For centuries Saudi Arabia was considered off limits to outsiders, only to be risked by the bravest of travelers, but now it is beginning to let tourists in and if you don't mind overcoming some obstacles you can see some really enchanting sights and enjoy some great Bedouin hospitality.

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Where to stay in Saudi Arabia - an area guide

Saudi Arabia is at the heart of Islam but it also a very diverse land occupied by a landscape of deserts, green plains and mountains. Where you stay depends purely on what kind of experience you want - a vibrant city break or a relaxing retreat to enjoy the quiet life.

Saudi Arabia shopping guide - where to shop

Shopping is a great way to spend your time in Saudi Arabia particularly, because there are no bars, nightclubs, theatres or cinemas to entertain you. You can visit the traditional souks and large mall complexes throughout the day, often up until as late as 11pm or midnight.

Where to eat and drink in Saudi Arabia - a food and dining guide

The Saudi Arabian diet has been the same for centuries. Dishes consist of core ingredients such as wheat, rice, lamb, chicken, yoghurt and dates. Islamic dietary laws forbid the consumption of pork and alcohol, enforced throughout the whole of Saudi Arabia.

What to see and do in Saudi Arabia - notable attractions and landmarks

Now that Saudi Arabia is starting to open itself up to tourists, there is a whole host of incredible sights to see spread out across the Kingdom. It is much more than just a barren desert, with intriguing sites full of an endless chronology of history. The Empty Quarter does, however, offer a beautiful expanse of rolling sand dunes unlike anywhere else in the world. 

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