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Adelaide Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and although it is its largest city, it has a compact core and many distinct neighborhoods defining it. Adelaide is a place of interesting old buildings that blend with modern arcades and large parks and gardens. It is the main launch point for visiting the wineries of the region and has many beaches.

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An Adelaide city guide – a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city of fine arts and fine wine

Adelaide's a heady mix of history and innovation. It's not only a green and pleasant place, thanks to the many parks and rolling hills, but it also offers beaches and some of the most scintillating wine you'll ever have the pleasure of swilling around. Once seen as a dreamy, old-school city, nowadays Adelaide's got both feet in the present thanks to its cosmopolitan inhabitants, the boom in culinary excellence and a first-rate live music scene. 

Nightlife & Entertainment in Adelaide

Whether your tastes run to subtle, sophisticated cocktail bars serving up classic concoctions, or prefer to hit the dance floor in neon-lit mega-clubs, there's nightlife to suit everyone in the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

Family Friendly Attractions in Adelaide

Adelaide has plenty on offer for families on an urban adventure, whether the kids go ga-ga for wild animals or want to build sandcastles on a wide, smooth beach. And when tummies start to rumble, there are some great family-friendly dining options too.

Arts and Culture in Adelaide

From vast theatres putting on blockbuster musicals to cavernous museums that delve into Aboriginal art, Adelaide has no shortage of distractions. With ornate churches and grand 19th century architecture sitting alongside the sleekly modern landmarks, urban sightseers will have plenty to feast on too.

Adelaide shopping guide – where and what to shop and buy

Whether you’re looking for a one-stop shopping Mall experience or more content browsing for one-offs and antiques than buying off the peg, there’s something for you in Adelaide. With designer boutiques aplenty, not to mention whole swathes of pedestrianized pavement dedicated to the art of retail therapy, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re after in comfort, from local designers to world-famous labels, hand-crafted jewellery to centuries’ old antique furniture.

Where to eat in Adelaide – a food and dining guide

Adelaide might be one of the world’s leading wine regions, but these days it’s got serious gastronomic gusto to go with its tempting bottles of plonk. You’ll be able to find tastes from all four corners of the globe in Adelaide, as well as seeing the great strides the city’s made in turning Modern Australian into a match for any imported fare. From al fresco Asian to seaside seafood, Adelaide has it all. 

Adelaide Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Adelaide is good for anything, from the best white opals and other gems to crafts, wines, clothes and antiques. The city is loaded with markets, including that of the bustling Central Market where you have all sorts of foodstuffs, while fashion boutiques and large department stores also abound.

Adelaide Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Adelaide boasts hundreds of restaurants, most of which are in the easy-to-navigate downtown area where there is a profusion of traffic-free streets. The good thing is that many cuisines are represented, from good old Aussie tucker, to superb Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Greek and Italian fare.

Adelaide Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Adelaide is loaded with historic highlights: churches, museums, galleries and manor houses. Also comes with beautiful parks and gardens. Its collection of attractions will appeal mostly to the discerning traveler looking for history as well as fun in shops and bars.

Adelaide Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

With its low rate of crime, Adelaide is one of the safest large cities in Australia and the public transport infrastructure and hospitality are excellent. It is worth keeping an eye out for Hindley Street at night and also taking into account that the weather is changeable at various times of the year.

Adelaide Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Adelaide offers a good variety of entertainment. There are loads of wineries that can be toured in the region, along with several sandy beaches to swim at and partake in water sports. You can also go bushwalking in the country or have a picnic in one of the many city parks that surround downtown.

Adelaide Travel Tips

Laid back, sun-dappled and dotted with eye-catching attractions, Adelaide is a somewhat underrated Australian city compared to the more obvious hotspots of Sydney and Melbourne. Visit at the right time and you'll fall in love with the relaxed South Australian capital, its maritime vibe, and its surrounding beaches.

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