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From Luxury Apartments to Motels - Where to Stay in Mooloolaba

Most of Mooloolaba's visitors stay in rental apartments, which range from high-end to no-frills. You can sleep in luxury penthouse pads with commanding ocean views, or modest studio apartments that are geared toward budget-conscious travellers. Given Mooloolaba's compact nature, nearly all rental apartments are within walking distance of this seaside enclave's main attractions.

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Nightlife & Entertainment in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has a hugely varied nightlife, offering just about any evening’s entertainment you could dream up. From laid-back surfer’s bars and jazzy cocktail joints to neon-drenched nightclubs and hip indie cinemas, this buzzing beachfront city has it all.

Family Friendly Attractions in the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is an ideal city for a fun-filled, stress-free family holiday. The city is laid-back, and - while it does offer an electrifying nightlife - has a safe and kid-friendly atmosphere. You’ll find theme parks, educational adventures, and of course, plenty of soft sweeping beachfront.

Lodgings in Bendigo - From Plush Boutique Hotels to Bed-and-Breakfasts

Bendigo’s accommodation covers the full gamut, from plush boutique hotels to cozy cottages and basic roadside motels. In the city centre (or "CBD"), you’ll find many of these options are in period buildings with imaginative decor, while the surrounding districts have less-characterful offerings. The region also has farm rentals and rural retreats, while a few wine estates in and around Heathcote offer their own accommodation.

Where to Stay in Fremantle - From High-End Hotels to Budget Backpacker Hostels

Fremantle's accommodation ranges from backpacker hostels to upscale resorts. In between, you'll find midrange hotels, studio apartments, and bed-and-breakfast guesthouses. Most are located in the city centre, with a few in outlying residential suburbs. There are more options on the nature reserve island of Rottnest, a short boat ride from Fremantle.

Historic Hotels, Ocean-view Apartments, Beach-front Campgrounds - Staying in and Around Lorne

The Lorne region’s wide variety of accommodation makes it easy to find a place to stay that really suits your needs. Whether you’re after a rural-chic cabin in the bush, a luxury apartment with ocean views, or a family-friendly holiday house near the beach, Lorne has what you’re looking for.

Stay at the Beach or Downtown, or Sleep Amid the Trees - Accommodation in Busselton

Busselton's downtown is fairly compact - Busselton Jetty is a kilometer from the CBD - so if you'd like to stay central, the main question is whether you prefer to be in the thick of the arts and nightlife action, or a few steps from the sand. There are also a few more secluded lodgings in West Busselton and in the trees at Tuart Forest National Park.

Finding the Right Place to Stay in and Around Wollongong

Wollongong's variety of accommodation options makes finding the right place to stay easy. Whether you’re after a hotel with an ocean view and all the comforts, a cozy room in a guesthouse, an apartment for a longer stay, or a cabin surrounded by gardens, the region offers it all.

Where to Stay in the Noosa Region

Accommodation throughout the Noosa region covers the full spectrum, spanning from practical and affordable hostels, to luxury resorts with ocean views, and lots of mid-range options. Many are conveniently situated close to the Hastings Street strip, but there are also a good number away from the town area, offering a more remote vibe.

Where to Stay in Surfers Paradise - From High-Rise Luxury to Rustic Retreats

There's so much accommodation in and around Surfers Paradise that visitors can afford to be extremely picky. Those looking for large, modern hotels with plenty of amenities will find them in the city centre, while visitors on tighter budgets are well served by the motels in nearby suburbs such as Mermaid Beach. Inland, characterful bed-and-breakfasts and luxury lodges abound.

Where to Stay in Margaret River - Beach Chalets and Bush Retreats

Famous for its forests, beaches, and wineries, the Margaret River region provides lots of options for accommodation – from the buzz of Margaret River town to retreats nestled among the jarrah and karri trees. Or you could wake up every morning to the smell of fresh sea air in a beachside chalet with stunning ocean views.

Beach and Beyond - What to See and Do in Mooloolaba

Sunny weather, white sandy beaches, and plenty of water sports draw visitors to Mooloolaba on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. A drive of about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Brisbane, this seaside vacation spot is packed with oceanfront eateries, boutique shopping, and family-themed activities. When the sun goes down, bars and clubs fill with night people out to have a good time.

A Guide to Mooloolaba - Beaches, Nightlife, and Family Fun

With an almost perfect year-round climate, Mooloolaba constantly draws visitors. It is one of the most popular seaside spots on Australia's Sunshine Coast, and wonderful for a romantic getaway or water-sport-centreed family vacation. Mooloolaba's main beach is backed by a famous strip of high-rise vacation apartments. On ground level, there are a multitude of shopping, dining, and nightlife options along the esplanade.

Gold Mines, Art Galleries, Tram Tours, and More - What to See and Do in Bendigo

Without losing its innate gentility, Bendigo has changed enormously over the past decades. This elegant town has seen a rush of “tree-changers” - city folk who have migrated here in search of a better quality of life. They have brought a demand for more sophisticated restaurants and shops, and have polished Bendigo’s rough edges. Australia’s most vibrant regional gallery keeps the weekends buzzing with day-trippers.

A Visitor's Guide to Bendigo - Gold Rush Splendor in Central Victoria

The streets of Bendigo may not be paved in gold, but they bear testament to one of history’s greatest gold rushes. In 1851, a couple of housewives discovered alluvial gold along the banks of Bendigo Creek, an event leading to a huge influx of fortune hunters from across the world. Sudden wealth bestowed the town with many stately homes, civic buildings, and soaring churches.

Shopping in Fremantle - Market Stalls, Quirky Fashion, and Aboriginal Handicrafts

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you can probably buy it in Fremantle. From Mexican-inspired clothing to local Aboriginal crafts, “Freo” sells it. There are markets, shopping malls, and specialist gift shops. The city is also a fashion centre, and several leading Australian designers have opened stores in town. Most shops are open every day, and stay open late on Fridays.

From Whale Watching to Historic Shipwreck Museums - What to See and Do in Fremantle

For a city with fewer than 30,000 inhabitants, Fremantle packs in an impressive range of attractions and excursions. Over 150 heritage buildings bear witness to the past. There are museums and replica ships that celebrate the city's ties to the ocean. You can stroll through parkland, or take boat trips to nearby islands. And Perth, the Swan Valley’s vineyards, and barren deserts are all relaxed day trips.

A Guide to Historic Fremantle - a Port City with a Proud Past

On the map it looks overshadowed by nearby Perth, but Fremantle has its own identity. Founded in 1829, the port city is among Western Australia's oldest settlements. It's filled with heritage buildings, and proud of its nautical ties. Laid-back and easy-going, "Freo" today is a vibrant blend of old and new, home to historic markets and trendy cafés. It's also within easy reach of other major attractions, including Rottnest Island.

Fun on the Sand, Scenic Splendor, and Exciting Events - What to See and Do in Lorne

Lorne has been a beloved beach vacation spot for over century, and you’ll find everything you’d expect in the way of seaside holiday fun. The wilderness of Great Otway National Park and the rugged coastline mean you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to escape the crowds and appreciate the natural beauty in peace.

Beach Town Charm and Breathtaking Natural Beauty - A Guide to Lorne

With its broad golden beach, fresh sea air, and laid-back feel, Lorne has been a magnet for vacationers for over a century. Its population of fewer than 2,000 swells to many times more during vacation season. A calendar full of cultural and sporting events, easy access to the natural wonders of the Great Ocean Road, and a mouthwatering selection of cafés and restaurants make Lorne a consummate coastal getaway.

What to Do in Busselton - Hitting the Beach, Exploring the Outdoors, Taking a Wine Tour

Busselton's beachfront location is key to its allure. It’s easy to fill your days with oceanfront activities, from snorkeling and sunbathing to fishing and whale watching. If you want to get out of town, you'll find plenty of tours offering day trips to Margaret River's more than 80 wineries.

Busselton - Family-friendly Beach Destination close to Margaret River’s Wineries

Set on scenic Geographe Bay less than 3 hours' drive south of Perth, Busselton is one of Western Australia’s oldest settlements, and has been a popular vacation spot for Aussies since the 1890s. Busselton is known for its gorgeous swathe of sand, excellent fishing and whale watching, untouched bush, and pristine waters. It’s also home to a thriving arts community, and tons of places to eat and drink out.

What to See and Do in Wollongong - Miles of Beaches, Mountain Views, and Verdant Forests

With miles of ocean beaches, pristine forests, and a rugged mountain backdrop, Wollongong offers everything you could ask of an outdoor vacation. Whether you want to ride the waves, explore rain forests, or sit on the sand and watch the breakers roll in, you won’t need to travel far to find it.

A Guide to Wollongong - An Outdoor Vacation Between the Mountains and Ocean

Mention Wollongong, and what springs to mind for many is the heavy industry based around the Port Kembla steelworks. Yet this laid-back multicultural city is also a thriving commercial and academic centre. With miles of unspoiled beaches, a pristine rain forest backdrop, and dazzling coastal views from the mountains, Wollongong is a great outdoor vacation destination as well.

Shopping in Noosa - Retail Therapy Under the Sun

After lazing at the beach or exploring the glorious countryside, shopping in Noosa presents some enticing retail therapy. Hastings Street alone is a famous destination for boutique stores and fashion outlets, but there's also a range of other options within a short drive from town.

What To See and Do in Noosa

The most obvious draw for those holidaying in Noosa would be the prospect of sunbathing on sandy beaches and swimming in sparkling blue seas. However, there's plenty more ways to enjoy the relaxed coastal lifestyle of the region, and a wide variety of leisure activities that cater to those looking for a little holiday fun.

Noosa City Guide - Beaches, Bush, and Shopping

For those wishing to explore Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Noosa region represents the ideal holiday destination. It's a balanced mix of white sandy beaches, preserved bushland and cosmopolitan indulgences, all blissfully free of high-rise towers. There is swimming to suit families and surfers alike, and the lush national parks and hinterland are within in easy reach.

Shopping in Surfers Paradise - Iconic Locations and Mega Malls

Surfers Paradise is not a shopping destination in its own right (open-air activities are the area's primary drawcards), but there are still a few good options for those in need of retail therapy. Malls dominate the scene, ranging from large complexes that offer everyday services, to smaller venues specializing in fashion and food. There are some atmospheric outdoor locations, too.

What to See and Do in Surfers Paradise - Urban Thrills, Waterborne Fun, and Eco Retreats

This extroverted waterfront suburb in the heart of Queensland’s buzzing Gold Coast is known for its oversized attractions, from big-and-bold restaurants and sprawling nightclubs, to soaring hotel towers - as well as one of Australia’s largest, and most impressive beaches. But there are plenty of quieter activities in the vicinity too, including enlightening wildlife experiences, and charming markets.

The Essential City Guide to Surfers Paradise

Visitors to sun-soaked Surfers Paradise can sample everything that's great about Australia in one compact, easily navigable area. This vibrant suburb on the Gold Coast has relaxed hotels, fine dining with an Asian twist, and plenty of bronzed locals exuding famed Aussie charm. Nearby, you'll find wildlife sanctuaries, lush rain forests, and adrenaline-fuelled amusement parks. Then there are the beaches, with their golden sand and crisp, blue surf.

What to See and Do in Margaret River - Woods, Waves, and Traditional culture

Nature lovers will find plenty to do in Margaret River, from testing the surf along the spectacular shoreline, to walking or driving among awe-inspiring tall trees, and forests blanketed in wildflowers. But the area is also a beer, wine, and food tasters' paradise. And finding out about its rich indigenous traditions is a must.

Margaret River City Guide - Wine, Surf, and Caves

Once a sleepy town known as a magnet for those seeking an alternative lifestyle, Margaret River is now best recognized as a major international wine centre. But it also offers much more; art galleries, award-winning restaurants serving fresh local produce, weekend markets, white, sandy beaches, and stalagmite-filled caves within easy reach of the town.

From Beach Bars to Wine Bistros - Nightlife in Mooloolaba

With plenty of “happy hours” - or pubs offering cut-price, pre-dinner drinks - to enjoy, Mooloolaba doesn't wait for the sun to go down to have fun. More mature visitors tend to favor imbibing at low-key cocktail bars and chic wine haunts found along The Esplanade and by the beach. Younger crowds are drawn to high-energy nightclubs and live-music venues that party into the night.

Wine, Theater, and Music - Nightlife and Entertainment in Bendigo

Fine wine, the performing arts, and live music are the backbone of nightlife in the Bendigo region. The biggest names in Australian contemporary music have cut their teeth in the country’s vibrant “pub rock” scene, and the tradition continues. On the quieter side, cozying up with a glass of local shiraz in a smart wine bar is many people’s idea of a perfect evening.

Family Fun in Bendigo - Water Parks, Cycle Paths, and Discovery

Bendigo naturally lends itself to fun family times, no matter the weather. In cold months, there are plenty of indoor activities for all ages to enjoy. During the summer, a state-of-the-art aquatic centre is the perfect place to cool off and have fun in the water. Exploring the surrounding countryside, where spotting kangaroos at sunset is almost assured, is easy by car, bike, or train.

Bendigo - The Arts and Culture Capital of Central Victoria

Ever since European artists flocked to the goldfields to paint the miners at work, and singers and performers filled the music halls to entertain them, Bendigo has been strong on arts and culture. Today, the region is a magnet for artists of all stripes, attracted by its rich history and alternative lifestyle. A strong collective spirit also drives a full calendar of community arts projects.

Brewpubs and DJs, Live Gigs and Cinema - Nightlife and Entertainment in Fremantle

After dark, central Fremantle comes alive with music, dancing, and drinking. The section of South Terrace from Bannister Street to Parry Street has so many coffee bars it's known as the "Cappuccino Strip." You can drink in historic city pubs, hit the dance floor in the clubs, or take in some live music. Fishing Boat Harbour also remains lively into the small hours.

Fremantle with the Family - Fun Learning, Sandy Beaches, and Boat Tours

Fremantle has many attractions and distractions to keep kids of all ages occupied. There are beaches and parks, and informative hands-on museums. You can get a bird's-eye city view from a Ferris wheel, or take to the water on a cruise. When mealtime rolls around, you'll find plenty of family-friendly places to eat.

Arts and Culture in Fremantle - History, Photography, and Aboriginal Art

Fremantle's relaxed, easy-going atmosphere has made it a meeting place for artists in a wide variety of fields. There are Aboriginal people who create works based on their long history and heritage. There are photographers who capture the landscapes of Western Australia, both above and below the waves. And there are world-class museums and arts centres where you can catch an exhibition or a musical performance.

Busselton For Active Families - Beaches, Mazes, and Cuddly Animals

From lazy summer days lounging on the beach to fun water sports and horse riding adventures, Busselton offers plenty to keep active bodies and inquisitive minds entertained. Mazes and amusement parks will test your family's problem-solving skills. Little ones will love bottle-feeding baby lambs and goats at one of the region's many farms.

Nightlife in Noosa - What to Do When the Sun Goes Down

Nightlife is Noosa tends to be as relaxed and chilled as its coastal landscape. Several beaches host an outdoor bar on the sand, and many restaurants morph into cocktails bars once the last coffees are ordered. For those looking to kick on, a handful of nightclubs and live music venues can be found in and around Noosa Heads.

Family Fun in Noosa

Brimming with beaches, rivers, and bushland, not to mention healthy Aussie attitude, Noosa is an ideal holiday spot for families who appreciate the great outdoors. There's a variety of tours than can be undertaken to enjoy these natural assets to the fullest, or just dump the kids on the sand for a relaxing day out.

Nightlife in Surfers Paradise - From Booming Clubs to Upscale Bars

A youthful energy dominates the nightlife scene in Surfers Paradise. There are countless clubs and pubs that cater to backpackers and recent college graduates, offering affordable drinks, loud music, and relaxed dress codes. Those in search of a calmer, dressier night out can try the bars at the area's luxury hotels. Families looking for evening fun have several cinemas and theatres to choose from.

Family-Friendly Fun in Surfers Paradise

For families vacationing in Surfers Paradise, the decision probably won’t be what to do, but where to begin. On top of unbeatable beaches, the Gold Coast is brimming with theme parks, zoos, and aquariums - a host of family activities packed into one very compact and easy-to-navigate area.

Arts and Culture in Surfers Paradise - From Historic Sites to Modern Art

Residents of the Gold Coast are the first to admit that the area has not traditionally been an arts hub. But for visitors with a taste for culture, a fresh crop of venues is now providing alternatives to the sun and surf - as long as you know where to look. From contemporary performance to visual art, there's a bit of everything on offer.

Family Fun in Margaret River

While Margaret River’s coast is famous for surf, there are plenty of coves and sheltered beaches where children can swim and play in the sand. On days when you want to head away from the beach, there are lighthouses to explore, animals to pet and feed, and mazes to get lost in.

A Guide to Eating Out in Noosa - Around the World on a Plate

The lack of an identifiable national cuisine is actually a blessing in disguise for those eating out in Australia, with a diverse range of global dishes offered in its place. This is certainly true for the restaurant culture in Noosa. There’s an eclectic selection of fine-dining restaurants available in town, to match the gorgeous nature of the beachside scenery.

Seafood, Steaks, and International Fare - Where to Dine in Mooloolaba

A centre for commercial fishing with an all-weather harbor, it's no surprise that fresh seafood abounds in Mooloolaba. Visitors often bring fishing rods to reel in their own meals, but the culinary scene has expanded beyond the sea. Restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world can be found in this seaside enclave, from Asian-fusion dishes at beachfront bistros to Portuguese-inspired fare at upscale eateries.

From Farmers' Markets to Fine Dining - A Guide to Eating in Bendigo

Bendigo’s dining scene reflects its cultural and demographic shift from backwater to modern boom town. Fish and chips and pub meals are no longer the order of the day, but are now complemented by sophisticated dining establishments that would be just as at home in Sydney or Melbourne. Look out for the rich red wines made in the Bendigo and Heathcote regions to go with your meal.

Fresh Seafood and Beachfront Dining - Where to Eat in Fremantle

Despite its small stature, Fremantle is home to more than 100 restaurants, cafés, and other eateries. There’s an array of global cuisines on offer - from Mexican to Asian, via European - as well as contemporary Australian fare. Fremantle's seafood is as fresh as you’ll find, and comes served in a host of ways, from grilled to sashimi. Lots of places operate on a "BYO" basis: bring your own alcoholic drinks.

Global Flavors, Fresh Fish, and Dazzling Views - A Guide to Dining in Wollongong

Wollongong’s dining culture has developed a first-class reputation in recent years, and it’s become a favorite day-trip destination for Sydney foodies. The city's cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine. Fish and seafood arrive in the harbor every day, and there are fresh farm ingredients from the fertile hinterlands. Add breathtaking mountain and ocean views, and you've got the recipe for some memorable meals.

Where to eat in Surfers Paradise - Bountiful buffets and Honest Aussie fare

Surfers Paradise attracts an eclectic mix of holidaymakers, and the culinary scene reflects this diversity. It’s easy to spend substantial sums at flashy restaurants, but there are also plenty of characterful places that offer quick bites at reasonable prices. Seafood dominates menus, and for good reason: the local catch is amongst the most impressive in the country. Australia’s culinary love affair with Asia is also well represented.

Travel Tips for a Mooloolaba Vacation

They don’t call this the “Sunshine Coast” for nothing. With a mild winter and spring, and sun-baked summer days, Mooloolaba has an unbeatable all-year climate. Its main beach is popular for water sports such as surfing and snorkeling, as well as safe swimming. While many restaurants serve seafood caught in local waters, international cuisine has a strong presence. Nightlife is also a top draw.

Travel Tips for Bendigo

Hub of Australia's Goldfields region, art capital of Central Victoria, and charming city break, Bendigo has a lot going for it. Once a boomtown during Australia’s gold rush, it now attracts many newcomers drawn to its wealth of heritage architecture, fine food and wine, and world-class museums. A string of enticing towns and villages around Bendigo means there is plenty on offer beyond its borders.

Top Travel Tips - Getting the Most from Your Visit to Fremantle

Despite being engulfed by the growing metropolis of Perth, Fremantle has an identity all its own. The port city was founded in 1829, placing it among Western Australia's oldest European settlements. Today's "Freo" is a multicultural city, a vibrant blend of heritage architecture and trendy cafés, shops, and bars. It's also close to several other major attractions, including Rottnest Island.

Travel Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Lorne Vacation

Often tagged "Victoria's Mediterranean," Lorne gazes out over Louttit Bay, on the Great Ocean Road that winds its way along the rugged southern coast. You’ll find white unspoiled beaches, pristine natural beauty in the Great Otway National Park, and a lively cultural scene that attracts visitors to major events every year.

Getting the Most out of Your Stay in Busselton - Our Travel Tips

Busselton's Mediterranean climate - mild winters and warm, sunny summers - means that it's a pleasant spot to visit year-round, especially if you're a fan of exploring the outdoors and day tripping through wine country. Tours are well organized and run, and local people are warm, welcoming, and extremely laid-back. The locals are also proud of their natural surroundings and wildlife - you'll find their enthusiasm is infectious.

Useful Tips - Getting the Most Out of Your Stay in Wollongong

Located only an hour’s drive from Sydney on the narrow strip of coast between the mountains of the Illawarra Escarpment and the Pacific Ocean, Wollongong offers everything you need for an outdoor vacation. Miles of pristine, uncrowded beaches, unspoiled bushland, lots of adventure opportunities, and a thriving restaurant scene make this vibrant multicultural city a great getaway.

Travel Tips for a Relaxed Noosa Vacation

The town of Noosa Heads in Queensland, often shortened to simply “Noosa” and the hub of the Noosa region, offers the perfect way to enjoy the Australian lifestyle. You’ll find a delightful balance of pristine beaches and lush bushland, plus a thriving restaurant and shopping scene. Noosa's moderate climate is one of its biggest draws - sitting between 19 and 25 degrees C (66 to 77 F) all year.

Good to Know - Travel Tips for a Surfers Paradise Vacation

From a sugarcane plantation in the late 1800s, to one of Australia's most visited destinations, Surfers Paradise encapsulates the sea-and-sand lifestyle that is so integral to Australian culture. Its iconic skyscrapers - many of them hotels - tower over a wide beach perpetually lapped by rolling Pacific surf and dappled in the southern sun. A plethora of theme parks and activities make for a fun and varied vacation.

Making the Most of Margaret River - Useful Tips

The Margaret River region can be cooler than Perth. It draws down visitors from the capital city not only to take in its beaches and forests, but also to escape the intense summer heat. Cars are the best way to get to the award-winning wineries, caves, and natural beauty spots. Margaret River is also known as a gourmands’ paradise, making it popular with food lovers.

Sydney Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

The laid-back feel and multicultural makeup of the city provides an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere for foreign travelers visiting Sydney. The weather is mild year-round with a warm summer experienced from December to February. Transport in Sydney is easy to navigate, with an abundance of buses, trains, taxis and ferries as well as hire car services.

48 hours in Sydney - see the beaches, the bays and the bridge in a weekend

The cosmopolitan Australian city stretches for miles along the shores of countless bays and inlets, but its neatly laid-out and compact center lends itself to a short visit. Here’s an itinerary which lays out the best way to see the main sights of Sydney in 48 hours.

A Brisbane city guide – a laid-back city offering heat, high-end shopping, and a home-from-home experience

Brisbane's something of a conundrum, managing to offer the sleek, fashionable, and culturally cutting-edge while still feeling like a laid-back sub-tropical paradise. As well as enjoying the benefits of its sunny climate and the active, water-going life which surrounds Brisbane River, you’ll also be in for plenty of fine dining, live-music sampling and boutique shopping. From catching the rays in its wide open spaces, to flexing your plastic in the mall, Brisbane’s got it all.

An Adelaide city guide – a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city of fine arts and fine wine

Adelaide's a heady mix of history and innovation. It's not only a green and pleasant place, thanks to the many parks and rolling hills, but it also offers beaches and some of the most scintillating wine you'll ever have the pleasure of swilling around. Once seen as a dreamy, old-school city, nowadays Adelaide's got both feet in the present thanks to its cosmopolitan inhabitants, the boom in culinary excellence and a first-rate live music scene. 

A city guide to Perth - swig, surf and swing

Combining natural beauty with cosmopolitan charm, the city of Perth has a widespread list of attractions.  Sample the city’s homemade produce at one of its prestigious wineries or award-winning microbreweries, or discover every nook and cranny by CAT.  Sunny days can be spent on one of the many beaches or in its balmy waters.  Others will prefer the many golf courses that welcome both the public and private members.

A city guide to Melbourne – families, galleries and wildlife

Ancient heritage, world-famous wines, world-class performances and exotic wildlife are just some of the reasons to make Melbourne your next city break.  Join the cosmopolitan hive and soak up the ambitious atmosphere, or get to know the historic city, and pay homage to its past at the many educational sites.  As night falls, the city comes alive in a throng of activity, from high-brow plays to mixologists manipulating cocktails into enticing potions at the many local bars.

Melbourne Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Melbourne, Australia

The sprawling city of Melbourne has a number of districts, neighborhoods and suburbs which all have a unique feel and atmosphere. The city has a diverse range of culture and heritage dating back to the 1800s when the city was founded.

Gold Coast Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Gold Coast, Australia

Sandwiched between Brisbane and the New South Wales border in southeastern Queensland, the Gold Coast conurbation is a hugely popular beach-based tourist destination. It is essentially a collection of cities, towns and villages along the coast fronted by excellent surfing beaches and pockmarked by waterways.

Sydney Travel Guide - A Destination Overview of Things to do in Sydney, Australia

The cosmopolitan metropolis of Sydney is awash with modern architecture, a spectacular harbor and countless attractions. Sydney has become a world-class destination that offers visitors cultural diversity and modern flare.

Perth Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Perth, Australia

Perth is one of the world's most remote major cities, lying as it does thousands of miles from anywhere on West Australia's southwest coast. The Aboriginals were here 40,000 years before the Dutch and English though it was the latter that settled the area in the 1800s, with the establishing of a colony on the Swan River by Captain James Stirling in 1829.

Adelaide Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and although it is its largest city, it has a compact core and many distinct neighborhoods defining it. Adelaide is a place of interesting old buildings that blend with modern arcades and large parks and gardens. It is the main launch point for visiting the wineries of the region and has many beaches.

Canberra Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Canberra, Australia

Australia's capital city is located in the Australian Capital Territory. Although this modern city has a reputation for being a bit on the dull side, the millions of tourists who travel here from all over the world each year soon discover this is not the case.

Brisbane Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a fascinating collection of suburbs and districts in one of the most sun drenched areas of Australia. It is a warm, friendly city with spotlessly clean streets and impressive buildings and features a large, meandering river through the middle.

A Melbourne travel guide – global dining and quirky shopping in Australia’s cultural capital

Easy-going Melbourne puts a high value on the good life. Book a Melbourne hotel and put style, sport, food and drink top of the agenda on a Melbourne city break.

An Australia travel guide – long sandybeaches, cosmopolitan cities and remote and wild nationalparks

Take an Australia holiday and visit a vast land of sultry jungle, arid desert, endless beaches and cosmopolitan cities. From the tropical far north to Tasmania’s rugged far south, book an Australia hotel and discover a big country with an ancient past and youthful energy.

A Sydney travel guide – endless beaches, fine dining and the sun-kissed harbour

Sydney city breaks mean catching waves at Bondi Beach, a show at the Opera House and tasting the global flavours of modern Australian cuisine. Book a Sydney hotel to experience the many sides to Australia’s most popular city.

Arts and Culture in the Gold Coast

While the Gold Coast is known as a paradise for adrenaline-seeking surfers, this sun-soaked city has a lot to offer for culture-lovers too. With a vibrant performing arts scene, a strong selection of fascinating museums, and no shortage of breathtaking landmarks - from grand traditional churches to flashy modern architecture - the Gold Coast is full of intrigue.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Canberra

While it may not rival Sydney as an international partying mecca, Canberra’s nightlife is as diverse and vibrant as you’d expect from a cosmopolitan capital city. From scruffy pubs to show-stopping cocktail bars, intimate dance clubs to cavernous casinos, you’re sure to find a nightspot that’s perfect for you.

Family Friendly Attractions in Canberra

Canberra’s reputation as a serious seat of government means that it’s sometimes overlooked as a family destination. But the Australian capital in fact boasts a wealth of attractions to keep visitors of all ages enthralled for days on end, including offbeat delights like a reptile zoo and a miniature display village.

Arts and Culture in Canberra

Melbourne may take all the cultural credit, but the capital city of Canberra has its share of Australia's artistic attractions. The museums are among the finest in the country, with inspiring art galleries, historical hubs, and national archives packed with quirky cultural artefacts. There’s a thriving performing arts scene to experience as well.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Adelaide

Whether your tastes run to subtle, sophisticated cocktail bars serving up classic concoctions, or prefer to hit the dance floor in neon-lit mega-clubs, there's nightlife to suit everyone in the South Australian capital of Adelaide.

Family Friendly Attractions in Adelaide

Adelaide has plenty on offer for families on an urban adventure, whether the kids go ga-ga for wild animals or want to build sandcastles on a wide, smooth beach. And when tummies start to rumble, there are some great family-friendly dining options too.

Arts and Culture in Adelaide

From vast theatres putting on blockbuster musicals to cavernous museums that delve into Aboriginal art, Adelaide has no shortage of distractions. With ornate churches and grand 19th century architecture sitting alongside the sleekly modern landmarks, urban sightseers will have plenty to feast on too.

Brisbane shopping guide – where and what to shop and buy

While it might not have quite as grand a reputation as other major Australian cities when it comes to fashion, Brisbane is quietly, and stylishly, ushering in a new era of high-end labels and trendy designers. Whether you’re after a must-have, bank-balance busting designer dress in the boutiques of Edward Street, or happier hunting through the work of up-and-coming fashionistas in Fortitude Valley, you’ll never be short of threads to try on in Brisbane.

Where to eat in Brisbane – a food and dining guide

Brisbane's hot on the heels of Australia’s other major cities when it comes to the art of eating well. It’s already got a head start, thanks to its climate, meaning eating outside with river views give the dining out experience in Brisbane serious bonus points for ambience. From modern Australian to Asian, Mediterranean and other global flavors, you’ll find plenty to suit any palate, or budget, as you go on a culinary journey of discovery. 

Adelaide shopping guide – where and what to shop and buy

Whether you’re looking for a one-stop shopping Mall experience or more content browsing for one-offs and antiques than buying off the peg, there’s something for you in Adelaide. With designer boutiques aplenty, not to mention whole swathes of pedestrianized pavement dedicated to the art of retail therapy, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re after in comfort, from local designers to world-famous labels, hand-crafted jewellery to centuries’ old antique furniture.

Where to eat in Adelaide – a food and dining guide

Adelaide might be one of the world’s leading wine regions, but these days it’s got serious gastronomic gusto to go with its tempting bottles of plonk. You’ll be able to find tastes from all four corners of the globe in Adelaide, as well as seeing the great strides the city’s made in turning Modern Australian into a match for any imported fare. From al fresco Asian to seaside seafood, Adelaide has it all. 

Where to stay in Perth – a neighborhood guide

A city break in Perth ranges from high class hotels that line the Swan River to boutique joints in the inner city suburbs.  With a variety of attractions, from the white sandy beaches to the rolling hills and vineyards, there is accommodation to fit all themes, tastes and budgets.

Perth shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

There is definitely a trend when it comes to shopping in Perth, as extensive, chic and larger than life shopping malls pepper the city like polka dots.  The outlets are a thing of convenience and mean that searching for an item is easier than ever.  If outdoor excursions or local produce is more your thing, don’t you worry, as the city has plenty of food, craft and clothing markets too.  Secluded streets make an appearance as well, with King Street providing a high-class hideaway where all the big names in fashion gather in force.

Where to eat in Perth – a food and dining guide

Because of its multi-cultural population, Perth’s typical cuisine cannot be defined in one word, but is a mixture of international and national influences.  A diverse array of restaurants grace the city’s streets, including Indian, Thai, Chinese and modern Aussie, just to name a few.  On top of these exotic eateries are a number of traditional pubs and cafés where heart-warming fare and sweet delicacies are served respectively.

What to see and do in Perth – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

It is hard to define Perth as a travel destination because of its many widespread attractions: in one corner its creative charms and artistic people are echoed in its architecture and atmosphere, whereas in another corner its wildlife crops up at every turn.  Beaches line the city, with harbors nesting chic yachts and prestigious restaurants.  With so much going on, a break in Perth is like buying a two (or five!) in one: an offer you simply can’t refuse.

Where to stay in the Gold Coast – a neighborhood guide

Being a city spread along a 70 kilometre coastline, finding somewhere attractive to stay in the Gold Coast is hardly a challenge. Picking your perfect location simply depends on your requirements. Everything from bustling family hotels to luxury boutiques dominate the Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach regions; however, if you’re searching for something more affordable and relaxed, it’s better to head towards Main Beach, Miami, Burleigh, Kirra and Coolangatta.

Where to shop in the Gold Coast – where to shop and what to buy

It’s pretty hard to deny that one of the most exciting experiences when traveling is seeing how many purchases you can cram into your suitcase on your return.  Filled with sprawling shopping centres, tiny exclusive boutiques and jostling market wares, the Gold Coast won’t disappoint as a destination for shopping.

Where to eat in the Gold Coast – a food and dining guide

Gold Coast locals love spending time outside, so it’s no surprise that the beachside city is jam-packed with cafes, restaurants and various interesting eateries. Boasting exciting cuisines from Asian to Mexican, Italian to Modern Australian, the food is as multicultural as the city itself. You are highly unlikely to leave the Gold Coast feeling disappointed or hungry!

What to see and do in the Gold Coast – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

The Gold Coast is an action-packed city, perfectly suited for families and adventure seekers. There’s world-famous beaches, thrilling theme parks, the lesser-known hinterland and, of course, iconic attractions such as the Q1 building and Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. Combined together, these elements provide a memorable holiday on the east coast of Australia.

A guide to the Gold Coast – chilled surf beaches, vibrant nightlife and lively entertainment

Being Australia’s sixth largest city and blessed with a year round sub-tropical climate, the Gold Coast has everything to offer visitors. Be it a family holiday, romantic getaway or special event, the Gold Coast spoils you with its warmth and passion for relaxation. Lively entertainment can also be found here too, with world-class theme parks, adrenalin-fueled water sports and indulgent shopping offered in abundance.

Where to stay in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of contrasts. Its many international influences means that every neighborhood has something unique and exciting to offer, be it a vintage market filled with handmade goods, or a plush and high-end restaurant.  The city has both an urban center and a beachside area, giving plenty of options for any traveler.

Melbourne shopping guide – where to buy in the city

Shopping in Melbourne is a varied task.  The city, often referred to as Australia’s capital, is full of vintage markets and handmade goods, while at the other end of the scale are world famous designers and bespoke, high-fashion items that can’t be found anywhere else, making Melbourne truly a shopper’s nirvana.  In and out of the CBD are various areas and locations that cater to an array of budgets and tastes, so anyone and everyone are accommodated for.

Where to eat in Melbourne – a guide to the city’s dining culture

Dishes in Melbourne are as varied as the city’s culture.  A blend of old and new, East and West, every palate is catered for in the city.  Restaurants of historical importance go hand in hand with contemporary fixtures that are constantly spreading across the city. There are, of course, options for each budget, with high end eateries found along with Southbank Promenade, while fast food and local cuisine is in abundance in Chinatown and St Kilda.

What to see and do in Melbourne – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Old meets new in the city of Melbourne, as Aboriginal heritage still remains tucked between a progressive, modern city.  Blessed with vivacious locals, where a sociable vibe trickles throughout, the city is a bustling hot pot of activity; from daily coffee breaks to frenzied sporting events, natural escapes and trails to adrenaline-filled architecture:  Melbourne is a city of plenty.

Perth Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Perth is especially known for its range of creative seafood dishes, and, with the best seafood restaurants being located at the waters' edge on Sunset Coast, the freshness is assured. Specialties include barramundi, freshwater crayfish and tiger prawns.

Gold Coast Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

The Gold Coast is loaded with shopping malls, duty-free stores and boutiques - in particular at Surfers Paradise – and is the best place in Queensland for high-end goods. Souvenirs, designer labels, and sports goods are widely available here, while handicrafts and souvenirs can also be had at regional weekend markets.

Melbourne Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Often said to be the shopping capital of Australia, Melbourne is truly a shopper's paradise, with an abundance of shops catering to all tastes and budgets. You will find everything from expensive designer brand clothing to novelty souvenirs and electronics.

Perth Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Perth offers good shopping options, although nothing like the extent of Sydney or Melbourne. The upside is that most of it is contained in an easy to access area of downtown where there are pedestrianised arcades and walkways and good scope for eating.

Perth Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Perth, as with any Aussie center, is an active town with a lively populace and many things to do, day and night. You will see business types quickly donning beach attire on the train as they head for the beach during lunch hour, while the parks fill up with walkers and joggers at all times.

Melbourne Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Melbourne is an entertaining city with a vast array of history, culture and heritage. Visitors will enjoy the fantastic museums, cosmopolitan city suburbs and outdoor sporting events. There is truly something for everyone in this exciting city.

Melbourne Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne is known as the food capital of Australia, with literally thousands of choices available in the central city area alone. The city enjoys a wide variety of flavors and cuisines from around the world, which are complemented with the exceptional produce available in Australia.

Gold Coast Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

The Gold Coast has it all; beaches, countryside, sun, malls, museums and bustle, and everyone is catered for. The beaches are of course the main attraction and they go from the tourist-surf-heavy Surfers Paradise in the heart of the action, down two more measured shores toward the south and on nearby islands.

Gold Coast Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

The Gold Coast is all about the beach and there are miles of sand here where swimming and surfing can be enjoyed almost year round. Surfers Paradise is the main beach and the most built up town on the Gold Coast. Consequently it also has the bulk of the attractions, including noteworthy museums and galleries, as well as the best shopping.

Sydney Restaurants, Food and Dining Guide - Where to eat, and more

Sydney is truly a multicultural city that is seen through the immense selection of flavors and cuisines from around the world. The wide culinary selection is also complemented with some of the best restaurants in the country. Also making theSydney’s dining scene excel is the fantastic local produce, which is truly top grade and fresh.

Sydney Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable landmarks and attractions in Sydney, Australia

The scenic city of Sydney is blessed with some truly spectacular sights, magnificent landmarks and fascinating tourist attractions. Sydney’s visitors are spoiled for choice, with countless places to visit all within a short distance of the city and harbor area.

Gold Coast Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

There is more eating choice in the Gold Coast than anywhere else in Australia. Unless you plan on heading to one of the top spots, where you will need to book, you can just head out in any of the beaches or towns and check out any number of quality places.

Sydney Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

The cosmopolitan city of Sydney has a wide array of attractions and activities for tourists to enjoy whilst on vacation. Whether it's nightlife activities, shopping, great food and drink, there are plenty of great spots to visit.

Melbourne Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Melbourne is a truly spectacular city with an abundance of interesting attractions, magnificent sites and beautiful landmarks. The city is filled with culture, history and heritage, which provides a fantastic atmosphere for visitors.

Perth Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Perth has a low crime rate, fantastic weather and excellent tourist and transport infrastructures. Although pickpockets are a problem, as with any city, Perth is one of the easiest going towns in the country and most visitors have few problems taking in the sights.

Melbourne Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Melbourne is a culturally-rich cosmopolitan city that has a wonderful friendly and open atmosphere which helps to make everyone feel welcome. The weather can be erratic with four seasons in one day but for the most part, it is generally mild year round. Public transport in Melbourne is fantastic, with an array of choices including buses, trains, trams and taxis.

Sydney Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Visitors to Sydney will be more than impressed with the city's retail selection, which boasts an array of fashion boutiques, jewelry shops and large department stores. Inside the city, there are a number of areas that will entertain shopping aficionados for the whole day.

Gold Coast Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

The sun is particularly fierce in this part of the world and using a high-factor, brand name sun block, plus a hat and sunglasses, is a must when on the beach. Despite being a huge conurbation of towns, villages and suburbs, getting about by public transport is not a problem.

Perth Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Perth is not overrun with attractions, yet has plenty to lure tourists such as historical and modern landmarks to check out, as well as loads of parks and beaches. Scarborough Beach, City Beach, and Cottesloe Beach are the main ones, of which Scarborough has the best facilities, surf, and access.

Adelaide Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Adelaide is good for anything, from the best white opals and other gems to crafts, wines, clothes and antiques. The city is loaded with markets, including that of the bustling Central Market where you have all sorts of foodstuffs, while fashion boutiques and large department stores also abound.

Things to do in Brisbane – Activities and Entertainment Guide for fun, recreation and relaxation

There are extensive entertainment options and things to do in Brisbane, with an array of interactive museums and galleries to check out and a busy schedule of festivals and events throughout the year. The city is also home to many square miles of public parks, both in the CBD and at South Bank.

Brisbane Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

When lined up against Sydney or Melbourne, Brisbane doesn't fair so well statistically on the shopping front. There is lots of variety, however, from fun arts and crafts markets to the highest quality designer stores.

Adelaide Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Adelaide boasts hundreds of restaurants, most of which are in the easy-to-navigate downtown area where there is a profusion of traffic-free streets. The good thing is that many cuisines are represented, from good old Aussie tucker, to superb Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Greek and Italian fare.

Adelaide Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Adelaide is loaded with historic highlights: churches, museums, galleries and manor houses. Also comes with beautiful parks and gardens. Its collection of attractions will appeal mostly to the discerning traveler looking for history as well as fun in shops and bars.

Canberra Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

The capital city of Canberra is an excellent place to eat as just about every type of food imaginable can be found here. The restaurants here are generally reasonably priced and visitors can dine on anything from modern Australian cuisine to Italian, Thai and Chinese dishes.

Brisbane Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Brisbane is one of the most laid-back big cities in the country, with warm and friendly people and a casual and sophisticated atmosphere. The weather is agreeable for the most part, and getting about is straightforward although you should try and stay within reach of the CBD as the city is huge.

Adelaide Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

With its low rate of crime, Adelaide is one of the safest large cities in Australia and the public transport infrastructure and hospitality are excellent. It is worth keeping an eye out for Hindley Street at night and also taking into account that the weather is changeable at various times of the year.

Canberra Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Central Canberra features a number of large shopping malls, department stores, fashion boutiques and markets, making it a great place for bargain hunters. A wide range of prominent stores such as Myers and David Jones can be found here, as well as unique stores selling locally produced goods.

Canberra Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Built in 1913, Canberra is a very modern city and there are no ancient sights to visit. However, there is a large number of historically significant buildings and more than 30 impressive structures to explore, all located around the city's many parks and other natural beauty spots.

Adelaide Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Adelaide offers a good variety of entertainment. There are loads of wineries that can be toured in the region, along with several sandy beaches to swim at and partake in water sports. You can also go bushwalking in the country or have a picnic in one of the many city parks that surround downtown.

Brisbane Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Brisbane is one of Australia's most historically important cities and is loaded to the hilt with impressive buildings in the center. It also has an array of world class museums and galleries that hold much of the country's cultural wealth and history. The galleries in South Bank in particular are nicely laid out and appeal to a broad audience.

Canberra Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Canberra is a vibrant, multicultural capital city, and a large number of people visit from all over the world. English is the main language and is spoken throughout the city, making communication simple. Although most of the main attractions and sights can be visited on foot, the city is also blessed with an excellent public bus system.

Canberra Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Built in 1913, Canberra is a very modern city and there are no ancient sights to visit. However, there is a large number of historically significant buildings and more than 30 impressive structures to explore, all located around the city's many parks and other natural beauty spots.

Brisbane Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Brisbane used to be a bit of a bore on the dining front although it has really come along of late. There are now many award-winning restaurants in the city and its stylish suburbs, with everything from good Aussie tucker (wholesome Australian food) to excellent European and Asian eats.

Canberra Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Australia's capital city has no shortage of entertainment options. People travel here from all over the world and there are plenty of places to shop, drink and dance after dark and enjoy outdoor activities such as bush walking and boating.

Top 10 outdoor things to do in Sydney

Coastal walks, surfing beaches and sailing on the harbour – book a Sydney hotel to follow the call of the wild in outdoor Sydney.

Top 10 food and drink things to do in Melbourne

Food-loving Melbourne specialises in innovative restaurants and eclectic bars. Book a Melbourne hotel and savour the best with this guide to the top 10 food and drink things to do in Melbourne.

Autumn holidays in Sydney

The days are warm, sunny and ideal for outdoor activities on autumn holidays in Sydney. It’s a time of festivals and parades, so book a Sydney autumn hotel when the summer heat has mellowed.

Where to stay in Sydney – a travel guide to Sydney’s neighbourhoods

There are Sydney hotels in the city centre, in 24-hour party precincts and on quiet residential streets. This neighbourhood guide will help you choose where to stay in Sydney.

Short breaks in Sydney – harbour ferry rides, walks on the beach and cosmopolitan dining

Book a Sydney hotel to shop and dine by the harbour, take in a show or spend a relaxed day at the beach. Whatever your interests, this two-day itinerary will help you get the most out of a short break in Sydney.

Spring holidays in Melbourne

Leave the winter fireside behind on spring holidays in Melbourne and discover a city bursting with flowers and festivals. It’s the season of sporting highlights that stop the nation, so book a spring hotel in Melbourne to watch the events.

Where to stay in Melbourne – a travel guide to Melbourne’s neighbourhoods

In the centre, by the beach or on the urban fringe – Melbourne hotels are spread across the city. Our guide to the different neighbourhoods will help you decide where to stay in Melbourne.

Short breaks in Melbourne – cultural events, designer shopping and award-winning restaurants

Watch a show or sporting event on a short break in Melbourne, and dine at some of Australia’s best restaurants. Book a Melbourne hotel and see the best of the city with this two-day itinerary.

Top 10 New Year destinations in the world

Celebrate New Year doing the Highland Fling in Edinburgh, watching fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge or dancing on the beach in Thailand. Get a little help deciding where to go with this guide to the top 10 New Year destinations in the world.

Perth Travel Tips

At the heart of the vast Western Australia state, Perth is a cultural and historic centre well worth making the trip for. Museums and high culture, thumping nightlife, and vast tranquil flower-filled green spaces make it a grand city break destination, and then of course there are the sun-drenched, sandy beaches to while away afternoons on.

Gold Coast Travel Tips

The Gold Coast - set on Australia’s east coast in the vast state of Queensland - is a laid-back, sun-specked city. It boasts swathes of powdery beachfront, perfect for lazy days of catching rays, or swimming in the warm aquamarine ocean. The city is has theme parks for the kids, and a buzzing nightlife of fine-dining restaurants and lively bars for the adults. The Gold Coast is also crowned by a deep, lush rainforest where you'll find shimmering waterfalls and rare wildlife.

Canberra Travel Tips

Unfairly maligned in the past as a bland political centre, Canberra is shedding its stuffy image and becoming recognised as the gem of a city it truly is. Its cultural credentials are impossible to argue with, as there’s a slew of world-class museums and galleries just begging to be explored. These sit alongside an ever-growing and increasingly diverse array of hip cafés, cutting-edge boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and pumping nightclubs.

Adelaide Travel Tips

Laid back, sun-dappled and dotted with eye-catching attractions, Adelaide is a somewhat underrated Australian city compared to the more obvious hotspots of Sydney and Melbourne. Visit at the right time and you'll fall in love with the relaxed South Australian capital, its maritime vibe, and its surrounding beaches.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Perth

There's an exciting nightlife scene in Perth, with friendly clubs and a huge selection of pubs that are busy most nights. The Northbridge area is the major clubbing hotspot, with hordes of lively young things coming to dance the night away, and Perth's CDB also offers a wide selection of bars and restaurants to unwind in.

Family Friendly Attractions in Perth

If you’re heading to Perth with the whole clan in tow, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of attractions aimed at the younger market. As well as museums and theatres hosting their own child-friendly events, you’ll be close to long stretches of sun-drenched coast, and just a short drive from forests and nature reserves where you can explore the great outdoors.

Arts and Culture in Perth

Tucked away in the state of Western Australia, Perth may be far-flung but it provides all the museums, galleries, and all-round cultural distractions you'd expect to find in any major city. In fact, you might even argue it gives the likes of Sydney and Melbourne a run for their money.

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