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A city guide to Recife and Pernambuco – beaches, sunshine, carnivals and culture

Located in central northeast Brazil, Recife and the state of Pernambuco have everything to make them one of the country's most interesting places to visit. Recife has a unique and lively culture and a warm sunny tropical coastal climate all year round. With the state's multicultural roots, dance, music art and cuisine it enchants visitors with originality, diversity, tradition, vibrant nightlife and colorful carnivals. Pernambuco locals are well known for their hospitality, always prepared to make any visitor's stay a pleasant and unforgettable experience. 

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Where to stay in Recife and the surroundings of Pernambuco – a neighborhood guide

Recife and surrounding regions have accommodation for all tastes and pockets, catering for tourist and business travelers and longer stays. Recife is a regional hub, a popular holiday break and business travel destination within Brazil. A lot of accommodation is concentrated in the Boa Viagem beach district which is handy for the airport and the Old town of Olinda. Pernambuco's superb tropical beaches are North and South and the paradisical Fernando de Noronha islands are just a one hour flight away.

Recife shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Recife has been a regional hub for services and commerce going back to Brazil's colonization in the 16th century. Its melting pot of races and creeds has created one of the richest arts, crafts, music and dance scenes in Brazil. Street markets in Boa Viagem, Old Recife and Olinda are a fun way to mingle with the locals and experiment with local delicacies. Containting much cheaper products than the up-market shops or galleries, you are welcome to bargain here, with a smile, or 'cry' (chorar) as the locals say. Kit yourself out with locally produced colourful masks and clothes for Carnival and São João festivals - they double up as souvenirs for back home.

Where to eat in Recife – a food and dining guide

The mixture of diverse ethnic traditions in colonial times gave rise to the exotic flavors which characterize Pernambuco’s cuisine today. The state manages to satisfy a wide variety of different tastes with gastronomical wealth and diversity. The Pernambucan cuisine is a rich fusion of Portuguese, African and native Brazilian dishes, often combined with the freshest tropical fruits, herbs and vegetables. The taste for sweets originated in the kitchens of the sugar plantation houses and whilst the coast provides abundant seafood, the countryside produces sun-dried beef and traditional cheese.

What to see and do in Recife – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Full of sun, sea and surf, Recife is an ideal Brazilian getaway, but this sunny spot has more to offer than your typical beach-side favorites.  Recife holds one of most colorful and folkloric carnivals in the country and along with its neighbor, Olinda, they are considered to be amongst the most culturally diverse cities in Brazil. The local multicultural arts and music scene thrives with galleries, exhibitions and live performances taking place throughout the year. Visit museums, squares, parks and churches to walk through the centuries of Pernambucan and Brazilian history. Today's Recife is dynamic, exciting, abuzz with action, warmth and color and always ready for a good time.

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