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A Nashville travel guide – live music and Civil War history

Nashville vacations are famous for Southern plantations and nighttimes filled with the world’s finest music. Book a Nashville hotel and discover why, for many, this is America’s favorite Southern city.

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Where to Stay in Nashville – a neighborhood guide

Nashville's all about spending nights drifting from one buzzing country music venue to the next, and days ambling around the wide tree-lined city streets, hunting through vintage clothing and guitar stores. With a mix of diverse neighborhoods - from bustling 24-hour energy to quaint small-town atmosphere - you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay. Nashville’s wide range of hotels offer accommodation suited to all tastes, whether it’s lavish luxury or cozy urban getaway.

Nashville Shopping Guide - where and what to shop and buy

Nashville’s retail spots range from vast shopping malls to tiny family-run boutiques. Whether you’re after designer and brand names, or searching for a vogue vintage bargain, you’ll find it in Nashville. As the country music capital of the USA, you’ll also find many cool music stores, where the walls are lined with hundreds of guitars. There’s also a strong focus on independent arts and crafts, as well as classic cowboy gear.

Where to Eat in Nashville – a food and dining guide

Nashville’s booming culinary scene creates the perfect counterpart to its well-established, music scene. While many flock to Nashville to explore its endless live music venues, museums, and stores, the city’s various restaurant offerings will be music to the ears of any foodie. From the tender, mouthwatering grilled and barbecued meats to fine European-style haute cuisine, along with sumptuous southern classics and retro-Americana diners, Nashville has a plate for everyone.

Top 10 musical things to do in Nashville

They don’t call Nashville the Music City for nothing. From honky-tonk dives to the highly respected Nashville Opera, there’s always a melody in the air. Book a Nashville hotel and follow this guide to the top 10 musical things to do in Nashville.

Nashville Travel Tips

No trip to Nashville would be complete without a full musical tour of the city – that’s why you’re coming, right? There’s enough musical memorabilia and stellar live stuff on offer to leave you awestruck. But there’s plenty more to enjoy besides, from historical homes to soulful cuisine. It has the gravitas of being the state capital, with all the culture and heritage that brings, paired with the charm of genuine Southern hospitality. In so many ways, Nashville is a city to make you sing.

Nightlife in Nashville

Every night in Nashville is a musical phenomenon, with dozens of honky-tonk bars hosting live performances which you just can’t help but jig along to. You probably came for the bluegrass, but if you need a change, there’s plenty more evening entertainment on offer, from comedy to dance clubs.

Family Friendly Attractions in Nashville

Nashville is a superb city for families. Whether you’re a music-lover wanting to introduce your offspring to the legends of country, or you’re looking for active day trips the whole family can take part in, Nashville can offer it all.

Arts and Culture in Nashville

Known worldwide as Music City, Nashville has cultural pedigree and then some. Every country music star worth their salt has cut their teeth in Nashville at some point, and it has the auditoriums, studios, and theaters to prove it. It’s not just about the music though, with superb art galleries and historic plantation homes to explore too.

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