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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

48 hours in Rio de Janeiro - see the sights of Brazil’s busy heart in a weekend

Rio de Janeiro is enormous and one of the liveliest cities in the world. It’s no mean feat to squeeze everything in to one weekend, but it’s possible. This itinerary will help you see the biggest and best sights in Rio, as well as some more peaceful spots for when you need a break from the hectic streets.

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A city guide to Rio de Janeiro – spectacular beaches, iconic landmarks and world-class football

Known as Cidade Maravilhosa, the Marvellous City, Rio is home to some of the friendliest people and the world’s most famous beaches. Brazil’s interracial history of Portuguese, Japanese, Indian and German settlers have created a multi-cultural society which has led to festivals and celebrations that are known all over the world. Choose from a fantastic selection of water sports, learn how to samba or view the city from one of the cable cars.

A Rio de Janeiro travel guide – colonial history, beach fun and street music

A city break in Rio de Janeiro presents an unforgettable cityscape of green mountains overlooking blue seas and long, sandy beaches. Glamorous Rio de Janeiro hotels hug the seafront, where hot days drift into balmy nights with a samba soundtrack.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro – a neighborhood guide

Rio offers its tourists a wide range of choices when it comes to accommodation, from five-star hotels to a bustling hostel, to B&Bs or apartments amongst the more scenic areas. Many of Rio’s visitors stay in the Southern area where the hotels boast fitness centers and rooftop swimming pools, and similar to the shopping scenario, there is less accommodation in the North Zone. 

Rio de Janeiro shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

With an exciting mix of high-end shopping malls and flea markets, shopping in Rio won’t disappoint. Brazil is one of the world’s largest suppliers of coloured gemstones, making jewelry shopping in Minas Gerais a priority for many tourists. Throughout Rio you will find shoes, local music, bookshops and souvenirs along with cheap fashion and if that isn’t for you, almost every major district has a shopping mall of some sort.

Where to eat – Rio de Janeiro’s food and drink hotspots

Due to the diversity in culture Rio de Janeiro doesn’t have an identifiable cuisine, but instead, Rio’s dining scene offers you drinks and dishes from all over the world. From Italian pastas to Chinese wontons, Spanish empanadillas to Arabian kibbeh there have been variations of other culture’s favourite dishes that are now enjoyed throughout the country. From botecos or five-star restaurants, make the most of what Rio has to offer your taste buds. 

What to see and do – a guide to Rio’s top attractions and landmarks

Sun, sea and sexy beaches – exactly what you’ll find in Rio, surrounded by superb natural views, salsa schools and shopping malls. Rio de Janeiro is divided into zones, districts and neighborhoods, each of them offering something different to both locals and tourists. With the opportunity to hang-glide, hike mountains and relax on cable car rides, Rio is perfect for those looking to appreciate the wildlife. Anyone who loves the water will be spoilt for choice with surfing, scuba diving and plenty of sports available along most of the beach fronts. When the sun goes down the city comes alive with music venues, samba shows and nightclubs with a venue for all tastes.

Top 10 nightlife moments in Rio de Janeiro

Samba dancing, bossa nova singing and balmy nights with cocktails by the beach. Book a Rio de Janeiro hotel and take in the city’s delights with this guide to the top 10 nightlife things to do in Rio de Janeiro.

Summer holidays in Rio de Janeiro

Summer breaks in Rio de Janeiro are when tropical dreams of paradise come true. Carnival casts its liberating spell over all comers while festive spirit engulfs New Year’s revellers along Rio’s turquoise shore. Book a Rio de Janeiro summer hotel for balmy nights and joyous celebration.

Short breaks in Rio de Janeiro – beach paradise, emerald mountains and samba music

Make the most of a short break in Rio de Janeiro with this two-day itinerary. Book a Rio de Janeiro hotel and get the best out of this lively city.

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro – a travel guide to Rio de Janeiro’s neighbourhoods

Use this insider’s guide to the Rio de Janeiro’s neighbourhoods to book the best Rio de Janeiro hotel for you and take the stress out of your visit.

Top 10 beaches destinations in the world

Whether you’re after sunbathing on white sand or snorkelling around coral reefs, you’ll know where to book your next hotel with this guide to the world’s top 10 beach destinations.

A Rio de Janeiro travel guide – samba school parades, carnival balls and street parties

Rio Carnival is one of the world’s best known events. Its glittering costumes and samba inspire thousands of visitors to take a Rio de Janeiro holiday. Hotels host Rio Carnival balls and parties through the night.

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