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Water, Wildlife, and Local Parks - Family-Friendly Attractions in Key Largo

Key Largo offers kid-friendly adventures on land and water that even the youngest members of the family can take part in. You can embark on an educational water adventure at a state park or learn about local wildlife on an exotic nature expedition. Local parks have recreational amenities tailored to families, from playgrounds and picnic spots to sports fields and swim facilities for all ages.

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Where to Stay in Key Largo - From Casual Cottages to Beach Resorts

Lodging options are plentiful in Key Largo, from polished resorts and chain hotels to independently owned motels. You can also rent a cottage or condominium, or stay at a bed and breakfast, RV park, or campground. If you've come to dive or fish, you’ll want to be based near your daily point of departure. For socializing, downtown Key Largo has many popular bars and eateries.

From Underwater Attractions and National Parks to Wildlife Safaris and Tiki Bars - Exploring Key Largo

Key Largo is a 30-mile island filled with natural splendor, making it a magnet for divers, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts. World-class diving sites and sprawling public parks attract visitors from around the globe, particularly in winter. You can experience the area's easygoing atmosphere by visiting a waterfront tiki bar at sunset, or stopping by a local eatery to drink, dance, and enjoy live music.

Underwater Adventures, Fresh Seafood, and Sunset Drinks - A Visitor’s Guide to Key Largo

Key Largo is a water-lover’s paradise that offers mellow Florida Bay waters on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Spanning 33 miles of the upper keys, the area offers vast stretches of publicly accessible land and water, making it easy to immerse yourself in local activities, from diving and fishing to hiking and eco-tours. When not playing, you can dine on fresh seafood at a waterfront eatery, kick back over cocktails and live music at a tiki bar, or head downtown to shop for souvenirs and walk along the marina.

Tiki Bars, Locals Hangouts, and Live Theater - Key Largo Nightlife

After a day in Key Largo filled with outdoor adventures, from snorkeling and swimming to hiking and boating, you'll find plenty to do when the sun goes down. You can head to a fresh-air tiki bar to lounge over sunset cocktails, or dine on the fresh catch of the day at a waterfront restaurant, while a local band plays reggae, classic rock, and acoustic hits.

From Catch of the Day to Key Lime Pie - Where to Eat in Key Largo

If you like seafood, you are in for a treat in Key Largo. Freshly caught fish, lobster, crab, and conch dominate most menus here. Geography also influences cooking styles, with nods to nearby Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean - in Bahamian-style conch salads, for example. Dining out is also often a lively affair in the Keys, with many restaurants hosting regular live music.

Practical Tips to Make the Most of Your Key Largo Vacation

Key Largo offers a wealth of outdoor activities, both on land and sea, along with miles of stunning waterfront and plenty of public recreational space. It’s especially popular with winter visitors who come to the area to bask in the warm sunshine, or to dive, fish, and boat on the Atlantic Ocean, which borders the east, or the Gulf of Mexico on the west. You can expect to find Southern hospitality and be greeted by easygoing staff at hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

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