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Staying in Kansas City - From Luxury Hotels to Cost-Effective Inns

Accommodation for visitors to Kansas City is mainly provided by modern chain hotels. You’ll find spacious, elegant options in and around the centre of the city, close to major attractions like 18th & Vine District and Country Club Plaza. You won’t be as close to the action if you cross over into Kansas, but you'll have several budget-friendly chains to choose from.

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Shopping in Kansas City - From Historic Malls to Trendy Districts

You’ll be able to see how sophistication and a Midwestern sensibility coexist in Kansas City by doing a little shopping. There are plenty of neighbourhoods where you can browse through high-end fashion and accessories stores stocked with designer labels. These upscale blocks are balanced by historic districts which are now hubs for people looking for quirky boutiques and local goods.

Exploring Kansas City - Elegant Fountains, Live Music, and Smoky Barbecue

Kansas City is practically built for fans of American music and cuisine. But the sounds of jazz and the taste of barbecue are far from the city’s only sources of intrigue. A drive along one of KC's wide boulevards could lead you to a family-friendly museum, a boutique-lined shopping district, or past elaborate fountains.

Jazz, Barbecue, and Culture - Your Guide to Kansas City, the Paris of the Plains

Kansas City is “America’s heartland” at its most sophisticated. It’s a city of wide boulevards and majestic fountains. Foodies are lured here by the call of the city’s smoky, sauce-slathered barbecue. Music lovers come to catch the be-bopping rhythms of its legendary jazz scene. Families also flock to KC, thanks to the city’s commitment to providing culture and fun for all ages.

Jazz Clubs, Casinos, and Bars - A Look at Kansas City’s Nightlife

Nightlife in Kansas City is an intriguing mix of history, legendary music, and modern-day revelry. You’ll find plenty of after-dark activities to enjoy all over the city. From grooving to the sounds of live bebop and jazz to pursuing Lady Luck at a bank of slot machines, you won't find it difficult to fill your evenings.

Family Fun in Kansas City - Farm Animals, Parks, and Interactive Museums

Family is a big deal in the Kansas City area and there are plenty of wholesome activities on offer alongside its jazz clubs, barbecue restaurants, and high-end shopping experiences. Interactive science exhibits, exhilarating roller coasters, and close encounters with the animal kingdom provide lots of fun for little ones in the city and its neighbouring suburbs.

Arts and Culture in Kansas City - From Contemporary Galleries to Military Museums

One of the reasons Kansas City is known as “The Paris of the Plains” is because its cultural scene is so strong. The city’s elaborately sculpted fountains are a public symbol of its appreciation for the arts. You can also explore acclaimed museums devoted to military history, admire modern art, and wander through hip neighbourhoods with independent galleries.

Barbecue, Burnt Ends, and Beyond - Dining Out in Kansas City

Foodies from all over the world come to Kansas City for a taste of its legendary barbecue. The city is well-prepared for this massive influx of meat eaters - there are about 90 eateries devoted to the cuisine, not including suburban restaurants. If you want a break from barbecue, neighbourhoods like downtown and Country Club Plaza offer steakhouses and upscale restaurants.

Travel Tips - Enjoy Midwestern hospitality on your Kansas City Vacation

Kansas City’s allure as a travel destination tends to be linked to its groundbreaking jazz music and mouthwatering barbecue. Visitors who come to KC for food and music will discover the city’s passion for public art and beauty too, especially as they make their way downtown. They'll also experience a pleasant dose of Midwestern hospitality.

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