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An Antalya city guide – Roman ruins, sandy beaches and family fun

With a bustling blend of ancient Roman ruins, luxury beach resorts and natural beauty, Antalya offers travelers a diverse holiday experience. Dating back to 133BC, Antalya is named after the founder Attalos II, King of Pergamon, who built the city to act as his naval base for his fleet.

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Where to stay in Antalya – a neighborhood guide

The sight of stunning rocky hillside scenery merging with the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean will lure anyone and everyone to Antalya. Fortunately, the city is well equipped to handle the heavy waves of tourist who come here year after year in search of sun, beach and relaxation.

An Antalya shopping guide – where and what to shop and buy

The coastal provincial town of Antalya boasts an amazing range of retail products, setting the scene for the perfect shopaholic's paradise. Shopping can be both a peaceful therapy session or an exhilarating adrenaline rush depending on where you go. The modern malls that are scattered across the city should provide a similar shopping experience to that of home.

Where to eat in Antalya – a food and dining guide

Dining in Antalya is no ordinary experience. The surrounding environment plays as much as an important role as the delicious local cuisine. In Antalya, you can enjoy a meal either along the relaxing beachside or amongst nature in the mountains. Whether it’s in a renowned five star resort or a traditional homely local restaurant, Antalya's food scene won't disappoint.

What to see and do in Antalya – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Set against the backdrop of clear blue waters hugging the coastal shores, Antalya is adorned with ancient relics scattered across its lands. What was once seen as a simple costal town that lead to the Turkish Riviera is now the largest city on the western coast of the Mediterranean.

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