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A city guide to Krakow – history, culture and character

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in the whole of Poland and is actually the capital of the area known at Little Poland. The oldest settlements date back to pre-historic times. With many monuments that survived the Second World War, Krakow is brimming with history. It’s also one of the areas where Jews lived in ghettos and concentration camps during WWII. Today you can learn more about the events of the past, and appreciate the plight of a city that has risen to become a cultural gem in the patchwork of Europe.

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A Poland travel guide – spectacular modern cultural gems with strong hints of the traditional

A holiday in Poland offers a vivid panorama over the Eastern Europe’s past and present. The country’s medieval and Hanseatic cities, artistic, studenty neighbourhoods and lush southerly mountain ranges offer an amalgam of modern and traditional that rivals former Eastern Bloc countries.

A Krakow travel guide – royal capital with Gothic churches, historic Jewish quarter and blossoming café culture

A city break in Krakow unveils royal history and unspoilt Gothic architecture. Book a Krakow hotel to get to the heart of the Old Town and experience a buzzing nightlife in a city enjoying a rebirth.

Where to stay in Krakow - a guide to accommodation

The accommodation in Krakow is a varied as its culture. Stay in historic old and luxurious hotels or get a cheap night’s sleep in a comfortable hostel, perfect for backpackers. As the former capital of Poland, hotel prices are above the national average, yet it is a city well worth its price when you explore its historic streets which have celebrated over 750 years’ worth of history and culture. You still won’t be hard pushed to find a great deal. If visiting in the summer, don’t forget to book ahead as it’s the city’s busiest time.

Where to shop in Krakow – where to go and what to buy

Shopping in Krakow is rather varied. When you imagine shopping in this Eastern European city, medieval style markets in town squares spring to mind, selling quirky items perfect for souvenirs. Markets are still a central point to lots of areas in the city. Flea markets are a great place to visit for trinkets, memorabilia and odd war items. There are also large glass shopping malls offering the latest in designer fashion.

Where to eat in Krakow – a food and dining guide

Polish cuisine has become very eclectic; its central European location means many other countries feature heavily in its cuisine now such as German, Hungarian, Russian and Austrian. Meat, especially pork features a lot in the food, as do eggs and cream, making it rather rich. Many restaurants offer Jewish-inspired dishes too which are a must try. Other European food here is also very popular, especially Italian.

What to see and do in Krakow – a guide to notable attractions

As Poland’s second largest city, it is also one of the oldest too. Settlements here date back to prehistoric times, but the earliest proven date is the early 13th century. Surviving German occupation and the Second World War, much of Krakow’s history is still very much evident today, particularly in the Old Town area of the city. The city was also one of the first sites to be awarded the UNESCO World Heritage status in 1978, giving it another reason to visit.

Top 10 historic things to do in Krakow

From icy subterranean chapels to hidden Art Nouveau cafés, Krakow’s historical sights are vibrant reminders of its past. Book a Krakow hotel and use this guide to discover the city’s story.

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