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Dominican Republic shopping guide – where to shop and what to buy

Rum, cigars and amber are just a few of the native treats you can expect to get your hands on in the Dominican Republic. Negotiate your way through the packed Mercado, and hustle with the locals, head to the boutique-lined streets and take in the artesian culture or, for those on the look-out for international brands, head to one of the premier shopping malls for more relaxing retail therapy.

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Where to stay in the Dominican Republic – a neighborhood guide

With such a stunning range of landscapes, visitors to the island have the luxury of never being too far from something spectacular to see or do. Happily, the range of hotels available is equally diverse, and caters to varying budgets, thereby ensuring a place to stay is never hard to come by. From large all-inclusive beachside resorts, to tranquil cabanas perched among palm trees, there are options aplenty.

Where to eat in the Dominican Republic – a food and dining guide

Combining a delectable blend of Spanish, indigenous Taíno and African cuisine, dining in the Dominican Republic offers a great opportunity to ingest the island’s culture by the plate-load.

What to see and do in the Dominican Republic – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

With such a variety in landscape, the Dominican Republic is brimming with things to see and do. Whether you decide to explore the cobbled streets of Santo Domingo, ride horseback through the Samana Mountains or jam with the locals playing Son Cubano, there is certainly plenty of opportunity to experience the real island culture.

An island guide to the Dominican Republic – utopian beaches, sunset fiestas and colonial architecture

Cradled in the Caribbean Sea, what the Dominican Republic lacks in size, it certainly makes up for in truly stunning vistas and island culture. Since Christopher Columbus first set foot on this tropical paradise, it has become an increasingly popular tourist destination and it’s clear to see why. Head to Santiago De Los Caballeros and learn Merengue, venture east to swim with the humpbacks, or relax upon any of the stunning beaches dotted along the coastline.

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