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Patong for Kids - Stage Shows, Surfing, and Mazes

Patong offers plenty to keep all the family happy, including idyllic beaches which are safe and fun, water parks and kids’ clubs, and shows to entrance all ages. There's a world of optical illusions, and mazes to get lost in. And most Thais love children, so you’ll find families are warmly welcomed almost everywhere.

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Affordable Guesthouses, Secluded Villas, and Luxury Beachfront Resorts - Where to Stay in Patong

Patong is Phuket's most popular destination. Whichever hotel you choose, you’re sure to be in the thick of the action - Patong beach is only 300 meters long and 500 meters from the centre of town. If you'd like to be outside but near Patong's bustling nightlife scene, Karon Beach to the south and Kamala Beach to the north are both easily accessible, with a wide variety of accommodation.

Malls, Bespoke Tailoring, and Late Night Markets - Where to Shop in Patong

What Patong might lack in diversity of shopping experiences, it makes up for in opportunities. Local markets and malls do a roaring trade in copied leather goods and factory surplus clothing. Downtown's ever-growing plethora of tailors can quickly work up a bespoke suit for a fraction of the prices commanded along Savile Row. You'll be expected to haggle, and jokes and a smile will take you a long way.

Turn up the Heat in Patong - Sunshine, Beaches, Buzzing Nightlife After Dark

Patong is best known for its 3-kilometer beach, and energetic (and often raunchy) nightlife, but you'll also find spectacular stage shows, thrilling zorb and zip line adventures, as well as real Muay Thai boxing matches in the area. If you're after some peace and quiet, you'll find some of Phuket's most visually arresting beaches just north and south of Patong Bay.

Broad Beaches, Tranquil Temples, and Bustling Nightlife - A Guide to Patong

Pa Tong - or Patong as it's generally known - is Phuket's most famous beach destination. Sun worshippers flock to the beach by day, and after dark, the town comes alive with hundreds of bars, clubs, and discos. And while the entertainment scene here tends to cater more to adults, you'll also find plenty of family-friendly activities in and around Patong, including water parks and spectacular stage shows.

Patong Nightlife and Entertainment - Live Shows, Buzzing Bars, and Dance Floors

There are few places that party harder than Patong. Whether you're looking to sip sundowners to blissed-out grooves, or find some company and dance into the wee hours, Patong offers wall-to-wall after-dark entertainment. Start the evening with a gaudy stage show, then hit the bar and club scene - most nightspots open at sunset and kick on until dawn, or beyond.

Arts and Culture in Patong - Galleries, Museums, and Muay Thai Matches

Because Patong has grown up around offering beach activities by day and a buzzing nightlife after dark, the city's arts scene is mainly geared towards stage entertainment. There are a few small museums, art galleries, and temples that offer a few hours' distraction within the city limits, and you'll find more cultural sites of interest elsewhere on Phuket Island.

Family-Friendly Phuket - Stage Shows, Water Parks, and Aquariums

Phuket's sun-drenched seashores are great for families, but you'll also find plenty of energetic and educational activities dotted around the island. You can splash out at a water park or tumble downhill in an inflatable roller-ball. At night, the town's stages come alive - FantaSea's acrobat and elephant show is one of Phuket's hottest tickets.

Phuket Arts and Culture - Buddhas, Grand Shows, and Old Town Art Galleries

Phuket is best known for its white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and swaying palms, but the island also offers plenty in the way of arts and culture. Immerse yourself in the spirituality of the region at Wat Phra Yai or Wat Chalong, or peruse art exhibitions in Phuket's Old Town, before dinner and a show.

Bangkok Nightlife and Entertainment - From Lively Backpacker Bars to Cool Jazz Clubs and Hip Cocktail Lounges

Energetic and diverse, the nightlife scene in Bangkok offers much more than just drinking in relaxed backpacker joints around the Khao San Road, or visiting Patpong's infamous go-go bars. You can sip cocktails in chic rooftop bars as you gaze across the skyline, listen to jazz musicians jamming in atmospheric clubs, or dance until dawn as international DJs play house, hip-hop, and electro.

Family-friendly Adventures in Bangkok - Interactive Museums, Wildlife Attractions, and City Parks

Bangkok is well known for its lively nightlife and sacred temples. But you don't have to be a grown-up passionate about culture or clubbing to make the most of the city, as there's a lot to entertain little ones too. From exploring bustling markets and travelling by tuk-tuk, to visiting a snake farm and sailing down a khlong (canal), the Thai capital is a feast for kids' senses.

Arts and Culture in Bangkok - Buddhist Temples, Contemporary Galleries, and Traditional Dance

Bangkok's glittering stupas (Buddhist shrines) have been attracting pilgrims for centuries, but an emerging contemporary arts scene means the city offers cultural attractions old and new. For a glimpse of traditional Thai culture, you can book tickets to classical Khon dance performances. The International Festival of Dance and Music, hosted by the Thailand Cultural Centre, offers an impressive program of ballet, opera, and classical recitals.

Dining in Patong - Thai and International Cuisine at Prices to Suit Every Pocket

Visitors come to Patong from all over the world, and as you'd expect, its restaurants reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the clientele. Arab, Mexican, German, French, Moroccan - you’ll find all of these cuisines and more around the city, along with a generous helping of Thai eateries. And with options to suit every pocket, you're definitely not going to go hungry.

Travel Tips - Getting the Most From Your Patong Stay

Offering palm-fringed beaches with fine white sand and crystal-clear water, nightlife ranging from lavish shows to pumping dance clubs, and a mouth-watering array of Thai and international food, Patong makes a great tropical vacation destination. Accustomed to welcoming visitors, the locals are friendly and helpful, and most speak excellent English, so communication won’t be problem.

Where to stay in Bangkok – a neighborhood guide

Bangkok’s places of interest and leisure are so widespread that many of the areas in the city represent a good location to stay. With so many choices, it can be difficult to be sure if you’re picking the right one for you – this guide looks to give you a better idea so that you can best enjoy this wonderful city.

Where to eat in Bangkok – a food and dining guide

Bangkok is a melting pot of culinary delights, with restaurants, cafés, snack bars, and even food carts available at virtually every corner. Given that Bangkok is such a cosmopolitan city, it is no surprise that it comes with a diverse menu of cuisine, including Italian, French, Indian, Chinese, seafood, vegetarian, American, and more exotic Thai bites.

Bangkok Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Bangkok food goes from cheap and tasty noodle and rice dishes from street vendors up to high class dining in five-star hotels, and everything in between. Obviously Thai food is the big eat, although it is not hard to find virtually any type of cuisine here. In addition, most malls come with a generous supply of food courts, coffee shops, and burger joints.

Bangkok Tourism Guide – Attractions and places to visit in Bangkok

Bangkok has a fine array of attractions and places to visit that will appeal to any tourist. Bangkok tourism’s main claim to fame is its collection of beautiful temples, of which there are more than 400 in the city, with the Grand Palace complex being particularly special. It sits on Rattanakosin Island (old Bangkok), where many other high profile temples and palaces are, along with the buzzing street of Khao San Road.

Bangkok Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

As a pastime, shopping in Bangkok is second only to its nightlife. The city is loaded up with malls, arcades, swanky department stores and floating markets, so that you can virtually shop from dawn to dusk.

A Chiang Mai city guide – temples, palaces, night markets and mountain adventures

As the second largest province in Thailand, Chiang Mai in the north of the county, is known as the Lanna Kingdom and dates back to the mid-13th Century. Not only was it the cultural capital of Lanna, it was the centre of Buddhism with King Meng Rai building countless temples. Away from the madness and modernity of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is the real Thailand, plus it’s extremely laid back and down to earth with an attractive Buddhist religion and culture.

Culture in Bangkok – iconic temples, colorful markets and Muay Thai

A shining example of oriental culture in the Far East, Bangkok is full of historical sights and modern festivities that tell the ever-developing story of the Thai capital. From sporting spectacles to edgy architecture, Bangkok showcases one of the planet’s most unmistakable cultures.

Hua Hin Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Hua Hin, Thailand

Hot on the heels of Phuket and Samui, this one-time peaceful fishing village has seen much development over recent years, with bars and restaurants replacing the fishing fleets on the piers and hotels and resorts popping up throughout the town.

Krabi Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a huge draw for tourists looking to visit the south of Thailand with its world-class climbing opportunities due to the striking limestone karst rock formations that the area is so famous for. Krabi is home to some of Thailand's most stunning scenery, from its mountainous interior to its palm-fringed, white sand beaches that epitomize an idyllic postcard-perfect setting.

Pattaya Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya is one of the most popular cities for tourists to visit in Thailand. Located on the east coast of the Gulf, it is actually a young city when compared with the history of the country, being developed just 40 years ago and becoming popular with US soldiers enjoying R—R during the Vietnam War.

Koh Samui Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Koh Samui, Thailand

Development officially began on Koh Samui in the 1950s, but it wasn't until the early 70s that it emerged onto the radar of international tourism. In the three decades since, Koh Samui has become Thailand's preeminent resort destination, poised to overtake Phuket in volume and luxury if not in size.

Phuket Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Phuket, Thailand

Phuket has been a heavyweight contender in Thailand's tourism industry for decades, and it continues to draw tourists with its blend of resort lifestyle, exotic Thai culture and hedonistic nightlife. Add this to its fascinating roots as a Portuguese port and you have a world-class tourist destination.

Chiang Mai Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Chiang Mai, Thailand

The metropolis of Chiang Mai, in the northern part of Thailand, is the region's most important city and a thriving tourist hub. Apart from the historic town itself, visitors have the added benefit of being surrounded by lush countryside and stunning mountains.

Bangkok Travel Guide - Your destination overview of Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital is a fairly new entity as far as the long history of Thailand goes, established as it was in the 1780s by the current Chakri Dynasty's first monarch. It is a city of deep contrasts and one of Asia's most cosmopolitan, with a bustling Chinatown and visitors from every corner of the globe.

A Thailand travel guide – pristine beaches, cultured cities and lively nightlife

Island-hopping through aquamarine waters, Buddhist monks praying in ornate temples and tasty Thai curries -- holidays in Thailand satisfy all the senses. Book a Thailand hotel to experience the magic of the land of smiles.

A Phuket travel guide – spicy coconut curries, jungle covered peaks and secluded tropical beaches

Holidays in Phuket have all of Thailand’s trademark attractions on one easy-going island. Book a Phuket hotel for elephant treks through rainforests and rubber plantations, unspoilt beaches and underwater reef gardens.

A Bangkok travel guide – elaborate temples, street food and top-notch nightlife

A Bangkok city break is a sensory overload. From colourful temples and bustling night bazaars to the aromas of street food and hum of tuk-tuk taxis, there’s never a dull moment on a stay in a Bangkok hotel.

Phuket – a guide of where to stay on the island

Phuket is a place for relaxation, luxury and partying. However, there are areas tucked away that still represent the traditional Thailand. Huge resorts adorn the west coast of the island overlooking the beaches. There are many options available for tourists from beachside luxury and boutique hotels with their own pool, to hotels offering basic and moderate amenities. There are a few guesthouses and beach bungalows on the Island for a down-to-earth, chilled-out stay. 

Phuket – where to shop on the island

Originally, Phuket was on the major trading route between India and China and today, Phuket still benefits from this. Items to shop for include batik, Thai silk, cultured pearls, nielloware (objects with etched designs) pewterware and dried seafood. The busy beaches are overcome with people selling items from sarongs to bracelets, while the streets are lined with touts wanting you sell you tailor made suits and ball gowns. All kinds of shopping is on offer, from open air night markets to food stalls and western shopping malls.

A guide of where to eat and what to eat in Phuket

The island of Phuket is full of cosmopolitan food as a result of the booming tourist trade. Many visitors never returned home after setting foot on the island and have since set up restaurants and cafes catering to the taste-buds of their fellow travelers. Seafood is an obvious favorite on the island. There are many beachside restaurants and bars on the island that serve Thai food and are discovered through word of mouth. They're well worth a try; just ask a local for a good one!

What to see and do in Phuket – a guide to notable attractions

The island is mainly famous for its beautifully serene beaches, huge luxurious yet cheap resorts and, of course, it’s partying. There is however, a lot more to it than that. Buddhist temples are everywhere on the island, as well as secret quiet beaches to explore and relax on. The interior area of Phuket is home to several national parks, one of which has some of the last virginal flora and fauna on the island.

A Phuket regional guide – idyllic beaches, iconic islands and picture perfect scenery

As the largest island in the whole of Thailand and known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, Phuket is a popular holiday destination. Situated in southern Thailand, the island is just 48 km long and 21 km wide and its beaches are home to balmy waters and idyllic white sand. Road bridges connect the large island to Phang Nga Province on the mainland of Thailand where you can reach Khao Lak, Krabi and the many islands of Phang Nga Bay.

Where to stay in Chiang Mai – a neighborhood guide

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand after Bangkok. Once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom (northern Thailand), it is now the cultural capital of the country. Its northern location means that it’s influenced by Burma who once ruled the area. The diversity of Chiang Mai from the busy Night Bazaar area to the tranquil and lush area of Mountainside and its retreats attract an array of tourists to this laid back cultural area of Thailand.

Where to shop in Chiang Mai – where to go and what to buy

As the second largest city in Thailand, second only to Bangkok, Chiang Mai also has a lot to offer for keen shoppers or just the casual souvenir buyer. From the night market which is built up of lots of other markets catering to specific needs to well-known international stores, Chiang Mai offers a wealth of shopping experiences. There are plenty of shopping malls with even more currently being built.

Where to eat in Chiang Mai – a food and dining guide

The food scene in Chiang Mai more varied than you’d expect. Japanese sushi bars are popular along with Burmese curries. Its northern location means the cuisine is influenced by other countries, but still upholds the home cuisine of Thai such as Pad Thai, which is as popular as ever. Diverse flavors of ginger and exotic vegetables are partnered with noodles and subtle spices in the different colored curries. Chiang Mai has a lot to offer from eating on river-sides to mountain retreats.

What to see and do in Chiang Mai – a guide to notable attractions

Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand is the second largest province in the country. The mainly Buddhist city is home to more than 300 temples. After the 300 year reign of King Meng Rai, it then became part of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and was heavily influenced by neighboring county Burma. Today, much of the Burmese architectural influence can still be seen. Chiang Mai’s wet tropical climate makes it an idea place for jungle treks along with its mountain ranges, valleys, flora and fauna.

Where to shop in Bangkok - where to go and what to buy

As a pastime whose popularity is eclipsed only by Bangkok’s nightlife, the Thai capital is loaded up with shopping malls, department stores, street markets, and their unique floating markets. Bangkok is rich in items from both ends of the shopping spectrum; from antiques and monastic ornaments to jewelry and high-end designer clothing. Shopping and trade has been a fundamental part of Thai life for many years, so a shopping trip here is not just a form of retail therapy but also an insight into Thai tradition.

What to see and do in Bangkok – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

Bangkok is a fast-paced city with high-rise buildings, lively markets, and elegant temples. As one of the most bustling cities in Asia, you can expect endless energy and vibrant nightlife with an oriental flavor, which makes Bangkok so attractive.

Hua Hin Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

When compared to some coastal resorts, Hua Hin is very tame. There is not the abundance of bars, clubs and entertainment venues as in other Thai resorts; however, there are a great many activities to keep you busy during the day and a reasonable choice of excellent restaurants and bars for the evening.

Pattaya Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

If you are after traditional Thai food, Pattaya may not be the best place to try it as most restaurants here cater to Western tastes. There are a large number of international restaurants offering food from around the world and Thai restaurants serving up standard Thai dishes such as noodles, green and red curries, and fried rice.

Hua Hin Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Despite not being widely regarded as an excellent location for shopping, Hua Hin does in fact have some excellent opportunities for anyone looking to shop. The town has become something of a hub for contemporary art, with a number of small galleries to browse in while for those into fashion, there are numerous tailors offering unique designs made to measure.

Hua Hin Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Despite largely catering to Thai tourists, Hua Hin is still very Western-tourist friendly. Most of the staff in restaurants and larger shops speak English and there are plenty of ATMs to ensure that you don't run out of money. What Hua Hin lacks in lively entertainment, it makes up for in charm and it is fast becoming one of Thailand's most desired holiday spots.

Krabi Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Krabi is home to a superb mixture of attractions and activities that focus on both the natural side of the province and its manmade offerings. The majority of Krabi's coastal towns are home to top-quality tailors and supermarkets while the surrounding countryside plays host to ancient temples.

Pattaya Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

While you are unlikely to find beautifully decorated temples and deeply historic buildings in Pattaya, you will not be short of activities and sites to keep you busy. It might not have the culture and history that is afforded to cities such as Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but ultimately that is not why people come here.

Krabi Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Thailand is also known as ‘the Land of Smiles' and this nickname stems from the country's welcoming locals, and the people of Krabi know exactly how to cater to tourists. Transportation throughout the province is mainly based on local boats used to get from island to island and songthaew (shared taxis) to get around the road systems.

Hua Hin Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Like most of Thailand, Hua Hin has plentiful dining options. However, the best food can be found by the main markets and also along the main road, close to the main fishing pier.

Krabi Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Entertainment in Krabi is similar to that on much of Thailand's coast with beach bars and restaurants dominating the bar party scene. From golfing, rock climbing, diving and exploring the national parks and their beauty, Krabi boasts many activities suitable for people from all walks of life.

Pattaya Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Without a doubt, Pattaya is most famous for its nightlife. With its go-go bars, sex shows and abundant bar girls it attracts plenty of single men looking for fun but there is also another side to this city that appeals to couples and even families.

Hua Hin Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

While Hua Hin's attractions are not as prevalent as those in other towns and cities in Thailand, there is nonetheless a good selection. After all, it is primarily a beach resort. It has been the holiday destination for the king of Thailand for many years and is now actually home to the king, a major attraction in itself. However, it also boasts historic temples, beautiful scenery and a number of palaces.

Pattaya Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Shopping opportunities in Pattaya can be found in abundance. There are a number of large shopping malls and an even larger number of independent shops and boutiques to be found.

Krabi Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Shopping may not be the largest magnetism to the region but there are a few decent places to quell a shopping fix. Markets are found throughout many towns and villages and sell charming souvenirs and handmade textiles such as scarves and batiks.

Pattaya Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Pattaya is without doubt tourist friendly. You will find ATMs in abundance, fast food outlets on every corner, Western shops and convenience stores and a range of international restaurants. However, due to its popularity, it is also vital to keep your wits about you when it comes to your safety. Never flash money around and always make sure valuables are kept in a hotel safe.

Krabi Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

The culinary offerings in Krabi are some of the most desired in Thailand, and with a fertile coast much of the cuisines on offer are based on fresh seafood dishes. Fantastic scenery acts as the perfect accompaniment for Krabi's best restaurants, with an assortment of beach vistas and rich forest-draped landscapes to dine beside.

Phuket Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Phuket's biggest draws are its beaches and entertainment scene, but there are still a range of attractions that are well worth exploring when you're on the island. These include temples, museums and natural attractions.

Koh Samui Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Koh Samui has a reputation for expensive shopping, especially when it comes to handicrafts which are almost always shipped in from the mainland. There are still deals to be had, and perusing the markets is certainly part of the island experience.

Koh Samui Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

Koh Samui is the leading resort island in the Gulf of Thailand, and it offers plenty of highly-developed infrastructure. Visitors yearning for something a little more rustic don't have to travel far. The remote interior and outlying islands are beautifully serene.

Koh Samui Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Koh Samui is a well-oiled resort machine, with more ways to stay active and party than you'd care to count. Chaweng Beach is the epicenter of the entertainment scene, but great activities are found across the island.

Phuket Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Phuket's west coast overflows with dining options, and between the resorts and back-alley café s visitors are spoiled for choice. The local culinary scene was affected by Portuguese traders in the 16th century, and their influence still resonates today.

Koh Samui Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Koh Samui's dining scene is one of its strongest suits. Delicious seafood is served up around the island, but there are plenty of other options to get excited about. From upscale offerings at the resorts to modest, open-air eateries on the beach, Koh Samui has plenty to offer diners.

Koh Samui Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Koh Samui is a newly-risen star in the Thai resort scene, and tourists will find  that locals are enthusiastic and hospitable. Rules of etiquette are very Thai, but foreign visitors are given plenty of leeway. Facilities are in place across the island to ensure speedy transportation and convenient banking to keep business in motion.

Phuket Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Phuket's shopping district is bigger than ever, with an even mix of touristy markets, department stores and upscale boutiques. Prices are high, but bargains persist in unexpected places.

Phuket Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Entertainment is Phuket's strong suit, and visitors will find plenty to do at all hours. Between the rambunctious nightlife, kitsch amusement parks, high-octane beach activities and classier lounges, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Phuket Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Phuket is a great starting point for a tour of Thailand. Foreigners are commonplace, so visitors can get a taste of the culture without stepping far out of their own comfort zone. From here it's easy to connect to other parts of the country where tourism is secondary to mainstream living.

Chiang Mai Shopping Guide - Find where and what to shop and buy

Chiang Mai is a great city for those who like to shop as tourists can get good value for money here on a wide variety of weird and wonderful things. It is one of the country's cheapest places to buy Asian handicrafts, such as traditionally made clothing, silverware, silk, ceramics, art and antiques.

Chiang Mai Sightseeing Guide - Visit notable attractions and landmarks

With 700 years of history under its belt, Chiang Mai is home to an eclectic mixture of old and new attractions. The cultural sites here are plentiful, from the ancient temples to fascinating museums. There are also many contemporary activities to take part in, however, with the plethora of shopping centers, cinemas, bars and sporting facilities.

Chiang Mai Food and Dining Guide - Restaurants, where to eat, and more

Chiang Mai offers some of the widest variety and the cheapest options for dining in Thailand. There are restaurants of all kinds here, from traditional Thai cuisine, to Burmese, Mexican, steakhouses and British pub food.

Bangkok Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Bangkok is quite a safe city although touts and pickpockets are rife and it pays to remain alert at all times. Avoiding the midday heat and keeping hydrated with bottled water is a must, while doing drugs in Thailand is not advised as penalties are extremely harsh.

Chiang Mai Travel Tips - Helpful hints and advice on local destination information

Chiang Mai is home to a large expat community and locals are more than used to sharing their city with foreigners, or farang, as they are referred to. Due to this, the city is well accustomed to Western habits, but do take care to respect local traditions when you come across them.

Chiang Mai Entertainment Guide - For fun, recreation, and relaxation

Chiang Mai is one of the very few places in Thailand that offers fantastic entertainment while managing to keep its authentic charm. There is a multitude of bars and clubs here and live music can be found across the city every night of the week. There are also a number of sporting venues, including golf clubs, shooting ranges and tennis and squash courts.

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