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A Panama city guide – UNESCO World Heritage Sites, eco-tourism, nightlife and the Panama Canal

Panama is growing in popularity as a tourist destination and it is no surprise why. Between the rich history of the country, the diverse range of flora and fauna and the lively night scene, there is more than enough to satisfy the intrepid traveler. Beaches, rainforest and city sights are just the tip of the iceberg however, as the wonder that is the Panama Canal draws visitors from far and wide. Connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean it is not only an important maritime milestone but an iconic symbol of the country it dissects.  

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Where to stay in Panama – choosing your location and hotel

Panama is a great metropolis with an amazing skyline, vibrant nightlife, every cuisine you can think of, modern shopping malls, nearby beaches and plenty of history. There is something to suit every traveler and something to be explored whether you stay in Panama City or take your trip further afield. Here, we offer you a guide to make your hotel search easier by explaining the key locations where you can stay.

Shopping in Panama City – where to shop and what to buy

Whatever you need to buy, you can find it in Panama City. With six large shopping malls and many more shopping centers, Panama City can meet your every shopping need. From international department stores to the local boutiques, when shopping in Panama City you are sure to find something within your budget.

Where to eat in Panama – a food and dining guide

All over Panama you can find restaurants, café’s and ‘fondas’ offering both local and international flavors. In Panama you can find many American chain restaurants, but the best cuisine can be found in the local eateries. Being in the middle of two oceans, Panama delivers well when it comes to seafood. So don’t miss out on the fresh taste of fish, seafood and ceviche.

What to see and do in Panama – a guide to adventure, attractions and landmarks

Panama is a booming tourist destination offering a bit of everything to make your trip the adventure of a lifetime. The Panama Canal is just the beginning; Panama has 10 provinces and there are things to do and see in all of them. The country has a rich history with its old towns, a vibrant city for the shoppers and party lovers, picturesque islands to sunbathe and relax on, beaches perfect for surfing and lots of nature to appreciate. Whatever type of trip you are looking for, you can find it in Panama. 

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