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Costa Rica spotlight

A city guide to Costa Rica – beautiful beaches, exciting wildlife, and unlimited adventures

This exotic nation was voted the happiest country in the world back in 2012, and you can be part of that atmosphere. It boasts white beaches where you can relax, surf or scuba dive and offers a journey through history with its many museums. After a day of first-class shopping you can head out and explore the variety of inviting nightlife Costa Rica has to offer.

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Where to stay in Costa Rica – a neighborhood guide

Costa Rica has so much to offer its travelers that you need to consider what you really want to see and do. Are you comfortable sleeping close to the wild or is a five-star hotel a must? Perhaps you want to stay near Costa Rica’s best beaches, or explore the rainforests and get a glimpse at the volcanoes? Whatever your budget, you’ll find something to match your holiday needs.

Where to eat in Costa Rica – a guide to local food and drink

Costa Rica has a unique cuisine consisting of rice and beans, fresh meats and seafood that make up most meals, and plenty of exotic fruits that are incorporated into their diets as snacks or refreshing drinks. Ingredients are grown close to home which means you’ll always be eating fresh and healthy meals and are normally seasoned with garlic, herbs and other mild blends.

What to see and do – a guide to Costa Rica’s best attractions and activities

Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces, each providing tourists with a unique experience depending on their interests. Looking to top-up your tan on a beach in Playa Potrero? Or see the wildlife in Tortuguero? Anywhere along the Pacuare River is perfect for rafting and most beaches offer a variety of water sports, for those of you looking for adventure. In Costa Rica, there is so much to see and do that you won’t want to go home.

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