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A Bulgaria country guide – superb skiing, traditional villages and fiery rituals

Whether you visit the Black Sea Coast, enjoy a weekend break in the capital of Sofia or explore further into the rugged peaks and glacial lakes of the Bulgarian Mountains, prepare to be amazed. This quiet Balkan country hides sparkling stretches of golden sand, architectural wonders aplenty, and a scattering of villages that transport you back to the 19th century. Don’t underestimate Bulgaria’s ski resorts either – they offer a very affordable winter destination.

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Where to stay in Bulgaria – a region guide

Whether you fancy sand, forest or city, Bulgaria has it all, from the buzzing Black Sea Coast to the quiet hamlets, villages and ski resorts of its snowy mountain ranges. The capital of Sofia should be your first stop on any holiday here, with an assortment of luxury residences, trendy hostels and historical hotels to choose from.

A Bulgaria shopping guide – where to go and what to buy

From the renowned fresh fruit and vegetables to local wine, cheese and yogurt, the produce market is a Bulgarian institution. Find bustling examples up and down the country, from the giant maze of Zhenski Pazar in Sofia to the bazaar at Sozopol on the Black Sea Coast. If you’re after souvenirs, stick to the hidden boutiques and handicraft stores that can be found throughout the streets of Sofia and in the Samovodska Charshia Complex of Veliko Tarnovo.

Where to eat in Bulgaria – a food and dining guide

Never eaten Bulgarian cuisine? You are in for a pleasant surprise – Bulgaria offers a seriously fresh and diverse range of dishes, from the meaty stews of the mountainous regions to the Mediterranean-style salads that are popular in the summer months. The country is famed for its unique salamis, strong fruity spirits and thick healthy yogurt. No wonder so many restaurants here serve the national cuisine.

What to see and do in Bulgaria – a guide to notable attractions and landmarks

With a history to rival any country in Europe, Bulgaria is alive with ancient rituals, proud monuments and traditional mountain towns. From fire dancers to spiritual lakeside ceremonies, the people of Bulgaria find exciting ways to celebrate and savor life. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, the natural landscapes here speak for themselves – from the silent presence of the Belogradchik Rocks to the azure waters of Silistar Beach.

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